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she’s 5

I forgot and never posted pictures of my baby being a big 5 yo girl!

she's 5!

I think it’s partly because we all had influenza… partly because her Bday is dec 23rd and we are starting to be busy with Xmas stuff.

she's 5!

Pictures are ok I think, neither mommy or Rachel was in the mood and it shows a bit 😉

she's 5!

I had to take them in the living room and light is difficult there, so I ended up having less than 15 pictures for about 175 one taken.

she's 5!

She just couldn’t wait to be 5 and go to school every day (that would be next september!) and take the school bus, and having her own lunch box… She’s my little ray of sunshine! she gives the best cuddles and wants to take care of everyone…

she's 5!


Mon bébé a maintenant 5 ans! déjà 🙂 J’avais oublié de faire un post pour sa fête… avec la grippe qu’on a eu et le fait que son anniversaire est le 23 décembre… Ni elle, ni moi étions dans le “mood” et ça paraît un peu lol! j’ai du faire les photos dans le salon et la lumière n’est pas super là, donc j’ai environ une quinzaine de bonnes photos pour 175 qui ont été prises. Rachel avait très hâte d’avoir enfin 5 ans et aller à l’école à tous les jours, et prendre l’autobus, et avoir sa propre boîte à lunch 😉 (se sera pour septembre!) Elle est mon petit rayon de soleil!


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  1. She is FANTASTIC!!!! HAPPY BDAY, even if so late…..

  2. She is so adorable!! Happy Birthday to your darling girl (belated)! 🙂

  3. She’s so pretty! Happy late birthday!

  4. Oh! she is adorable and so pretty 🙂 I hope she had a great birthday 🙂

  5. Look at her sweet face — awww! So cute. Love her dress, love the purple bow, love her little smile — 5! Great pictures by you too, by the way. I love the close-ups and the lighting. Either I need practice or a better camera (it’s probably practice, isn’t it? Sigh).

    • I found out that point anspd shoot camera make really not good pics compare to real camera with lenses 😉 if that helps 😉 but yep, practice is your good friend here! And i need more practice too! Never done learning with photographying, it’s what make it so interesting! Thanks for your sweet compliments! But when your subject is lovely, it makes for lovely pictures 😉

  6. Happy Belated bday :0 She is to cute !

  7. You are creating a wonderful online portfolio of your daughter’s milestones! Thank you for sharing! I love how your photographs look so genuine and natural! ~Thea

  8. Happy belated birthday to your lovely girl! What amazing eyes she has!

  9. HAPPY B E L A T E D Birthday! Great Pics, and maybe the last one was saying I think I had enough taken. It is still a beauty. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to sharing. Mtetar@

    • How nice of you! I can just agree ans say she’s a beauty lol! We are pretty lucky to have 3 wonderful children! Love them to bits! Have a great night!

      • The same to you. I’ve two, and five grandchildren. What a Blessing they all are to have. Feel free to visit my blog @

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