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Old spice…

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It has been awhile… I really wanted to try my hand at refinishing a furniture (didn’t have anything particular in mind.). But 2 things always got in the way:

First I don’t have lots of space for this big of a project.

Second, time… Just can’t have enough for all the projects I wanna do!

Butttt, I found something that wasn’t taking too much space and would not take too much time! An old spice cabinet!

Spice cabinet redo

I found this one at the thrift shop for a whooping one buck. It was screaming seventies and was just plain ugly. Why not try to rejuvenate  it? or should I say,  age it?!

Let’s go for a…

Spice cabinet redo
I almost used the same technique as in my plywood background tut .

Firstly, I sanded the thing slightly.

Then, put a coat of primer (I used some leftover from the girls room painting).

Painted 2 coat of matted white  paint (again from leftovers). Here it is after its 2 coats of paint.

Spice cabinet redo

Already better looking isn’t it?!

Sanded it with a 120 grit sand paper and used a steel wool to add more aging.

Spice cabinet redo
I really like it, and I think it’s looking so much better now! It will find a home in my sewing room and will be useful holding my bead jars…

Spice cabinet redo

unless Camille claims it…

Spice cabinet redo

(Has anyone noticed my “new” second plywood?? hehe)

If you wanna see a before/after picture…

Spice cabinet redo

I used some frames I sprayed paint white for Camille’s room as a prop in the photo booth we did for Julien’s birthday. They ended up all chipped after the day so I decided to distressed them too! (I think I’m addicted…)

distressed frames

I love the way the old gold paint is showing under 🙂

distressed frames


Pour ma belle amie! 

Un petit changement pour une vieille armoire à épices achetée 1$ au centre bénévole! À peu près la même technique que mon plywood… Sablage, primer, 2 couches de peinture, sablage léger avec du 120 et laine d’acier pour vieillir un peu plus! Les cadres sont ceux de Camille que nous avions utilisé pour les photos durant la fête de Julien. Vu qu’ils étaient un peu maganés, j’ai vieilli un peu ceux-là aussi! On voit donc la peinture originale qui était dorée 😉



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I’ve been wanting for a long time a plank of plywood to use as a photo background. Not knowing we had it home stored somewhere. Duh. MY hubby kindly cut it off to fit the table. Now I have a background for my pictures. AND a background for birthday parties! YAY! I really like the distressed look for wood so I went to work on it a bit.

Here’s a small tutorial if you want to have one yourself.

distressed background tutorial

First, since it was stored for a long time and it was used for a seeding table,  I vacuumed  it 🙂

then I paint a coat of white, roughly, without thinking too much.

distressed background how-to

That was the easy part  ha.

white paint finish:

distressed background how-to

Then, I sanded it here and there (sorry no picture for this one!)

And I used some steel wool to give a grey finish a bit everywhere…

distressed background how to

I really like the finished look! And I can ham a nail on it to hang my handbags! It will be so much easier to use than my rolling blind (that keeps falling off) 🙂

distressed background how-to

I started to use it to take pictures ….

special order for a wedding!

It is much easier to edit with this back ground than a white toile and I think light is more diffuse too, less harsh.

Pickle holder, vintage tupperware!

I can put it standing up or lying down, and I think I’ll use the left over and do the same process so I’ll have both a back ground and a table top. I think pictures will look better than with white cardboard…


I’ll be using it for Julien’s birthday too, I’ll post some pictures soon!

P’tit résumé pour mon amie de la rue Brion! (hihi) donc une explication du procédé que j’ai utilisé pour vieillir une planche de Plywood afin d’avoir un fond pour mes photos. J’ai juste peinturé une couche de blanc vite, vite, sablé un peu partout et frotté avec une laine d’acier pour vieillir un peu plus! Ça fait cool hein??! 

A pause from sewing

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I have to take a pause from my sewing as we have a project going that needed to be attended to…. I was kind of reluctant  starting it as it seems quite overwhelming. But since I started it this morning it went smoothly  😉 My dad made us new stairs to replace the ugly (really ugly) ones we have in the house but he couldn’t stain nor varnish them because there’s too much saw dust in his atelier. I had them for a couple of weeks now but just kept putting them aside. I did all the staining today and will begin the varnishing wednesday! I like the way the stain makes the veins appears. Kind of reminded me when I was little and my grandma would take out some bucket of water and brushes and my little brother and I would spend hours “painting” the fence lol! Our new stairs are made from the best grade red oak 🙂

I’ve started a new board for the techniques I want to learn this year, YAY!

J’ai du mettre de côté ma couture pour le moment vu que j’ai un gros projet qui a besoin de mon attention 😉 Ça fait déjà plusieurs semaines que mon père nous a livré la marchandise, mais je mettais la chose de côté… ça avait l’air tellement d’ouvrage… Mais voilà, je m’y suis mise ce matin, et j’ai terminé la teinture (marches et contre-marches)! Je commencerai le verni mercredi. Mon père ne pouvait pas les teindre et les vernir lui-même; il y a trop de bran de scie dans son atelier. On est chanceux, de belles marches en chêne rouge 😉 J’aime beaucoup faire de la teinture, ça fait ressortir le veinage du bois presque magiquement! Ça me rappelle quand mon frère et moi étions petits et que ma grand-mère nous sortait un sceau d’eau et des pinceaux. On pouvait passer des heures à “peindre” la clôture, ha!

J’ai commencé un nouveau babillard pour les nouvelles techniques que j’aimerais apprendre cette année. YOUpI!