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He’s up!

Finally we got around the Xmas tree 🙂

decorating the tree

(just saw the reflection on the ball lol!)

the kiddos were asking for it since december first lol! That’s the day we habitually do it, but we got busy…

decorating the tree

I’m not sure I’ll be decorating all over the house this year. Maybe it’s because we don’t have snow yet, so I don’t feel in the right mood for that. I dunno…

decorating the tree

The 3 of them were way too glad to put all the nice ornaments, we had to remind them to put them evenly on the tree!

decorating the tree

We’ve got a small house so the tree is made in our solarium. Liked that when we had babies 😉

decorating the tree

decorating the tree

Rachel really wanted to put the star at the top!

So we are done for this part of the holiday!

decorating the tree


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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Love your tree and I think the red-and-white striped ribbon just makes it! Beautiful!

  2. Camille is gorgeous. She’s growing up so fast. 😦

    And you have great ornaments, btw. Lol.

  3. Oh, I’m so jealous! We don’t have ours up yet. Maybe on Saturday. Love yuor photos and your decorations!


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