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Another free embroidery pattern! (with birdies again)

I made some doodles while I was going to my friend Kim’s… And I thought they would make nice embroidery designs!

Eco friendly 241 tote with hand embroidery

I made a new 241 tote (find the pattern here!) and made one of my doodle come to life 🙂

Eco friendly 241 tote with hand embroidery

I love the way it looks on dark fabric!!

hand embroidering

And thanks to Kristyne over at pretty by hand, I can now embroider easily on dark fabrics with the nice trick she shared! yep, you just transfert your design onto tissu paper! How neat and easy!

Eco friendly 241 tote with hand embroidery

the bag is made from pants, curtains, shirt and fabric remnants one of my friend gave me. It’s interlined with bed sheet and interfacing. I used 2 reclaimed zippers and part of a earring as zipper pull on the front of the bag. The strap is adjustable and it features a wooden curtain ring 🙂 You can find the listing for the bag here.

Eco friendly 241 tote with hand embroidery

So, the birdies doodle is here for you to grab whenever the embroidery bug bites 🙂 Please use the design for your personal use only.
free embroidery pattern

Get the pdf by clicking this: stackedbirdies


Scientific creativeness??

How can one be creative in a scientific world??!

I mean… I’m starting school this afternoon…  (a mix of utter excitement  and deep profound anxiety…)

I’ve finally got the english name for what I’ll be studying for the next 3 years: Lab technician.

I’m starting my semester with a lab and they told us at our integration day that we needed 2 white smocks with our name written in sharpie on the front upper pocket. I mean?! sharpie!! man, that is looking kind of sloppy in my opinion (sorry if you have your name written with sharpie on your smock…) So000,  I’ve kind of went and did something really ordinary for me but maybe it will look a bit strange in that world….

scientific creativeness... or not!

Yep, I hand embroidered it… twice… with COLORS. Do you think I’ll be standing out too much in this crowd? (as if I cared lol!) I think I might have stretched the limits a bit there 🙂 just wait and see my hand notes….

scientific creativeness... or not!

Je commence l’école cet après-midi (nous avons donc ici un mélange de super excitation et de grande anxiété…) et je commence le tout avec un laboratoire (technique en analyses biomédicales) et on nous a expliqué lors de la journée d’intégration que nous avions besoin de 2 sarraus blancs avec notre nom écrit au Sharpie sur la poche supérieure… Comme vous devez commencer à me connaître, je n’étais sûrement pas pour écrire mon nom au Sharpie sur MES sarraus! J’ai donc utilisé mes fils de couleurs et ai brodé le tout 🙂 Pas mal plus beau! je me demande par contre si je ne passerai pas pour une excentrique dans le lot… (voir si je m’en soucie vraiment lol) 

something for you: free patterns!

I’m so excited! And happy to be giving something back to that great crafty community!  I’ve decided to put my doodles up for grabs 🙂 If you ever wanted to try your hand at hand embroidery and/or was looking for some cute patterns, you can download the 2 pdf documents here! And for free!

the first one:

Free embroidery patterns!
Download PDF  Birdies and flowers 1

and second:

Free embroidery patterns!

Download PDF:  birdies and flowers 2

to give you an idea on how they could look with threads…

I refashioned a skirt with some doodling 🙂 (actually it’s the skirt second refashion since I cut it up a couple of months ago lol)

skirt refashion with hand embroidery

and a close up:

skirt refashion with hand embroidery

And the bag I made with some other doodles…

hand embroidered small zippered bag

I’m really happy to put them out there and I would appreciate if they stay for you personal use. If you do use them on one of your project i would love to see  what you have come up with so leave a comment with the link back to your project!!!

Hope you like them and have fun! (I’m working on new ones! and they involve food… 😉

(here’s a great great blog about hand embroidery stitches…)

Mes premiers patrons gratuits! pour faire de la broderie. juste télécharger le PDF qui vous convient! SVP, ne pas commercialiser, Pour votre usage personnel seulement. 


I’ve been making some doodles while listening to the elections night a couple of weeks ago (yeah, kind of needed to spice that radio talk  up a bit)…


It was fun to just to mindlessly pick up a pencil and just draw.


Then I was inspired by those two awesome ladies…

Ayumi from Pink Penguin

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

(That is making me want to do some quilter’s block!)

Source: via Josée on Pinterest



I LOVE her pincushion too, so pretty!

and Krystine from Pretty by hand

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

I mean, have you seen those pretties??  She even has a book coming out soon!!

How not to be inspired by that? I took one of my drawings and turned it into…

hand embroidered small zippered bag

a bag! I wanted something bright and cheery!

hand embroidered small zippered bag
I loved doing the chain stitch! and I loved the look of it as a filling stitch 🙂 more than the satin stitch… It’s quicker and more

nicer looking.

hand embroidered small zippered bag

As usual, the bag is made from reclaimed materials (linen coat, duvet cover and

bed sheet as interlining, reclaimed metal zipper and upcycled zipper pull).

I might have an idea of what to do with those drawings… stay tune for that!

And a quick note about the back ground…. Just a tip really 😉 I use dollar store roll

of wrapping papers to make different back grounds 😉 cheap, easy to roll up and when you are done

(or when it gets old) use it as wrapping paper again 🙂

dollar store back drop

Pendant la soirée d’élections, je me suis occupée les mains en faisant des dessins…. Et puis, inspirée

par 2 dames j’ai décidé d’en broder un sur un sac! J’aime beaucoup l’effet 🙂 Le sac est fait d’un

manteau en lin, housse de couette, drap et zipper recyclé. 

Et une petite note concernant la toile de fond…. J’utilise parfois les rouleaux de papier

d’emballage du dollorama! pas cher, facile à rouler pour le rangement

et quand il est rendu trop vieux, il retourne en papier d’emballage!