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Easiest black forest cake ever!

easiest black forest cake recipe

and it’s real good! When there is a gathering and we need to bring food, I almost always bring this one. Feeds a crowd, people are impressed, and taste awesome!

The important thing with this cake is to make it the day before you are planning to eat it.

To start, you only need 3 things. Yep. I told you it is easy….

easiest black forest cake recipe

You’ll need cherry pie filling in a can, devil’s food cake mix and a 500 ml container of 35% cream for whipping.

easiest black forest cake recipe

Just make and bake the cake following instructions on the box (bake it in 2 identical cake pans, round, square, doesn’t matter)

easiest black forest cake recipe

Whip all your container of cream.

When the cakes are cooled down, cut them in half on the thickness.

easiest black forest cake recipe

I like to use thread to cut it. Easier than using a knife.

Put half of one of your cake on your cake plate.

easiest black forest cake recipe

Pour 1/3 of the cherry pie filling on top. Spread.

easiest black forest cake recipe

Pour a bit of whipped cream and spread (don’t be too generous because you won’t have enough to cover the entire cake at the end!)

Put the other half of the cake. Repeat the steps. Do the same with the other cake.

easiest black forest cake recipe

Now you’ll have 4 layers of cake, 3 layers of pie filling and whipped cream.

Cover the entire cake with the remaining whipped cream.

DONE! Refrigerate until you are ready to dive in it 😉 You could decorate it the way you want, with cherries, marasquin cherries, chocolate bark etc…

easiest black forest cake recipe

I decide to decorate mine with chocolate coniferous tree since I made it for my son’s scouts promise….

Recette de gâteau Forêt Noir hyper facile

Très important: le gâteau doit être fait la veille.

Vous aurez besoin d’une boîte à gâteau Devil’s Food, d’un contenant de garniture aux cerises pour tartes et un contenant de crème à fouetter. Faire et cuire les gâteaux selon les instructions sur la boîte en utilisant 2 moules à gâteaux identiques (ronds, carrés…) Fouetter le contenant complet de crème. Lorsque les gâteaux sont refroidis, couper en 2 sur l’épaisseur et déposer une moitié de gâteau sur l’assiette de service. Verser et étendre 1/3 du contenant de garniture. Étendre un peu de crème fouettée. Ajouter l’autre moitié du premier gâteau sur le dessus et faire les mêmes étapes. Faire de même avec le 2ième gâteau. Vous devriez avoir maintenant 4 étages de gâteaux et 3 étages de garniture/crème fouettée. Recouvrir entièrement le gâteau avec la crème fouettée qui reste. Décorer à votre goût et réfrigérer jusqu’à ce qu’il soit temps de le dévorer!

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  2. Makin’ this tomorrow afternoon! I hope it’s as good as you make it sound and look! I’ve got a reputation to maintain over here; even if I’m not at 100%, the eatin’ better be. Lol! Will let you know how it goes! 😉

  3. That looks fabulous!!! And so easy! And pretty! I’m so in love with those chocolate trees 🙂


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