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Pattern try: Hans

Hey! You might think I dropped from the surface of the earth lol! I’ve been busy sewing, sewing, sewing like crazy 🙂 Making necktie bags, and custom orders. (I’ll post them later) and making dolls…

A nice lady asked for 3 dolls, one for each of her children. And one of her kids is a boy. You know me, can’t resist a Retromama pattern.

Henri, eco-friendly boy doll

And timely she posted for sale a boy doll. His name’s Hans and he’s just awesome! So sweet looking! What a great excuse to yet buy another of her patterns lol!

Henri, eco-friendly boy doll

I named mine Henri, he’s made from jeans (reminder to self: never use this stuff for Henri ever again, way too thick!) 2 men’s shirts, and t-shirts. I like using t-shirts instead of felt, first because it’s way cheaper, second because it makes me use my scarves remnants so less waste, and third it is really soft for kids!

Henri, eco-friendly doll

I omitted the suspenders since the jeans was already thick and the pockets are functional! He was more time consuming than the girlies since he’s more detailed. But love the end product!

Henri, eco-friendly boy doll

Here’s his 2 sisters…

Laura, eco-friendly doll

Made from capri pants, and fabric remnant,t-shirts, beige fabric is from a linen coat.

Laura, eco-friendly doll

Made from a skirt, fabric remnants and t-shirts

group shot, eco-friendly dolls
some group shots 🙂

group shot, eco-friendly dolls


Une gentille dame  m’a demandé de lui coudre 3 poupées, une pour chacun de ses enfants! alors voilà, un essai d’un nouveau patron pour le garçon 🙂 Il est tellement mignon  quoique plus long à coudre que ses soeurs, il a tellement de détails! Les poches sont fonctionnelles 🙂 IL est fait de jeans, 2 chemises pour homme, lin beige et t-shirts.  Très satisfaite du résultat final!


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  1. They are perfect! Josee, your three dolls are beautiful! My favourite one is Henri, I can see my son playing with him, he’s jeans are so cute! You are very talented!!! I’m sure the lady must have been excited when she saw them! 🙂

  2. Very nice, and they remind me of Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls. Are they easy to make, and how long does it takes? Thanks in advance. Mtetar

  3. These are unbelievable! So beautiful and detailed! And the pics are great, too!

  4. Oh, so adorable!! I bet these sell out right away! Of course, I love how you use reclaimed material to make them!!!
    PS Are you snowed in too?

    • Thanks Beth! Yes we got snow last friday but way less than you did in the states 😉 our record here was beaten just before xmas with 45 cm of snow! But this winter, it’s sooo cold! Just can’t wait for sping loL!

  5. These are absolutely adorable!! Love them!

  6. I adore these little dolls! Especially their cute expressions and that HAIR! Awesome! So cute!

  7. They’re delight, Josée!
    Don ‘t worry about being busy with other things – you’re not the only one!
    Been wanting to thank you again for your recipe for those double chocolate cupcakes. About to make my 3rd batch!


  8. I LOVE your work!!! Too cute! Really great stuff, Josée!


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