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New product!

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Source: via Josée on Pinterest


I love knitting. That is when my wrists let me knit a bit 😉 And at night, I’m way too tired to do something productive, even knitting  my shawl (no. I’m not done yet, but almost!) is too much often sometimes. Let say I was kind of tired of fingerless mitts….


So I thought of a way to be 1: productive and 2: be knitting! Enter this:

eco knitted coffee sleeves

I know, I didn’t invented the wheel here, but it’s cute, functional, quick and fun to make!

eco knitted coffee sleeves

Some of those coffee sleeves are adorned with recycled fabric covered buttons, some with a fake tea pouch.

They all made using reclaimed yarns of course 🙂

eco knitted coffee sleeves

Have you seen my neat and great cardboard display for them!!?? I’m sooo happy with my drawing!  Just a look and you know what this product is use for. It will be a good thing for my fabric coffee sleeves since people at craft fairs were putting them on their wrist like a bracelet lol! Still need to make more, but i need to buy white cardboard first. I won’t be giving them away so when I’ll have enough made I will just use them over and over 😉 I think it looks really professional!

eco fabric coffee sleeve

J’aime beaucoup le tricot… mais je suis bien trop fatiguĂ©e le soir pour tricoter mon chĂąle en dentelle et de perles. Et puis, j’ai souvent trop mal aux poignets pour pouvoir m’y mettre vraiment. Je me suis donc trouvĂ©e un projet intĂ©ressant, vite fait et utile! Les manchons Ă  cafĂ© tricotĂ©s! Tous faits de laines recyclĂ©es (la plupart du temps de vieux chandails ou vestes) certains ont un bouton recyclĂ© recouvert de tissu tandis que d’autre un semblant de poche de thĂ© 😉 Je me suis mĂȘme dessinĂ©e de beaux portes manchons en carton! J’en suis tellement contente! Maintenant on peut voir du premier coup d’oeil l’utilitĂ© de la chose… et les gens arrĂȘteront de porter mes manchons en tissu autours de leur poignet lorsque je serai en exposition haha! Et mes cartons donnent un look professionnel Ă  mon kiosque, enfin je pense…!


all about mittens

Two of my kiddos had winter scouts camp last week end… and we realized, while making luggage, that we were low on mittens stock.

Entire pairs got lost, some were single.

Enter mommy and her sewing machine 🙂

I went a bit crazy and cut up 12 pairs of mittens, I needed new stuff for the shop so I just went for it (they still need to be sewn up lol)

eco friendly recycled sweaters mittens

Made Camille a pair, which she didn’t brought after all since we found more mittens stashed away (read: lying at the back of her wardrobe) she decides to keep them for more dressy occasions (like going to school…)

eco friendly recycled sweaters mittens

My son was pretty happy with his (in his fave colors of course!) which surprised me since he’s more the gloves type. I’m glad they are getting worn 😉

And I knitted a pair for myself too! love fingerless mitts, and loved knitting them 🙂

one cable mitts fingerless

I had made a shawl in 2010 that never was worn since it was way too small.

frogged 200 yards of heaven
(sorry for the really bad picture, that was taken in my previous life, without my Nikon!)

Yarn was soft and so cushy (wool, cashmere and cotton blend reclaimed by a nice lady!) so unravelled it and got to play with this yarn again…

one cable mitts fingerless

pattern is one cable mitts.  project page here

one cable mitts fingerless

And I made great progress on my shawl!!!  2 rows to go and I’ll start last chart… YAY! love it with beads 🙂

ethereal shawl with beads progress


Les 2 grands avaient leur camp scout en fin de semaine passĂ©e et en faisant les bagages nous nous sommes rendus compte qu’il y avait plusieurs paires de mitaines qui manquaient Ă  l’appel… J’en ai donc taillĂ© 12 pairs! 10 iront dans ma boutique aussitĂŽt qu’elles seront cousues.  Camille a finalement dĂ©cidĂ© qu’elle garderait les siennes pour des occasions plus spĂ©ciales (genre aller Ă  l’Ă©cole..!) et mon garçon Ă©tait trĂšs content des siennes ce qui m’a surprise un peu vu qu’il prĂ©fĂšre habituellement les gants. J’en ai aussi tricotĂ© pour mon moi 🙂  J’avais fait un chĂąle en 2010 que je n’ai jamais portĂ© vu qu’il Ă©tait beaucoup trop petit,  je l’ai donc dĂ©fait et me suis refait de belles mitaines pas de doigts! Mon chĂąle avance bien aussi, j’en suis presqu’aux derniers miles!

Finally finished!

I haven’t been knitting a lot lately since sewing is taking lots of my time! But I managed to finish 2 projects yesterday 🙂

Wine and beads shawl

First, my scrumptious, gorgeous and beautiful Wine and beads shawl! Like the first one I did, I beaded it and I love the way and feel of it!

Wine and beads shawl

This one is mine, and all mine lol!

