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Finally finished!

I haven’t been knitting a lot lately since sewing is taking lots of my time! But I managed to finish 2 projects yesterday 🙂

Wine and beads shawl

First, my scrumptious, gorgeous and beautiful Wine and beads shawl! Like the first one I did, I beaded it and I love the way and feel of it!

Wine and beads shawl

This one is mine, and all mine lol!

Wine and beads shawl

Yarn is Knitpicks Shimmer in the sherry colorway (and it’s a bit more dark than what the pictures show) Pattern is Gail aka nightsongs by  Mawelucky/Jane Araujo Designs, 4,5mm circular needles.

Wine and beads shawl

I did 7 repeats before doing the border chart (so 7 big holes in the middle) and was left with about 100 yards of lace yarn.

Still amazed on how blocking shawls make them turn from ducks into swans 🙂

Second, some fingerless mitts I had started about 2 years ago that had only one thumb left to knit… I know, talk about loosing interest into something!

Fetching fingerless mitts from reclaimed yarn!

Yarn is reclaimed from a sweater (wool with just a bit of cotton), and pattern is the popular Fetching by Cheryl Niamath.

Fetching fingerless mitts from reclaimed yarn!

Just say I’m glad they are done!

Today is the cast on day for a cool Knit Along (KAL) with Luvinthemommyhood group on Ravelry!! you just need to start a project that reminds you of Downton Abbey! How cool is that??! And Shannon over at luvingthemommyhood (love her blog!)  will be giving nice prizes along with that! She even put up a pinterest board to get you inspire! You need to register for this KAL.

I was suppose to do another Gail shawl for my dear friend Kim but I asked her if I could change pattern since I wasn’t going to do another one just yet 😉 she gave me a bunch to choose from and I settled for the Ethereal shawl! isn’t it beautiful?! I’ll use some knitpicks shadow (with…. beads! of course!) for it.

Love casting on!!

J’ai terminé 2 projets de tricot hier! youpi! Premièrement le châle que j’avais commencé  cet été! Il est superbe! J’aime beaucoup l’effet avec les perles 🙂 et deuxièmement, des mitaines sans doigts qui étaient en attente d’un pouce depuis 2 ans…

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  1. That shawl is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. OMG, this is the most beautiful shawl! I have to make this!!! P.S. Are we friends on Ravelry? I’m Yankee76! What’s your handle?

  3. The shawl is beautiful!

  4. That looks amazing!! I can’t believe you made that!

  5. Absolutely love and am coveting that shawl! Gorgeous! And the gloves are really cute 🙂

  6. OK! You are so talented in so many areas. i am so impressed how you also are making time to pursue your amazing creativity and talents.Thank you for sharing and inspiring! ~Thea

  7. le châle que tu as fait est vraiment beau, tu as vraiment du talent 🙂 et les mitaines elles sont belles aussi 🙂 ce sont des belles couleurs pour l’hiver! 🙂

  8. Wonderful job Josee! So glad you finally finished it (and the mitts)…and that it’s all for you. It’s gorgeous. And the beads ended up being really subtle; a lovely touch.

  9. Gorgeous! That’s talent.

  10. That shawl is GORGEOUS!!!! And I love the beadwork. I’ve just started experimenting with bead knitting and have become a little obsessed! The KnitPicks shimmer yarn is lovely. I’ve been making a shawl from two skeins of the Sherry and, would you believe it, I’ve run out of yarn on my cast off row!!! Aaaaarg!!!! It’s a bit too fine to easily unpick and given that my shawl is a semi-circle, the rows are VERY long. Would you consider selling the left over Shimmer yarn that you have? Given that KnitPicks have discontinued the line, I can’t find it anywhere!!!! I’m also on Ravelry (Niki181).

    • hi Niki!
      I have 13g left, would that be enough? I would happily send it to you for free if you want it 🙂 send me an email at bouclenoire(at)hotmail(dot)com if you are interested.


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