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French toasts!

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I’m sure everyone has a good recipe for that…. but mine is better 🙂 don’t you think it’s like the spaghetti sauce recipe? everyone has the best one!

French toasts recipe

But my recipe for french toasts has a secret ingredient for it that is making a nice crunchy outer layer…

I always make it around this time of the year since my husband always get a loaf of bread from work in march… don’t ask, we don’t even remember why they are getting it 😉 And since it’s not a really good loaf I always use it to make french toasts, to my kids delight!

French toasts recipe

First thing, you need to have stale bread. Using fresh bread will make your toasts soggy and slump.  Since the bread we get is quite dry, i just let it sit unwrapped on the counter for a whole 24 hours. Switching side once in a while to make sure it dries evenly.

French toasts recipe

Next, you need to slice you bread about 1/2 inches thick. (if your bread is really moist, slice and let stale half a day or a whole day)

French toasts recipe

And then you make the eggs mix 🙂

here’s my recipe:

4 eggs

1 to 1 1/2  cup milk

a bit of vanilla

and …. a big table spoon of granulated sugar! (that’s my secret ingredient….!)

Whisk everything well in a big bowl.

heat a skillet over medium high with BUTTER! (do yourself a favor, and please use butter!)

when your skillet is ready, working quickly coat your slices of bread with the egg mix, you DO NOT want the bread to suck it up. You  really just want to coat it quick. and just do the right number of slices for your skillet. Do not prepare more bread in the mix if they are not ready to go into the skillet.

French toasts recipe

let the bread get as golden as you like it and serve with a good maple sirup!!! The sugar will make a nice crunchy outer layer 🙂

We had ours with a nice side dish of fruit salad Rachel made all by herself!

French toasts recipe

Ma petite recette de pain doré 🙂 avec un ingrédient secret qui vous fait une bel extérieur croustillant!
Premièrement, vous aurez besoin d’un pain rassis (qui a séché quelque temps, pas un pain frais et tout moelleux!)

que vous couperez en tranche de 1/2 pouces.
Mélangez ensemble dans un grand bol:
4 oeufs
1 à 1 1/2 tasse de lait
un peu d’essence de vanille
et…. une grosse cuillère à soupe de sucre granulé! (le sucre va vous donner une bel extérieur croquant!)
Faites chauffer un poêlon à medium-high avec du BEURRE! (ok, laisser faire le régime et faites-vous plaisir! utiliser du beurre!)
En travaillant rapidement, trempez vos tranches de pain dans le mélange d’oeufs, ne les laissez pas se gorger du mélange, une trempette très rapide seulement et ajouter à votre poêlon. Cuire des 2 côtés jusqu’au degré de doré souhaité. Ne préparez pas d’avance les tranches de pain dans le mélange, sinon vous aurez des tranches de pain détrempées et molles.
Servir avec une bonne dose de sirop d’érable! et une salade de fruits préparée avec amour par une petite fille de 5 ans!

French toasts recipe


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  1. Yum . . . and your photos are STUNNING! 🙂

  2. This makes me so hungry. And wow, your pictures are so great!

  3. yum! that looks delicious!

  4. French toast has always been a favourite- lovely post!

  5. Elizabeth - Lili & Mum's

    Yummy! I love french toast! 🙂

  6. Salut Josee! 🙂 J’adore tes super belles photos! 🙂 Now, I would love preparing these but yesterday we had waffles, so I will try my best not to prepare your delicious recipe tomorrow morning! 🙂 (it’s true when we use fresh bread; the toasts are soggy!) Ta petite est tellement belle! j’ai hate que le mien il nous prepare des salades! 🙂 Je te souhaite de passer une belle fin de semaine avec ta famille et Joyeuses Paques! 🙂

    • Merci Ingrid! c’est tellement gentil! De Joyeuses Pâques pour ta famille et toi aussi 🙂 j’ai plusieurs de tes posts dans ma boîte de réception… je ne les oublie pas et vais te lire bientôt! bisous en attendant!

  7. Thanks for sharing your recipe, and Great Job Rachel! Mtetar

  8. I don’t eat bread in Passover, but after the holiday I can insure you I will try this.
    Rachel is so qute! You are lucky.

  9. Love french toast. I like your technique. 🙂

  10. Well done, Rachel & Josée! Photos are delectable, and directions easy to follow. Will have to try this, with French bread, of course!
    PD/Shared your double chocolate bran muffins with friends Sunday and they **loved** them!

  11. How did I not see this post until now? SO delicious-looking! And thank picture of your daughter is adorable!

  12. Hello José, chez moi, on appelle cela du “pain perdu”…(en France, Bretagne)
    I love so much what you create, I’m sorry my English is not so good than I like !


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