Wine and beads shawl

Yarn is Knitpicks Shimmer in the sherry colorway (and it’s a bit more dark than what the pictures show) Pattern is Gail aka nightsongs by  Mawelucky/Jane Araujo Designs, 4,5mm circular needles.

Wine and beads shawl

I did 7 repeats before doing the border chart (so 7 big holes in the middle) and was left with about 100 yards of lace yarn.

Still amazed on how blocking shawls make them turn from ducks into swans 🙂

Second, some fingerless mitts I had started about 2 years ago that had only one thumb left to knit… I know, talk about loosing interest into something!

Fetching fingerless mitts from reclaimed yarn!

Yarn is reclaimed from a sweater (wool with just a bit of cotton), and pattern is the popular Fetching by Cheryl Niamath.

Fetching fingerless mitts from reclaimed yarn!

Just say I’m glad they are done!

Today is the cast on day for a cool Knit Along (KAL) with Luvinthemommyhood group on Ravelry!! you just need to start a project that reminds you of Downton Abbey! How cool is that??! And Shannon over at luvingthemommyhood (love her blog!)  will be giving nice prizes along with that! She even put up a pinterest board to get you inspire! You need to register for this KAL.

I was suppose to do another Gail shawl for my dear friend Kim but I asked her if I could change pattern since I wasn’t going to do another one just yet 😉 she gave me a bunch to choose from and I settled for the Ethereal shawl! isn’t it beautiful?! I’ll use some knitpicks shadow (with…. beads! of course!) for it.

Love casting on!!

J’ai terminĂ© 2 projets de tricot hier! youpi! PremiĂšrement le chĂąle que j’avais commencĂ©  cet Ă©tĂ©! Il est superbe! J’aime beaucoup l’effet avec les perles 🙂 et deuxiĂšmement, des mitaines sans doigts qui Ă©taient en attente d’un pouce depuis 2 ans…

Knitting update

I haven’t work that much on my knitting lately 😩 kind of too tired at night and I need to sew, sew, sew during the day.

fingerless mitts from reclaimed yarn

But I’ve put myself together and finally finished the fingerless mitts my uncle asked for last Xmas. I’ve already made him a pair and he loved them so much that he kindly asked if I could knit up another pair… don’t you love that!!? It just took me 9 months to finished them… Ahh, nothing like deadlines to get you going lol!

fingerless mitts from reclaimed yarn

I wanted to try cable ribbing so I made up the pattern as I went 🙂 It’s reclaimed yarn from a old cardigan like you could have guess if you know me a bit.

fingerless mitts from reclaimed yarn
(needle size 3,75  casted on 40 stitches)

I’ve got the pattern written if someone is interested, just howler and I will put it up for you…

My gail shawl is coming along… slowly lol! I’m on the last repeat before edging chart. I will get to it sometimes soon I hope 😉

Source: via Jaime on Pinterest


Has someone been knitting lately??? what are you working on?

J’ai enfin terminĂ© la paire de mitaines sans doigts que mon oncle m’avait demandĂ© au dernier NoĂ«l…. Y’a rien qui me fait travailler plus vite que les Ă©chĂ©ances lol! Le patron est de mon moi-mĂȘme et la laine est recyclĂ©e bien sĂ»r!

Knitting is back…

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I was tired of knitting fingerless mitts… lol!

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

I was in desperate need of something beautiful AND lacy.

Preferably with beads.

my new gail

That would be using some of my Knitpicks stash.

my new gail

(Shimmer form Knitpicks, 440 yards, 70% baby alpaca- 30%silk. lace weight)

I spent many hours looking for a nice shawl to knit (out of my 253 favorites on Ravelry! and that is not counting scarves and cowls…) And I couldn’t decide… (are you surprised??)

my new gail

And then I thought of the shawl I made for my mother in law a couple of years ago, suddenly wanting one for myself 🙂


This is my spice of Gail shawl from the Gail (aka Nightsong) by Jane Araujo free pattern on Ravelry.


You can find my project page here (with infos on which row I did the beading!). As the first one , I had to frog my first couple of rows as I did a mistake in the beginning, and I had to correct the chart as they were mistakes in it too. But now I’m rolling!

my new gail


J’avais envie de faire du tricot, et autre chose que des mitaines pas de doigts… Quelque chose de magnifique, en dentelle et avec perles… J’ai passĂ© des heures Ă  regarder mes favoris (pour les chĂąles, j’en ai 253 sur Ravelry!) sans pouvoir me dĂ©cider… ĂȘtes-vous surpris? finalement j’ai repensĂ© au chĂąle que j’avais fait pour ma belle-mĂšre (le brun) et j’en ai voulu un pour mon moi-mĂȘme! alors voilĂ ! La laine est  Shimmer de Knitpicks. Grosseur dentelle, 70% bĂ©bĂ© alpaga- 30% soie, 440 verges.

Winter knitting

English, Français.

