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Girl’s tea party Bday!

We celebrated the 2 girls birthday this last weekend with their friends. I really wanted to throw a tea party, so I suggested it to Camille and the deal was closed in seconds. I knew if Camille was sold on it, so would Rachel since she wants to do everything her older sister does 😉 Yes. I’m sneaky like that sometimes… That and the fact that I really didn’t wanted to do a princess party.

Camille made the invites (forgot to take pictures of this) with a tea cup drawing on the front.

Tea party Bday!

I found this at the thrift store for a whopping 5$ 🙂 And the kids were gonna take it home as a gift too since I really didn’t need 10 tea cups and saucers lol!

Made some decorations… (my kitchen IS yellow, so it’s really difficult to take nice pictures…)

Tea party Bday!

With old necklaces,

Tea party Bday!

paper flowers, balloons,

Tea party Bday!

tissue paper pom-poms (they are now residing in Rachel’s room!) and doilies as placemats…

Tea party Bday!

We had lots of food too for afternoon tea and snacks! We had the cookies we made last week, cucumber sandwiches, fruits and veggies, cheese and cupcakes 😉 I still can’t believe they ate it ALL! I can tell you they had a light dinner lol!

Tea party Bday!

they painted Xmas decorations, they got excited all over the house (I thought that having 8 girls wouldn’t be that bad… never underestimate the power of a party… and the size of your house lol!) ate, and ate and ate some more… Most of the kids didn’t like the chocolate-thai herbal tea I made though, so they had milk in their cup 😉
I’m just happy that my kids had a blast… and that is now over!

Un tea party pour les filles! On a fait quelques décos, trouvé des tasses à thé et soucoupes au centre bénévole (les enfants les ramenaient à la maison par la suite en guise de cadeau!) et beaucoup de bouffe! Je suis encore étonnée par la quantité de nourriture qui a été ingérée durant la fête! Les enfants ont peint des décos de Noël en bois, ont couru et se sont excités partout dans la maison (je m’étais dit que 8 filles ça ne serait pas si pire… euh, non!) et ont eu du plaisir en masse! Mes 2 cocottes étaient très contentes de leur journée, et moi, très contente que cette journée soit terminée 🙂



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  1. What a lovely party!!! They’ll remember it always.

  2. I always wanted a tea party — so cute! Love the tea set (especially because it was $5!). And our entire house is painted a similar shade of yellow. It doesake for some tricky photos, but isn’t it a happy color?

  3. I absolutely love this idea! It must have been an enchanting party! ~Thea

  4. What a pretty table. I love yellow too- we have it in our dining room!

  5. What a lovely, lovely party! I love all the details. I laughed out loud when I read that you didn’t want to do a princess party! HA! I am dreading the thought of them in my future. I bet Annabelle would love a tea party….might be next year’s theme!!


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