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I’m Josée, ! I just love upcycling and everything crafty; sewing and knitting being my two favorites.  I try to go easy on the environment and reuse as much as I can.  I’m starting a small eco-friendly business.  This blog will surely be about my family life, sewing, hand bags, reclaiming yarns, knitting, and of course, some good recipes along the way!

I’m also married, mom to 3 wonderful kids.  I live near Montréal, Canada and english is not my first language, so please just overlook the mistakes

You can find me on:

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Je suis Josée, 33 ans, épouse, maman de 3 beaux cocos. J’habite près de Montréal, Canada. J’aime tout ce qui touche les aiguilles et l’artisanat, ma préférence allant à la couture et au tricot! Utiliser des matières recyclées est un beau défi et c’est un plaisir que de trouver de nouvelles idées qui recyclent différents matériaux et ainsi les maintiennent hors du dépotoir. J’ai ma petiteentreprise de sacs à main etaccessoires écologiques. Je vous entretiendrai sûrement sur ce qui se passe dans mon petit monde, de sacs à main, de tricot, d’artisanat, le tout assaisonné de bonnes recettes!

Vous pouvez me trouver:

EtsyFacebook, FlickrPinterest and Ravelry!


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  1. Love that you’re using both languages! And your English is excellent, so please don’t worry. (Unfortunately, my French consists of brief phrases remembered from Hercule Poiret, etc. Lol!)

    • Thanks for your comment! Some people have said it was too much with both languages…. Even had a comment saying i had lots of mispelled words but that looked like spam, so I just deleted it lol!
      But glad to have some feedback from an english speaking person! And i’m sure your french is better than you think, we are hard on ourselves sometimes 😉

  2. Good morning! I know that some of you have already seen the post, but I want to “officially” let each of you know that you were nominated by your blogging friends for the “Good Neighbor Award!” Congratulations! 🙂 Best, Katherine

  3. Hi! Do you have an email address I could write you at? Thanks, Kelly

  4. Bonjour Josée! I am so thrilled to connect with another Canadian. My daughter goes to school near Montreal so I am in your beautiful side of the country a lot. ~Thea

  5. I love all of your projects so much! And I studied French for a year after visiting Paris for 3 weeks a few years ago…I wish I could actually speak it–reading your biography is making me nostalgic!

  6. Salut Josee! I live in Montreal and glad I found your blog through one of my favourite bloggers “pillowsalamode” ; we speak french around here too but my blog is english too. Looking forward to your next posts and to not miss any I will start following your blog! 🙂 Wish you a Happy New Year 🙂

    • How cool is that!!!? I don’t know any blogger near my place… Man, i will go and look up yours when i have a bit of time, that means around 8pm when the kids are in bed 😉 i’m all excited now lol!

      • Thank you Josee for visiting my blog and following it too! 🙂 Sorry, I replied so late, my son, just went to bed over 30 minutes ago (he’s having a hard time with the Holidays schedule, my hubby was off for 6 days) 🙂

  7. ciao! luvFAB blog.

  8. Elizabeth - Lili & Mum's
  9. Dear Josée ~
    I’ve nominated you for a Reader Appreciation Award, and hope you will accept.
    Your blog has been so interesting and inspiration, literally & figuratively helping me in sew many ways!
    Rules, etc., are posted here.

    From a very grateful reader,
    D’ellis at CurlsnSkirls


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