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sewing classes…

I knew Camille wanted to learn how to sew: she’s 10, loves to craft and really likes not to be like others her age 😉

and then, I stumbled upon that at the thrift store…

Best thrift store find!

Vintage Kenmore (from Sears, made beginning of the 70′) 10$….. you read right… 10$ and running just fine! Best. Score. Ever.

I found the manual online and spent maybe 45 minutes setting her up.
And then (!) my babysitter asked if I would give lessons to her 14 yo daughter. Talk about being timely!

sewing classes...

First class was last sunday. I showed them both how to thread their respective sewing machine, how to make make a bobbin, sew a straight line, and back stitch.

sewing classes...

I had prepared and cut ahead of time fabrics for them to turn into a patchwork pin cushions. When you sew, you NEED a pin cushion. And patchwork made for some straight seams practice 🙂

sewing classes...

They were very happy with their final product! Camille brought it to school to show it off, and both grandmothers had to hold it to see it better… Mom was very proud too…

first sewing class project: patchwork pincushion

Today, we sewed basic elastic waist skirts. Camille has finished it even though she was very tired and threw the towel in… but the perspective to be wearing a self made new skirt and show it off at school tomorrow won her back!

Camille's first skirt!

I had very limited fabrics to choose from so she ended up choosing that one.  I was kind of disappointed that my other student couldn’t finish hers since we  ran into a tension problem with her machine that took about half an hour to fix.

Camille's first skirt!

Now, I really need to find a working table for Camille’s room 🙂

Je savais que ma grande voulait apprendre à coudre. Elle m’en parlait depuis déjà un moment! Puis, je suis tombée sur un amour de machine à coudre au centre bénévole… pour 10$ et qui fonctionne parfaitement! 🙂 Puis, ma gardienne m’a demandé si je donnerais un cours à sa grande de 14 ans…. parfait! Donc dimanche dernier elles ont eu leur premier cours. Apprendre comment enfiler leur machine, faire une bobine, faire une couture droite et faire le point d’arrêt. Puis elles ont cousu chacune un petit coussin à épingle en patchwork. Elles étaient bien contentes du résultat! Camille a amené le sien un peu partout pour le montrer 🙂 disons que maman était bien fière…

Aujourd’hui, elles ont cousu une jupe à taille élastique. Camille a pu terminé la sienne (elle était fatiguée et avait démissionné du projet mais la perspective de pouvoir porter une jupe faite par elle-même pour aller à l’école et pouvoir la montrer à tout le monde a fait son oeuvre!) Malheureusement pour mon autre “étudiante” nous avons eu un problème de tension avec sa machine qui a pris 1/2 heure à résoudre…


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  1. How fun! It’s great that you are passing the skills on to a new generation!

    • Yes! I’m so happy Camille is so interested in crafts:) i think you never get bored when you do crafts! And my youngest will be as interested as her older sister, yay! But will wait a couple more years for sewing class for her;)

  2. Oh! you are so lucky! wow! what a great bargain $10 ONLY! YAY! and you get to teach your kid, she is very lucky too! when I was younger I used to spend hours looking at my mom while she was sewing and sometimes I would give it a try too but I was never good at it (not even now) and I will always remember my mom making us outfits! (she still has some of those)! I love the pin cushions, they are too cute! even her skirt came out great! (much, much better than anything I have done), she’s as talented as you are! 🙂 for the working table can’t wait to see what you get for her!

    • Thanks for all the nice compliments! I’ll make sure to tell her what you think of her projects, she’ll be so happy! She wore her skirt to school today, can’t wait to know what people said! She has a small space in her room for a working table, so i need to see what will fit there. She loves doing crafts and now it’s time she has a place of her own :). Fun thing is my mom sew too and i never learnt from her since she doesn’t like to show things. So i’ve learned everything by myself!

  3. Ten bucks for a sewing machine? That’s a total steal! Great find! Love your daughter’s skirt and pin cushion!! Well done!

    My daughter is learning how to sew as well — she got a little sewing machine for Christmas from my folks. I’m just amazed at how many things she wants to make.

    I can’t wait to see how you set her up with her own sewing space. It’s one of the challenges we’re finding with E’s machine — where to put it? Her room is teeny-tiny. Your own space is so nicely appointed; I’m taking notes for my own!

    • I really like my sewing room even if it’s a bit cluttered, but there is no way we could sew both at the same time there… Her room is no too small but the only corner we can fit a desk it is… Need to look up options! Thanks for the compliments i’ll pass them along to camille, she’ll be sooo happy!

  4. Love. P.S. Did you get a new header? It is SO pretty!

  5. Camille did a great job with her pin cushion and skirt! Yay for her!!! She’s learning pretty quickly. You must be a great teacher. 🙂

  6. This is so important to teach the young generation and you are great teacher.
    I have also sewing machine and need to get a teacher, or learn alone…

    • I would say she is a fast learner 😉 sewing is really fun and not that hard to learn. You should give it a try! I learnt everything i know by myself, with the help of internet and books. You could do that i’m sure!

  7. SO amazing to hear of your bargain! And I LOVE this post . . . it brings back fond memories of learning to sew when I was about that age. Yay for you and your new students! 🙂

    • Yay for them learning some new skills!! I really like to teach and show stuff, and my students are both fast learners 😉 camille was beyond than thrilled to know mommy was going to show her how! How fun!

  8. Sew grateful you’re passing along your talents to your daughters & other young ones!


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