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iPad case with removable gadget pouch

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A nice lady asked if I could make her a iPad case with a removable gadget pouch for when she’s traveling…

We chatted on Facebook for quite a bit and ends up she’s living about 3 houses from my place! How fun!

eco-friendly iPad case with removable gadget pouch

So she came in and we choose the fabrics for the kit. I am so happy with how it turned out! I draw the pouch and wasn’t sure if it would be too small, but no, it’s perfect for the charger and cord 🙂

eco-friendly iPad case with removable gadget pouch

I used a longer strap for the pouch so it can be tied on the case when you need it and removable if you don’t!

Made from a necktie, pants, linen, nightgown, batting and a bracelet (used as a strap).

Une dame m’a demandé si je faisais des étuis à iPad avec un petit étui pour le chargeur et son fils…
En discutant avec elle sur Facebook, nous nous sommes rendues compte qu’elle habite à 3 maisons de chez moi!!! Trop drôle! Elle est donc venue et ensemble nous avons choisi les tissus pour son étui. Je me suis donc dessiné un patron pour faire le petit étui et je voulais qu’on puisse l’enlevé lorsqu’on en a pas besoin.
Je suis tout à fait satisfaite du résultat! Le bracelet sert aussi de ganse et fait plus féminin.
Le tout est fait d’un pantalon, chemise de nuit, restes de lin, bourre, cravate (bien sûr!) et bracelet.


sewing classes…

I knew Camille wanted to learn how to sew: she’s 10, loves to craft and really likes not to be like others her age 😉

and then, I stumbled upon that at the thrift store…

Best thrift store find!

Vintage Kenmore (from Sears, made beginning of the 70′) 10$….. you read right… 10$ and running just fine! Best. Score. Ever.

I found the manual online and spent maybe 45 minutes setting her up.
And then (!) my babysitter asked if I would give lessons to her 14 yo daughter. Talk about being timely!

sewing classes...

First class was last sunday. I showed them both how to thread their respective sewing machine, how to make make a bobbin, sew a straight line, and back stitch.

sewing classes...

I had prepared and cut ahead of time fabrics for them to turn into a patchwork pin cushions. When you sew, you NEED a pin cushion. And patchwork made for some straight seams practice 🙂

sewing classes...

They were very happy with their final product! Camille brought it to school to show it off, and both grandmothers had to hold it to see it better… Mom was very proud too…

first sewing class project: patchwork pincushion

Today, we sewed basic elastic waist skirts. Camille has finished it even though she was very tired and threw the towel in… but the perspective to be wearing a self made new skirt and show it off at school tomorrow won her back!

Camille's first skirt!

I had very limited fabrics to choose from so she ended up choosing that one.  I was kind of disappointed that my other student couldn’t finish hers since we  ran into a tension problem with her machine that took about half an hour to fix.

Camille's first skirt!

Now, I really need to find a working table for Camille’s room 🙂

Je savais que ma grande voulait apprendre à coudre. Elle m’en parlait depuis déjà un moment! Puis, je suis tombée sur un amour de machine à coudre au centre bénévole… pour 10$ et qui fonctionne parfaitement! 🙂 Puis, ma gardienne m’a demandé si je donnerais un cours à sa grande de 14 ans…. parfait! Donc dimanche dernier elles ont eu leur premier cours. Apprendre comment enfiler leur machine, faire une bobine, faire une couture droite et faire le point d’arrêt. Puis elles ont cousu chacune un petit coussin à épingle en patchwork. Elles étaient bien contentes du résultat! Camille a amené le sien un peu partout pour le montrer 🙂 disons que maman était bien fière…

Aujourd’hui, elles ont cousu une jupe à taille élastique. Camille a pu terminé la sienne (elle était fatiguée et avait démissionné du projet mais la perspective de pouvoir porter une jupe faite par elle-même pour aller à l’école et pouvoir la montrer à tout le monde a fait son oeuvre!) Malheureusement pour mon autre “étudiante” nous avons eu un problème de tension avec sa machine qui a pris 1/2 heure à résoudre…

all about mittens

Two of my kiddos had winter scouts camp last week end… and we realized, while making luggage, that we were low on mittens stock.

