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Cardi to cardi refashion!

Believe it or not, but I found the perfect gem at the thrift store the other day!

just look it:

cardi to cardi refashion

Isn’t it just great looking!!?

My heart may have skipped a beat when i first saw it lol! Fushia! Black 80’s design! good quality and soft fabric…

In true 80′ style you have:

cardi to cardi refashion

Here’s the fit just out of the hanger, don’t mind the t-shirt I was wearing underneath.

cardi to cardi refashion

And here is what I did to it…


cardi to cardi refashion

I removed all the linings and shoulder pads (I don’t know why, but I get a kick out of removing shoulder pads from garments…)

cardi to cardi refashion

Put a nicely fitting cardi on top, all aligned with the cardi to be refashion

cardi to cardi refashion

Cut all around, leaving about 1/4″ for seam allowance.

cardi to cardi refashion

Pinned everything into place so nothing would move on my way to the sewing machine. Sewed the side seams.

cardi to cardi refashion

And then sewed some more because it was kind of bunchy at the waist.

My now good fitting cardi:

cardi to cardi refashion

Isn’t it cool???! Just love it!

J’ai joué un petit tour à une veste des années 80 que j’ai trouvée au centre bénévole… Le tissu est de bonne qualité, la couleur juste mon goût et qui n’aime pas les designs de ces super années-là?!

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