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Small update….

My my!!! long time no see!

more than a year and a half… Still can’t believe how time flies… I’ve been quite quiet here i should say 😉

A quick update to let you know what I’m up to is indeed in need haha!

So I’m still working with Cul de Sac but less than what i was doing since… I went back to school!!! Oh yeah!


I have done a semester so far (5 to go!) and I’m in nursing school and loviiiing every part of it!


It feels so good to have found something i do love and just can’t wait to start working (but studies first!). It’s quite an organization with 3 kids, the house and the school work but it’s going smoothly.


Rachel is growing fast and in first grade now (she’s 7). She played soccer all summer and she will start dancing lessons soon and just can’t wait for it 🙂


Camille is now 12 and in grade 6 and wants to go to International program in high school. She is still scouting and so is Julien. She is growing to be a fine woman with such an easy going way!


Julien is now 10 and in grade 5. He loves soccer, gaming and playing with friends.  He’s talking as much as he used to hehe!


I still love to photograph but don’t have much time and inspiration  now since I’m very tired with school and everything, but once in a while I’m lucky to capture something special 😉



I won’t be writing much here since life got so busy, but I got my first cell phone (iPhone woot woot!) and opened an Instagram account yeah! so I’ll be busy over here if you still wanna know what’s is going around my place 🙂 (and what I’m sewing and everything!) (follow me culdesacetcie )

I’ve been missing you guys, and would love to follow you on Instagram so please join me in the fun!



About Cul de Sac

Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Nice update Happy New Year snd all the Best. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. So proud of you!!! Happy New Year! Hugs, Katherine

  3. Happy New Year! Sooo lovely to see your beautiful photos & read your update ~ thank you!!! Have followed you on facebook, as you know!, but this post was a wonderful extra glimpse of all the creative reasons why we so enjoy your writing. And photography! And humour!!
    As the Spanish say, muchos besos, chica, y un abrazo muy fuerte! del

    • Aww thanks D’ellis! I’ve been missing you all! what have you been up to!? I’m always surprised to see how life can be ultra busy making time flies by like a flick 😉 Maybe I could post an update a bit more regurlarly without writing lots… i’ll think about that 😉 Lots of love dear!

  4. Miss hearing from you! Hope you are doing well!


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