Entire pairs got lost, some were single.

Enter mommy and her sewing machine 🙂

I went a bit crazy and cut up 12 pairs of mittens, I needed new stuff for the shop so I just went for it (they still need to be sewn up lol)

eco friendly recycled sweaters mittens

Made Camille a pair, which she didn’t brought after all since we found more mittens stashed away (read: lying at the back of her wardrobe) she decides to keep them for more dressy occasions (like going to school…)

eco friendly recycled sweaters mittens

My son was pretty happy with his (in his fave colors of course!) which surprised me since he’s more the gloves type. I’m glad they are getting worn 😉

And I knitted a pair for myself too! love fingerless mitts, and loved knitting them 🙂

one cable mitts fingerless

I had made a shawl in 2010 that never was worn since it was way too small.

frogged 200 yards of heaven
(sorry for the really bad picture, that was taken in my previous life, without my Nikon!)

Yarn was soft and so cushy (wool, cashmere and cotton blend reclaimed by a nice lady!) so unravelled it and got to play with this yarn again…

one cable mitts fingerless

pattern is one cable mitts.  project page here

one cable mitts fingerless

And I made great progress on my shawl!!!  2 rows to go and I’ll start last chart… YAY! love it with beads 🙂

ethereal shawl with beads progress


Les 2 grands avaient leur camp scout en fin de semaine passée et en faisant les bagages nous nous sommes rendus compte qu’il y avait plusieurs paires de mitaines qui manquaient à l’appel… J’en ai donc taillé 12 pairs! 10 iront dans ma boutique aussitôt qu’elles seront cousues.  Camille a finalement décidé qu’elle garderait les siennes pour des occasions plus spéciales (genre aller à l’école..!) et mon garçon était très content des siennes ce qui m’a surprise un peu vu qu’il préfère habituellement les gants. J’en ai aussi tricoté pour mon moi 🙂  J’avais fait un châle en 2010 que je n’ai jamais porté vu qu’il était beaucoup trop petit,  je l’ai donc défait et me suis refait de belles mitaines pas de doigts! Mon châle avance bien aussi, j’en suis presqu’aux derniers miles!



Overconfidence is not good… it makes you make bold things, it makes you feel overly secured and safe, it makes you feel that you don’t need to be careful or verify if you are doing things right. Not. Good.

Can you spot what went wrong here??

Fire camp poncho

I made my son a scouts fire camp poncho and since I already made one I thought I knew what I was doing and just went and did it (maybe I wanted to be over with it more than I think 🙂 or want to admit.) Taking pictures because you know I could make a great tutorial and everything!

I was almost done, just the badge to sew when I had the good idea to try it on… It took me more than 2 minutes trying to understand why my back wasn’t covered all the way down.  Even thinking that the throw I used wasn’t the same size as the previous one… yep. I used the wrong middle. So the “sleeves” were way to long and the back and front way too short. LOL!  I had to rip the pocket off, flip the thing and sew it back. But now, the cord isn’t on the front anymore. Kind of weird looking to have it on the shoulder but hey, i won’t be making another one, so that will do 🙂  kissed goodbye to the tutorial and was done… but laugh a good bit at my overconfidence 😉

(this fire camp poncho is made from a minky throw, bias tape, cord and cord stopper, zippered pocket from an old pair of pants)

Here’s another example… (I tend to be on the low self esteem side so it’s kind of weird that I’m talking about overconfidence lol)

I was driving back from the babysitter house toward the school since Rachel and her son had to go to preschool. street was icy, snowy and muddy and I though: More than 10 years of driving and no accident… Not bad!

and what do you know? 30 seconds later (literally!), BAM! my first accident… I was trying to turn left on the main street and a towing truck was blocking part of the way. I was very cautious and checked twice before turning, but I think I thought the white car was a snow bank (having the sun in the eyes and everything) and never ever saw it. Poor old lady, she never saw it coming either… Every one is fine and safe, but not so much for the van…

my car accident...

