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2 digits

How could THIS be happening??

10 years old...

Feels like yesterday she was still my first little baby girl…. She was a serious baby, a shy one with questions at the back of her eyes…

10 years old...

My,  has she grown! both physically and mentally. I feel blessed to see her blossoming the way she does… She’s now a confident, little joke making, responsible, happy  and kind young lady. What could a mother ask for more?

10 years old...

And daddy got a nice little bundle that day too! I like to joke that he got a gift but I unwrapped it 😉 Yep, it’s daddy’s birthday too!  And they are both spending it at Canadian Tire for a fund raising thing with the scouts lol! (but I’m making a nice dinner, don’t you worry!)


He’s now past the mid 30s héhé… quite not there yet for my part 😉

Wish you both a lovely birthday my loves!!

Ma belle grande fille a maintenant 10 ans! comme le temps passe vite… je ne suis pas sûre que je suis psychologiquement prête à  ce qu’elle ait 10 ans… ça fait beaucoup de cheveux gris! Et c’est aussi la fête de papa! Bon anniversaire à mes 2 amours!


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  1. Happy Birthday Camille & Jean-Michel! All the best for another fantastic year to come!

  2. Your photographs a beautiful of a beautiful daughter. What a lovely tribute you have created. Thank you!

  3. What a sweet post . . . and photos!!! 🙂


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