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She strikes again!

Yep! my friend Kim made  a fairy of herself, again! That wonderful lady sent me a surprise in the mail, lucky me!

a surprise in the mail!

In was heavy with all the thoughtfulness and kindness that went with it….

a surprise in the mail!

Inside I found a chocolate bar (hate half of it already and this stuff IS good!), cotton scraps (with owls!), 9 girl’s dresses patterns (my, Camille must have spent like 20 minutes looking at them and trying to decide which she liked the most lol! she was soooo happy!) and HEXAGONS! Yay, I just couldn’t wait to start on them 😉 Man, this stuff is so fun, even if your brains are too tired to do anything! you’ll see them later 😉 and some cute hand warmers lol!

I mean, when I wrote to her to say thanks and to tell how I loved everything, I thanked  her for the hand warmers and that I popped them in the microwave and they were wonderful and how could she known I wanted to make some… and she wrote back that she thought for a couple of minutes what I was talking about… ends up that she made me pattern weights! bwahahaha! but they are too light for that and  just the perfect size for hand warmers 😉 I’m sure the kids will love that in a couple of days! (we are finally getting some snow over here!)

Thank you lots Kim and I love you too!

Chanceuse encore une fois! Mon amie Kim m’a fait une belle surprise en m’envoyant par la poste un super colis! Elle m’a gâtée avec une barre de chocolat, des hexagones (yay! c’est tellement le fun à faire! je vous montrerai une autre fois) des bouts de coton (avec des chouettes!) et 9 patrons de robe pour filles… Camille a dû passer 20 minutes à décider lesquels elle aimait 😉 et des petits réchauffe-main pour l’hiver (à mettre dans les mitaines) Mais paraît-il que c’était supposé être des poids à tissu lol!  mais on va s’en servir tout l’hiver pour garder nos mains au chaud dans la neige!


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