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New necktie bags!

I’ve been busy, and I finally sewn all the necktie bags I had cut!

As usual, they are made from men’s suit pants, shirts and neckties 🙂
these are probably going in a shop in Jonquière as a Lady asked to have my stuff over there!

eco necktie bag

eco necktie bag

eco necktie bag

This one is already list in my shop!

eco necktie bag

All the bags have the pant’s pockets at the back, and I am happy because I found a way to use one pant to make 2 bags! So there is even less waste!

suit pants pockets

Now, on to make 2 special orders….

Voilà, j’ai été productive cette semaine et j’ai cousu les 5 sacs cravate que j’avais taillés! Les 3 premiers iront probablement dans une boutique à Jonquière vu qu’une gentille propriétaire m’a demandé d’avoir de mes articles dans sa boutique! le dernier sac bleu est déjà dans ma boutique 😉 Tous les sacs ont les poches de pantalon au dos.



Oh. My. Gosh.

Still can’t believe it…MY BAG IS IN THE TOP TEN! I wouldn’t have thought…  🙂

just go here and vote for the purse you like the most! (poll is up on the side bar at left)

Incroyable! mon sac est dans le top 10! vous pouvez voter en cliquant ici pour le sac que vous aimez le plus… (pas nécessairement le mien 😉 (On vote en haut à gauche)

My second entry….

I’ll be participating in the Purse Week event!

Hold by the talented a lemon squeeze home!

And I’ve choose my second entry (out of 2) for this contest…

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this colorful item hanging from a rack at the thrift. Out of this piece of clothing…

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

I made that….

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

Isn’t a colorful and funky bag?! I love it!

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

So I used the pant in question, some green velvet (previously a shirt), teal and pink with black polka dots fabric remnants, bed sheet and interfacing as interlining, a wooden curtain ring and yellow piping! It closes with a magnetic snap and the strap is adjustable.

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

It has 4 outside pockets (2 are from the pants!) and one patch pocket inside (inside fabric is fushia with black polka dots)

This is the back view 🙂

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

Pattern from Noodle-head.

Un nouveau sac fait d’un pantalon super coloré!!! 4 poches extérieures et une à l’intérieure! Ce sera ma seconde entrée pour le concours! 

Purse week 2012!

Weehee!! Purse week is on again this year!

(click on the image to go and see the rules!!!)

I’m all excited to participate for a second year… and to see all the gorgeous entries on the flickr pool! 🙂

I’ve already entered my 241 tote (my new purse)

my new babe!

(but new upload pictures since we can’t submit pics with text)

We get to have 2 entries, and I’m still wondering which one I should submit for my second entry … I’ll wait and see, I might do a new one or take the other 241 tote…

Thanks to a lemon squeezy home to host it again this year!

it will be hard….

Source: via Rowena on Pinteres



Tomorrow, it will be back to school schedule…. I think it will be hard to be getting up earlier 😉 But it will be nice to have some time to myself! I’ve choose in which group Rachel will be in 2 weeks… She’s going to be in preschool… already. (only one afternoon a week).

On another note, I don’t know if I told you, but I received a special order from Cascades… they’ll be having a fashion show to show the new items in their boutique (for employees) and they wanted to have some accessories made from their employees’ necktie! The nice lady came over to my place and choose the model along with the neckties she wanted for each bag. I’ve got to make 3 cocktail clutches, 3 iPad cases and 3 tie bags…! I was very happy and already made some of it:

2 cocktail clutches:

cocktail clutch

cocktail clutch

and one iPad case:

iPad case

I’ve made others cocktail clutches to put in the store too, but more about them later…

Je pense que je vais trouver relativement difficile le retour à la “normal” demain matin 😉 J’ai choisi le groupe de prématernelle de Rachel hier… déjà! Je ne sais pas si je vous l’avais dit, mais j’ai reçu une commande spéciale de la compagnie Cascades! Ils vont faire un défilé de mode en octobre pour présenter les nouveaux items dans leur boutique (pour les employés) et ils avaient besoin d’accessoires pour compléter les tenues. Donc, une gentille dame est venue chez moi et a choisi les modèles ainsi que les cravates qu’elle voulait pour chaque sac. (les cravates proviennent des employés). J’ai donc 3 sacs cocktail, 3 étuis pour iPad et 3 sac cravates en commande! (les photos sont les sacs déjà terminés!)

Pattern try

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Yep! I tried a new pattern… a couple of weeks ago. Why didn’t I blab about it yet? because, I made it as a gift and I had to wait for Canada post to deliver it as I didn’t want to ruin the surprise!

Eco-friendly versatile shoulder and backpack bag

And I think she was surprised! Even more she didn’t know a parcel was coming her way 🙂 I’m not that good at keeping it secret when I send something away, it’s just because my friend wasn’t home and we couldn’t FaceTime together that week lol!

Eco-friendly versatile shoulder and backpack bag

So, my dear friend Kim bought me the Cabrio tote pattern by sew spoiled on etsy as a gift. I was thrilled! A new and cool pattern to try out! I made one and decided it needed to go her way 😉

I use all reclaimed stuff of course! Denim, linen, neckties, men’s shirt and bed sheet and interfacing.

Now my comments on that pattern…

  • I really like the look of it.
  •  It stores quite a lot (2 inside pockets)
  •  I love bags that stand up by themselves (flat bottom).
  • It’s comfortable to tote on the shoulder.
  • It is original.
  • Closes with magnetic snap

Eco-friendly versatile shoulder and backpack bag


  • I don’t like the way the strap crosses on top, I think it gives the bag a bit of unprofessional look.
  • It hangs very low on the back when you wear it as a backpack so it’s not comfortable this way.
  • My friend told me it was bothering her having 2 straps to grab since they move on the side and she needs to replace them almost every time.

eco-friendly shoulder or back pack bag

(sorry for the crappy pic!)

I’m not sure I will use denim again to make another one. Mind you, I love the way it looks with denim, casual but still dressy and it can be worn with almost anything, but it was a pain to gather such heavy fabric and I had a hard time for this part. I love the neckties as straps, it adds so much character to the bag! I might do one to add to the shop, but I think I’ll do custom request for this pattern….

New bag pattern try

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Eco-friendly shoulder bag

I’ve purchased a new sewing pattern :0) okay, 2 new patterns actually lol! I was looking for  quite a big bag you know, for toting around my school supplies!

Eco-friendly shoulder bag

And just as I was to decided on something I got an email from iThinkSew with a sale on their new patterns… And one  was just fitting the bill.

Eco-friendly shoulder bag
And I just love the way it looked, with those cool handles!

Eco-friendly shoulder bag

The sewing pattern name is the Scarletti bag and you can find it here.

Eco-friendly handmade bag

I used some grey men’s wool pants, fabric sampler, cotton remnants, bed sheet and interfacing. I used the pant’s back pocket at the back and made a zippered one too. It will look sooo sharp in september don’t you think??!