Here’s what my house looks like with all the snow we received… (45 cm in one day! that was an amazing snow storm!)

snow at my place :)

And the woods just besides my house 🙂 so lovely!

wood just besides my house


She strikes again!

Yep! my friend Kim made  a fairy of herself, again! That wonderful lady sent me a surprise in the mail, lucky me!

a surprise in the mail!

In was heavy with all the thoughtfulness and kindness that went with it….

a surprise in the mail!

Inside I found a chocolate bar (hate half of it already and this stuff IS good!), cotton scraps (with owls!), 9 girl’s dresses patterns (my, Camille must have spent like 20 minutes looking at them and trying to decide which she liked the most lol! she was soooo happy!) and HEXAGONS! Yay, I just couldn’t wait to start on them 😉 Man, this stuff is so fun, even if your brains are too tired to do anything! you’ll see them later 😉 and some cute hand warmers lol!

I mean, when I wrote to her to say thanks and to tell how I loved everything, I thanked  her for the hand warmers and that I popped them in the microwave and they were wonderful and how could she known I wanted to make some… and she wrote back that she thought for a couple of minutes what I was talking about… ends up that she made me pattern weights! bwahahaha! but they are too light for that and  just the perfect size for hand warmers 😉 I’m sure the kids will love that in a couple of days! (we are finally getting some snow over here!)

Thank you lots Kim and I love you too!

Chanceuse encore une fois! Mon amie Kim m’a fait une belle surprise en m’envoyant par la poste un super colis! Elle m’a gâtée avec une barre de chocolat, des hexagones (yay! c’est tellement le fun à faire! je vous montrerai une autre fois) des bouts de coton (avec des chouettes!) et 9 patrons de robe pour filles… Camille a dû passer 20 minutes à décider lesquels elle aimait 😉 et des petits réchauffe-main pour l’hiver (à mettre dans les mitaines) Mais paraît-il que c’était supposé être des poids à tissu lol!  mais on va s’en servir tout l’hiver pour garder nos mains au chaud dans la neige!


the stash has grown…

Oh my… I’ve got 2 words that are describing that last week well… Exiting and Exhausting…  I was giddy to go back to school and have that brain working out again but it was stressful. You know, change of routine kind of stressful. But good news is I survived or should I say WE survived […]


Fire camp poncho

Hey! how are you guys doing??! I’m back from my trip 🙂 I had a blast! I’m so lucky to have a dear friend like  her (hi Kim!)! but more on that later as I need to edit my pictures…

Camille changed group with the scouts and is now with the older kids (called the Louveteaux in french, age 10-12) and she needed a fire camp poncho for her fall day camp. Usually I’m not a procrastinator on things like that but I just couldn’t bring myself to just do it lol!

So I found some minky throws in the sale bin at Walmart for 10$. Bought one for Camille and one for my son as he will need one too. Waited ’til the last minute and finally got around it!

fire camp poncho

As you could imagine I started by cutting the head hole too big *sigh*. The minky stuff was shedding everywhere and I ended up being covered in purple fluffy bunnies. It took me forever to sew the bias tape (and it’s not that well looking so just skip it!). I thought as I was binding the neck hole to put a cording so now it’s adjustable and I think finally it was a good thing since it’ll be very useful.

fire camp poncho

I was all happy to show Camille I had sew a pocket with a side strap for her flashlight! And her saying she wanted me to remove it because, you know, it’s not girly enough… I can tell you, it’s STAYING there… (pocket as you guessed, from cargo pants)

fire camp poncho

I’m happy I got to use that cute hand embroidery I made, I just added her initials.

All in all, I think it’s not looking that bad 🙂 Maybe I’ll throw a tutorial when I’ll be making one for my son, now that I know where I’m going…


Camille avait besoin d’un poncho pour le feu de camp pour les scouts… après quelques aventures (couper le trou trop gros, avoir des bilous mauves partout, et coudre un appliqué croche) J’en suis finalement venu à bout!