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I love knitting. That is when my wrists let me knit a bit 😉 And at night, I’m way too tired to do something productive, even knitting  my shawl (no. I’m not done yet, but almost!) is too much often sometimes. Let say I was kind of tired of fingerless mitts….


So I thought of a way to be 1: productive and 2: be knitting! Enter this:

eco knitted coffee sleeves

I know, I didn’t invented the wheel here, but it’s cute, functional, quick and fun to make!

eco knitted coffee sleeves

Some of those coffee sleeves are adorned with recycled fabric covered buttons, some with a fake tea pouch.

They all made using reclaimed yarns of course 🙂

eco knitted coffee sleeves

Have you seen my neat and great cardboard display for them!!?? I’m sooo happy with my drawing!  Just a look and you know what this product is use for. It will be a good thing for my fabric coffee sleeves since people at craft fairs were putting them on their wrist like a bracelet lol! Still need to make more, but i need to buy white cardboard first. I won’t be giving them away so when I’ll have enough made I will just use them over and over 😉 I think it looks really professional!

eco fabric coffee sleeve

J’aime beaucoup le tricot… mais je suis bien trop fatiguée le soir pour tricoter mon châle en dentelle et de perles. Et puis, j’ai souvent trop mal aux poignets pour pouvoir m’y mettre vraiment. Je me suis donc trouvée un projet intéressant, vite fait et utile! Les manchons à café tricotés! Tous faits de laines recyclées (la plupart du temps de vieux chandails ou vestes) certains ont un bouton recyclé recouvert de tissu tandis que d’autre un semblant de poche de thé 😉 Je me suis même dessinée de beaux portes manchons en carton! J’en suis tellement contente! Maintenant on peut voir du premier coup d’oeil l’utilité de la chose… et les gens arrêteront de porter mes manchons en tissu autours de leur poignet lorsque je serai en exposition haha! Et mes cartons donnent un look professionnel à mon kiosque, enfin je pense…!


Hum….. hello??!

Yep, I’m still alive 🙂 and quite busy! Sorry I fell of the map for a couple of weeks… But lots is happening 😉

This morning we woke up to this…

winter wonderland
and no electricity.

and an emergency water sump pump not working. In fact instead of removing water, it was adding more, making a flood on the floor… For which we spent half an hour going up and down the stairs with buckets of water. Let’s call that an early not funny work out. I made a trip to my front neighbor so he could call to know if school was open 😉 which was!

winter wonderland

I really feel that I’m drowning into white cold fluffy cotton balls… Pictures was taken from my front and back porches since it was still snowing and didn’t want the camera to get wet.

winter wonderland

Here’s a shot of my temporary fridge… 😉

my temporary fridge..

My small sewing business seems to be taking off, but I’ll write more on that later ha!

Oui, oui, je suis toujours bien vivante…. et très occupée! Y’a tout plein de belles choses qui m’arrivent, mais je vous en parlerai plus tard!

Ce matin, nous nous sommes réveillés sous une belle couverture de neige! Sans électricité… et sans une pompe de puisard de secours fonctionnelle… Elle est connectée sur l’eau de la ville, au lieu de sortir l’eau du puisard, elle en rajoutait. Nous avons donc passé une bonne demie heure à écoper; monter et descendre les marches avec des sceaux et des sceaux d’eau! Un petit entraînement matinal pas vraiment amusant.  Les photos ont été prises sur les bords des portes avant et arrière. Je ne voulais surtout pas mouiller ma super caméra (assez, l’eau!). On a vraiment l’impression d’être entouré d’une belle ouate blanche 😉

Pattern try: Hans

Hey! You might think I dropped from the surface of the earth lol! I’ve been busy sewing, sewing, sewing like crazy 🙂 Making necktie bags, and custom orders. (I’ll post them later) and making dolls…

A nice lady asked for 3 dolls, one for each of her children. And one of her kids is a boy. You know me, can’t resist a Retromama pattern.

Henri, eco-friendly boy doll

And timely she posted for sale a boy doll. His name’s Hans and he’s just awesome! So sweet looking! What a great excuse to yet buy another of her patterns lol!

Henri, eco-friendly boy doll

I named mine Henri, he’s made from jeans (reminder to self: never use this stuff for Henri ever again, way too thick!) 2 men’s shirts, and t-shirts. I like using t-shirts instead of felt, first because it’s way cheaper, second because it makes me use my scarves remnants so less waste, and third it is really soft for kids!

Henri, eco-friendly doll

I omitted the suspenders since the jeans was already thick and the pockets are functional! He was more time consuming than the girlies since he’s more detailed. But love the end product!

Henri, eco-friendly boy doll

Here’s his 2 sisters…

Laura, eco-friendly doll

Made from capri pants, and fabric remnant,t-shirts, beige fabric is from a linen coat.

Laura, eco-friendly doll

Made from a skirt, fabric remnants and t-shirts

group shot, eco-friendly dolls
some group shots 🙂

group shot, eco-friendly dolls


Une gentille dame  m’a demandé de lui coudre 3 poupées, une pour chacun de ses enfants! alors voilà, un essai d’un nouveau patron pour le garçon 🙂 Il est tellement mignon  quoique plus long à coudre que ses soeurs, il a tellement de détails! Les poches sont fonctionnelles 🙂 IL est fait de jeans, 2 chemises pour homme, lin beige et t-shirts.  Très satisfaite du résultat final!

Sending hugs

Hi Folks!

