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A lady asked me on my facebook fan page if I could sew 2 hippopotamus for 2 young girlies in her life. I looked everywhere trying to find a sewing pattern and none was there to be found 😦

So I put my big girl panties and went to work drafting my own…

My own pattern :)

And so glad I did!! All in all it took me less than 45 min and I had a cute pattern that I couldn’t wait to see alive with fabrics 🙂

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

Sooooo happy with the end products!!! I may or may not have made a happy dance…

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

they are made from men’s wool pants, cotton blanket and remnant and t-shirts.

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

A bit smaller than the stuffed elephant, they  measures: 7″x10 1/2″.

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

Still need to find them a name, any ideas?? I was thinking of Germaine  for the girlies and Hyppolite for the bad boy…

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus


Une dame m’a demandé sur ma page facebook si je pouvais lui faire 2 toutous hippopotames pour deux petites filles. J’ai cherché partout sur internet un patron de couture et niet, rien du tout qui soit intéressant… Je me suis donc assise pour m’en faire un maison et je suis absolument ravie du résultat!!! En tout, faire le patron m’a pris 45 minutes. Pas si mal 🙂 Je vous présente donc mes Germaine et Hyppolite!


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  1. Aaaw… Ils sont super mignons! Bravo!

  2. Whoa . . . . . . I LOVE!!! these!!! 🙂

  3. ah que j’ai hate ! je viens d’aviser mon chum qu’on en avait un pour mini-emile en commande ! 🙂

  4. You did a great job, they are so qute!

  5. Absolutely delightful! They could be called George and Martha. They are hippo characters in a series of children’s books written by James Marshall. I always chuckle whenever I read these books because the characters are so funny with each other. ~ Thea

  6. I love these, oh! they are so cute 🙂 (hey, I can finally leave a comment, yay!) , Josee, je voulais aussi te laisser savoir j’ai recu mon dumpling Vendredi dernier, il est beau! je l’utilise! je l’aime beaucoup! je voulais aussi te remercier pour les petits chocolats, je les ai tous mange quand mon paquet est arrive! 🙂 Merci encore, passe une belle soiree! 🙂

    • Je suis bien contente qu’il t’ait plus! Ça m’a fait plaisir pour les chocos, une petite douceur ça se prend toujours bien! Merci encore pour ton support 🙂 une belle soirée à toi aussi! ❤

  7. Totally adorable! Love, love, love!

  8. I absolutely LOVE these!!! Not only do I love the cute pattern that you came up with and the great fabrics that you used — but I love that they are hippos! Crazy enough, the town that we live in has the hippopotamus as its mascot. Almost a hundred years ago a circus train broke down in the town and a hippo escaped. Ever since it has been the mascot, not just for the schools, but you find painted cement statues of hippos around businesses, as well as people’s lawns.


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