Is it me or weeks are literally flying by? It seems that every monday night (drawing class) is coming back way too fast! I’m almost done on my drawing and Camille is having fun putting colors on hers, it is going to be cute 😉

Je ne sais pas si c’est moi, mais il me semble que les semaines passent et se succĂšdent Ă  une vitesse folle?! Les cours de dessin du lundi soir reviennent un peu trop vite Ă  mon goĂ»t.  J’ai presque terminĂ© mon dessin et Camille a beaucoup de plaisir Ă  mettre de la couleur sur le sien 😉

I’ve been doing some knitting lately, as Camille winter hat was on the dying side, she asked me to knit a new one… What a mom to do? take her needles back an come up with a “new” design of course! I think this year, one of my resolutions is to try new techniques! I need to make a list of the things I want to tackle though, ha! Love this kind of to do list!

J’ai repris mes aiguilles Ă  tricoter derniĂšrement. La tuque que Camille porte prĂ©sentement est au stade de l’agonie et elle m’a demandĂ© de lui en faire une nouvelle… Une belle occasion de mettre ma nouvelle rĂ©solution Ă  l’oeuvre! J’ai dĂ©cidĂ©, cette annĂ©e, que je voulais essayer plein de nouvelles techniques diffĂ©rentes 🙂 J’ai besoin de me faire une liste par contre, c’est difficile sinon de se mettre des balises et il est plus que facile d’aller dans toutes les directions! ah! J’aime ce genre de liste…!

So, I had that reclaimed cotton lying around and she asked for her new hat to be pink. Since the all the girlies around our house are skin sensitive to wool I had to use cotton. And she asked to have a chin strap so the ear flap stay put while playing outside. Basically, I just made a braid band (from the book 150 knitted trims) 22 inches long, picked up stitches (88 in total) knitted them in the round and used the double bind off technique, put some tassels, picked up 18 stitches for each ear flap and continued one ear flap in moss stitch to make the chin strap.

Camille voulait son nouveau chapeau rose avec une ganse de menton afin que ses “oreilles” restent bien en place lorsqu’elle joue dehors. J’avais ce coton rose qui trainait  se trouvait dans mon panier de tricot et puisque toutes les filles de la maison ont la “gratte” lorsqu’en contact avec de la laine, le coton est trĂšs utilisĂ© sur la rue Nicolas 🙂 En rĂ©sumĂ© voilĂ  ce que j’ai fait: TricotĂ© une bande cĂąblĂ©e de 22 pouces (patron dans le livre 150 knitted trims) que j’ai ensuite jointe en un cercle. MontĂ© des mailles tout le tour (88 au total) tricotĂ© en rond, fermĂ© le tricot, montĂ© 18 mailles pour chacun des “oreilles” et continuĂ© une oreille en point mousse pour faire la ganse.

I wanted to add a big yo-yo flower with a cabochon center to the hat, but when I opened my jewelry box my eyes laid on that weird necklace I had been saving for quite some time and that was it! I had to use it :)) Love me some bling for a girlie! (we’ll just see how long that bling will stay on though). I also hand sewn a flannel lining as the little miss doesn’t like the feel of knitted fabric on her skin.

J’avais l’intention de faire une fleur style yo-yo avec une boucle d’oreille rĂ©tro comme centre. Mais quand j’ai ouvert mon coffret Ă  bijoux, mes yeux sont tombĂ©s sur ce collier vraiment bizarre que je conservais depuis quelque temps dĂ©jĂ . VoilĂ , ce ne pouvait ĂȘtre autre chose! Je savais que Camille ne s’objecterait pas Ă  un peu de bling-bling 🙂 (reste juste Ă  voir combien de temps les brillants resteront en place!) J’ai aussi cousu une doublure de flanelle Ă  la main, vu que la miss n’aime pas avoir le tricot directement sur la peau.

And since we were already outside in the snow taking pictures, I asked her to take some picture of MY winter hat… that I knitted last year… yeah, sometimes I’m lazy like that! I’m glad now that I uploaded my pics on ravelry, it’s better looking this way! The pattern is Felicity.  I really like the pictures with their monochrome feel and pop of red!

Et vu que nous Ă©tions dĂ©jĂ  dehors dans la neige, en train de prendre des photos, je lui ai demandĂ© de prendre des photos de MON chapeau… que j’ai tricotĂ© l’an passĂ©… oui, je sais, paresseuse  des fois! Je suis bien contente maintenant d’avoir des photos sur ravelry 🙂 Le patron est: Felicity.  J’aime les photos, toutes dans les tons de gris avec un pop de rouge!

Not bad for a 9 yo… But lots of the pics were out focus. Pas trop mal pour une fillette de 9 ans! quoique plusieurs photos Ă©taient floues:)

a bit of knitting

We went on a small vacation this week so I had time to knit a bit in the car and made fingerless mitts for Camille!

She is very happy with them…

It will fit her hat I made last year that she will be wearing this winter too.

I can’t help myself and I’m showing you more 🙂

My son has been asking for some too, so I’ll get clicking a bit more since he’s not habitually interested in that kind of things!

I also made a brooch last night and have been trying other type of flowers.

The kids have been watching some toons on youtube and hubby took this:

Is it me or when you insert pictures in post they fade a bit?