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Joy advent calendar (and giveaway!)

I had been invited again to participate in the Collectively Creative round up that Kelly over at Cobwebs, cupcakes and crayons is hosting! Lucky me 🙂 Now, for this one the theme was JOYFUL. Love that!

I’ve been thinking for awhile, pondering what I might do and the only idea that was coming back to my brains was a Xmas cushion with JOIE written with hand sewn sequins… But I wanted to make something that would include the kids.

And then I thought that every one love having joyful stuff happen to their selves, what about bringing it to others?? Isn’t what Christmas is all about after all? I wanted the monsters to experience giving joy to others. So here goes the Joy advent calendar!

joy advent calendar

I found that cute red truck at the local grocery store last year, and I was a good girl and waited ’til boxing day to buy it at half price!

Joy advent calendar

and since we are getting this way too cool and even awesome handmade advent calendar from Germany each year (Hubby spent a year there in high school with a foster family and that beautiful and kind lady is making us this each year! I know, lucky! and it’s all Lindt chocolate… Yes, bragging is naughty!)

Joy advent calendar

Why not use this cute truck for something else… like mission quests for the whole family!

Joy advent calendar

So, on small piece of paper I handwritten some quests for the family to do the next day. I thought it would be great to talk about each other experiences at dinner time and see how other people felt about it too.

Here are some examples of quests:

  • write something nice to your teacher
  • help someone do a chores
  • call grandma and grandpa and say that you love them
  • bring cookies to the neighbors
  • do something to help mommy (I know…!)
  • make a nice supper for mommy (that will go on my Bday, and daddy will help!)
  • make something nice for Rachel (her Bday is dec 23th, so..!)
  • tell each family member something you like about them
  • bring a surprise for your teacher
  • write a letter to someone important for you
  • sing a Xmas song to daddy

you get the idea. Not too difficult and not to much time needed for my kids to complete them.

So far the kids are having a great time and they can’t wait each night to know what they are gonna do for the next day… They wrote letters to some family members, nice notes to their teachers, gave food to the food collector, sang daddy a Xmas song (they thought of a set up to get ready as soon as daddy was walking in they start singing his favorite!). I feel it’s a great way to teach them something without doing a lecture lol! And bonus, they are having fun!

And since I wanted to give you joy too, I thought that you may like a giveaway!!!

Here’s what I’m giving away for you to enjoy:

soon to be giveaway! dec 19th!

A bit of the nice washi tapes I bought for myself 😉

soon to be giveaway! dec 19th!

A found a nice little piggy at the thrift store and turned him in a cute little pincushion.

soon to be giveaway! dec 19th!

I’m sure you all love chocolate!

soon to be giveaway! dec 19th!

Since it’s Xmas, I think a decoration is needed (from Pier 1)

To participate just leave a comment with your email 🙂 (one per person please!) open ’till dec 24th! and I’ll draw the winner on Xmas day!

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Une petite idée de calendrier de l’avent différent… une mission pour chaque journée! Faire des choses agréables pour les autres, c’est aussi ça l’esprit de Noël! Donc, chaque jour apporte une nouvelle mission comme rendre service, écrire un mot à quelqu’un qu’on aime, préparer une surprise pour un professeur, préparer un bon souper pour la fête de maman…. vous voyez le genre…! Et puisque je veux que vous soyez heureux, je fais un tirage! juste laisser un commentaire avec votre adresse  de courriel avant le 25 décembre! Passez un beau temps des fêtes!


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  1. I really like this a lot! And I love the idea that the “gifts” in the advent calender are tasks that they can do to make others feel special! What a great way to share the spirit of the holiday!!

    • Thanks Kenley! and the kids love it too! that what is making me soo happy. We are sick now and every night they are asking a bit for their chocolate and insisting a lot for that calendar! It brings joy to others but I think it’s one of the best learning tool I thought of yet 😉

  2. What a lovely, thoughtful twist on an Advent Calendar! I actually just bought a large wooden tree one at Michael’s craft shop yesterday that was on sale for $7! Too late this year to paint and decorate it, so I’ll pack it up and it will be a project for next year. I imagined I would put little trinkets and candy behind the doors for Annabelle to find, but your idea is so much sweeter! I am going to pin it so I am sure to remember it for next year! Thank you so much for being a part of The Joyful Edition!

    • I’m sure sweet Annabelle will have so much fun doing little good deeds and it makes the kids happy to make other people happy, win-win-win!!! and thanks for inviting me again to be part of such a wonderful collective! It’s so much fun and I love that we can connect with more wonderful bloggers!

  3. What a beautiful post! And amazing idea! I wish I’d done this when my sons were little. 🙂 And happy birthday to your daughter and to YOU, Josee! Hugs, Katherine


    C’est une super idée:)

  5. How cute is that truck!! I’ve been trying to figure out the perfect advent medium and am wishing I could steal away that truck. 😉 My little one is a shy too young for advent but I’m already looking forward to the year when we can do something similar. And that pincushion is too cute. Nice to “meet” you today via Collectively Creative. Happy holidays. 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh that little pin cushion is adorable! And I love the truck too! Such awesome ideas thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Oh, I’m so borrowing this idea and in particular the notes “do something to help mommy.” 🙂 Oh yeah!

    Love the truck — it looks so festive and vintage and cute! And a giveaway! That’s just JOY personified!!! 🙂

    • i think the help mommy note was the first one i wrote LOL! wasn’t going to let that opportunity go away ah!
      thanks for your nice comment! hope lots of JOY is coming your way!

  8. What a great idea and what a great way to get your kids in on the spirit of giving, sharing and doing wonderful things for others. I love this idea! I hav ebeen searching for idea for an advent calendar for next year and I’m definitely going to use this. Thank you!

    • Thanks Erin! I’m so happy to see that i’ve given the bug to other people! Can’t wait to see how kids will react to that next year! Hope they are all thrilled as much as my kids are 🙂

  9. A Ponytail Kind of Day

    I love all of your ideas, I will be trying some next year, it will be so much fun !!

  10. A lovely positive twist on the advent idea. Real “treats” they are!

  11. Awww, what an adorable idea. I love that your teaching your children to spread joy during the holidays and not just expect to receive it. On a side note, you have beautiful hand writing! Happy holidays. 🙂

  12. This is a brilliant idea for an advent calendar! Establishing quests for everyone to do is an wonderful idea and a lot healthier than chocolate. Good luck with your give-away! ~ Thea


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