Are you ready for another  edition of the collectively creative series Kelly over at Cobwebs, Cupcakes and Crayons is hosting? Today’s edition is the Lovey-Dovey  for Valentine’s Day 🙂

Again, I wanted to do something that the kids could do with me. They love doing crafts and projects with mom, but they don’t get to do it as often as they wish 😉

I love the comic strip series For Better or For Worse, written by  fellow canadian Lynn Johnston. I have all her books and read them all many a couple of time, they are that good! You might have seen those in the papers too. In one of the strips Michael is making paper hugs with Lizzie to send to their grandma. I loved that idea at the time (but camille was a baby back then) and saw it again a couple of weeks ago on the ever popular Pinterest. I thought that would be a great valentine  to send to family members for Valentine’s day!

we (literally) got down to work….

sending hugs!

My mom gave me a big roll of craft paper, so that it’s what we used.

sending hugs!

The kiddos traced around each other and they had quite some fun doing this.

sending hugs!

Then, we wrote “we love you that big” on each of the paper hugs and they got to decorate them as they wish.

sending hugs!

We folded them all nicely and put them into envelops, all ready to go to their respective recipient! I bet grandparents, aunts, uncle  and cousins will be very surprised to receive them !!

Here’s a group picture of all our hugs!

sending hugs!

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Pour la St-Valentin, nous avons fait un bricolage plutôt rigolo! Des Câlins de papier 🙂 Les enfants ont eu beaucoup de plaisir à le faire et je suis sûre que les membres de notre famille seront très surpris de les recevoir par la poste!

sewing classes…

I knew Camille wanted to learn how to sew: she’s 10, loves to craft and really likes not to be like others her age 😉

and then, I stumbled upon that at the thrift store…

Best thrift store find!

Vintage Kenmore (from Sears, made beginning of the 70′) 10$….. you read right… 10$ and running just fine! Best. Score. Ever.

I found the manual online and spent maybe 45 minutes setting her up.
And then (!) my babysitter asked if I would give lessons to her 14 yo daughter. Talk about being timely!

sewing classes...

First class was last sunday. I showed them both how to thread their respective sewing machine, how to make make a bobbin, sew a straight line, and back stitch.

sewing classes...

I had prepared and cut ahead of time fabrics for them to turn into a patchwork pin cushions. When you sew, you NEED a pin cushion. And patchwork made for some straight seams practice 🙂

sewing classes...

They were very happy with their final product! Camille brought it to school to show it off, and both grandmothers had to hold it to see it better… Mom was very proud too…

first sewing class project: patchwork pincushion

Today, we sewed basic elastic waist skirts. Camille has finished it even though she was very tired and threw the towel in… but the perspective to be wearing a self made new skirt and show it off at school tomorrow won her back!

Camille's first skirt!

I had very limited fabrics to choose from so she ended up choosing that one.  I was kind of disappointed that my other student couldn’t finish hers since we  ran into a tension problem with her machine that took about half an hour to fix.

Camille's first skirt!

Now, I really need to find a working table for Camille’s room 🙂

Je savais que ma grande voulait apprendre à coudre. Elle m’en parlait depuis déjà un moment! Puis, je suis tombée sur un amour de machine à coudre au centre bénévole… pour 10$ et qui fonctionne parfaitement! 🙂 Puis, ma gardienne m’a demandé si je donnerais un cours à sa grande de 14 ans…. parfait! Donc dimanche dernier elles ont eu leur premier cours. Apprendre comment enfiler leur machine, faire une bobine, faire une couture droite et faire le point d’arrêt. Puis elles ont cousu chacune un petit coussin à épingle en patchwork. Elles étaient bien contentes du résultat! Camille a amené le sien un peu partout pour le montrer 🙂 disons que maman était bien fière…

Aujourd’hui, elles ont cousu une jupe à taille élastique. Camille a pu terminé la sienne (elle était fatiguée et avait démissionné du projet mais la perspective de pouvoir porter une jupe faite par elle-même pour aller à l’école et pouvoir la montrer à tout le monde a fait son oeuvre!) Malheureusement pour mon autre “étudiante” nous avons eu un problème de tension avec sa machine qui a pris 1/2 heure à résoudre…


A lady asked me on my facebook fan page if I could sew 2 hippopotamus for 2 young girlies in her life. I looked everywhere trying to find a sewing pattern and none was there to be found 😦

So I put my big girl panties and went to work drafting my own…

My own pattern :)

And so glad I did!! All in all it took me less than 45 min and I had a cute pattern that I couldn’t wait to see alive with fabrics 🙂

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

Sooooo happy with the end products!!! I may or may not have made a happy dance…

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

they are made from men’s wool pants, cotton blanket and remnant and t-shirts.

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

A bit smaller than the stuffed elephant, they  measures: 7″x10 1/2″.

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

Still need to find them a name, any ideas?? I was thinking of Germaine  for the girlies and Hyppolite for the bad boy…

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus


Une dame m’a demandé sur ma page facebook si je pouvais lui faire 2 toutous hippopotames pour deux petites filles. J’ai cherché partout sur internet un patron de couture et niet, rien du tout qui soit intéressant… Je me suis donc assise pour m’en faire un maison et je suis absolument ravie du résultat!!! En tout, faire le patron m’a pris 45 minutes. Pas si mal 🙂 Je vous présente donc mes Germaine et Hyppolite!

still talking about mittens…

But I swear it’s the last post for awhile ‘k??!

sewing up mittens!

I finally got around sewing those 8 pairs of mittens! It’s more difficult these weeks to get to my sewing machine since Rachel is not going to the babysitter (they are sick) that means I get more hugs and kisses though… 🙂

sewing up mittens!

Mittens are all listed here.

I’ve got 3 pairs of kids size 3-5

eco-friendly mittens kid size 3-5

3 other pairs of kids size 5-8

mittens kid size 5-8

and 2 pairs of men size large.

eco-friendly mittens men size large

Not bad 🙂 I was pretty low on mittens stock on my Etsy (yeah I know that I’m low on cosmetic cases too…. and doggies… and…) Should be good for awhile 🙂