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I had to stop school… but more on that later.

sewing room disaster...

Meanwhile, this is what my sewing looked like for the past weeks… I know. yes, I’m ashamed lol!

so today it’s cleaning for the most part and going to the library to look up some book about puberty… She just turned 10 last week, and I can see the hormones coming in… Like coming home crying because she missed me during the day. Like saying her breasts are sore. I just heard more grey hair sprouting…  I am sooo not ready to that, she’s still my little girl!


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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. I just had to smile when I saw this picture of your sewing room. I can so relate to this creative mess. 🙂 And then I had to smile again when I heard that gray hair sprouting!!! So true and so funny!
    Enjoy your day and I hope you get to do something creative!

  2. I’m sad to hear you had to stop school – it’s always been a dream of mine to go back too and due to family, money, and work I’ve kind of put it off.

    I’m excited to see the aftermath of your cleaning! I always love a good before and after and hopefully a post about you feeling so productive and excited to get crafty again 😉

    Oh no.. I’m not ready for that stage yet! Please tell me it’ll be okay!

    • Yes it willbe okay! 🙂 i’m kind of all over the place right now… I was sooo disappointec i couldn’t continue school, i cried for many days, but again i was soo stressed out with everything i had to do… I’m not put together yet and just don’t know what to do next… Time will tell i suppose 🙂 take care! And many hugs..

  3. It is so hard to go back to education and have children. I was lucky in the UK being able to do distance learning through the Open University-took twice as long, as enrolling full time, but I did get my degree! You will get to try again. Good luck with your soon to be growing up daughter. If boys are still yuk, then all is not lost yet!

    • Maybe i should look inti distance course too! Thanksfor the idea:) yep boys are still yuck so everything is not lost lol, she’s my mature and responsible girlie so i’m not too anxious


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