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Another free embroidery pattern! (with birdies again)

I made some doodles while I was going to my friend Kim’s… And I thought they would make nice embroidery designs!

Eco friendly 241 tote with hand embroidery

I made a new 241 tote (find the pattern here!) and made one of my doodle come to life 🙂

Eco friendly 241 tote with hand embroidery

I love the way it looks on dark fabric!!

hand embroidering

And thanks to Kristyne over at pretty by hand, I can now embroider easily on dark fabrics with the nice trick she shared! yep, you just transfert your design onto tissu paper! How neat and easy!

Eco friendly 241 tote with hand embroidery

the bag is made from pants, curtains, shirt and fabric remnants one of my friend gave me. It’s interlined with bed sheet and interfacing. I used 2 reclaimed zippers and part of a earring as zipper pull on the front of the bag. The strap is adjustable and it features a wooden curtain ring 🙂 You can find the listing for the bag here.

Eco friendly 241 tote with hand embroidery

So, the birdies doodle is here for you to grab whenever the embroidery bug bites 🙂 Please use the design for your personal use only.
free embroidery pattern

Get the pdf by clicking this: stackedbirdies


New necktie bags!

I’ve been busy, and I finally sewn all the necktie bags I had cut!

As usual, they are made from men’s suit pants, shirts and neckties 🙂
these are probably going in a shop in Jonquière as a Lady asked to have my stuff over there!

eco necktie bag

eco necktie bag

eco necktie bag

This one is already list in my shop!

eco necktie bag

All the bags have the pant’s pockets at the back, and I am happy because I found a way to use one pant to make 2 bags! So there is even less waste!

suit pants pockets

Now, on to make 2 special orders….

Voilà, j’ai été productive cette semaine et j’ai cousu les 5 sacs cravate que j’avais taillés! Les 3 premiers iront probablement dans une boutique à Jonquière vu qu’une gentille propriétaire m’a demandé d’avoir de mes articles dans sa boutique! le dernier sac bleu est déjà dans ma boutique 😉 Tous les sacs ont les poches de pantalon au dos.


Melting pot!

I had a good new this week… A really good one, the kind that makes you go happy dance all over the house!

I won first place for the photo challenge!!!!!!!!! Can you believe that?? (you can see the pics here) Someone could object that we were only 8 to participate but I don’t care! I won a 75$ gift certificate for the fancy photo boutique in Montréal… Portrait lens, you’ll be mine soon!


Besides that, my stuff will be now carried by the nice gift boutique that opened 2 minutes from my place 😉 don’t mind the poor quality of the picture, I was in a hurry lol! They even sold a pair of mitts!

Someone asked me (Hi Jennifer!) to put an after picture of my cleaned sewing room 😉


How long it will stay that well organized remains to be seen though…

As you can see too, I had some fun with picmonkey and made a new Xmas banner for the blog… I was kind of tired of the one year old one.

And I thought you might be interested to see how I dispose of my “fabrics” when I’m done cutting…

how I cut my stuff...

Here, you have in ready to sew form about 8 necktie bags… so there isn’t lots of threw away materials…

I’m busy working on the party I’ll be having for the 2 girls birthdays.  They are hosting a tea party so this is gonna be fun! I’ll take nice pictures too 😉 so today is cupcake and black forest cake in the making… Black forest will be for my son’s promise with the scouts tomorrow 🙂 I think we can say we are busy lol!

Maybe I should have put a warning at the beginning of the post saying ” melting pot” post! But sometimes it’s how I feel anyway 😉

Ici, on a vraiment un post avec plein de choses différentes! Premièrement j’ai gagné la première place pour le concours de photos!!! YAY! ça me donne un beau certificat cadeau de 75$ chez Lozeau à Montréal! Ensuite, vous pourrez trouver mes produits à la boutique cadeau Aux P’tits Cados de St-Amable 😉 Les dames ont déjà vendu une paire de mitaines! Y’a une copine blogeuse qui m’a demandé de mettre une photo de ma salle de couture rangée… (je ne peux pas dire pour combien de temps elle sera aussi “propre”!) Puis je vous ai mis une photo pour vous montrer comment je répartis mes “tissus” quand je taille. La première pile est environ 8 sacs cravates prêts à être cousus, la deuxième, les déchets pour la poubelle, la troisième ce que je conserve pour d’autres projets et la pile devant est les zippers que je vais défaire pour les conserver.  Aujourd’hui, je travaille sur la fête d’amies de mes 2 cocottes, elles les recevront pour le thé 🙂


Source: via Marie on Pinterest

UFOs… UnFinished Object. I’ve got several of these… maybe too much?! Anyway, last night I was feeling like doing something but not picking out fabrics to start new projects since allergies are messing my brains… I went and opened the drawer of doom and took out what was inside… and choose a couple of project that was missing their final stage 😉

I mean, that pair of mittens only need one cuff to be sewed on… that is 5 minutes top… and they were here for months! talk about loosing interest lol! (men size, upcycled wool sweaters, t-shirts and flannel)

upcycled mittens, men size

This purse was sitting there as long as the mittens I think and I really took a deep breath and finished it too…

eco-friendly cross body purse

And I’m glad I did now it doesn’t haunt the back of  my brains anymore ha!

eco-friendly cross body purse

It’s made from men’s black pants, women’s capri, 2 zippers (one is the white “piping”!) interfacing, magnetic snap and velcro.

eco-friendly cross body purse

The strap is cross body with a curtain ring 🙂

eco-friendly cross body purse

It also has one front flap pocket and one zippered at the back.

eco-friendly cross body purse

And how about that mug cozy?!

coffee cozy, reclaimed yarn

it has been finished but for weaving the 2 ends in for about 6 months. Yep, I’m hopeless… I embroidered a little tea tag on it, and I think it’s looking real cute now.

coffee cozy, reclaimed yarn

The wool is reclaimed from an old sweater and it was my first time dying wool with Kool Aid!!! how cool! now I really wanna do some dying again 😉 I used grape, cherry and orange Kool Aid.

first hand dyed job! with Kool aid

I made 2 pairs of these fingerless mitts (one for me, one for sale!) and I LOVE them 🙂

fingerless mitts made from hand dyed reclaimed yarn

Still need to finished 2 scarves that have been cut up and a bracelet hand bag that has been sitting for more than a year now… We’ll see about this one lol! (still have to finish knitting the fingerless mitts I’m doing for my uncle… but one step at a time!)


Hier, j’avais envie de travailler sur quelque chose sans avoir à choisir de nouveaux tissus pour un nouveau projet (les allergies rendent mon cerveau plutôt lent!) j’ai donc ouvert le tiroir de l’oubli et décidé de finir quelques uns des projets qui y végétaient depuis des lustres… Donc, j’ai terminé une paire de mitaines (pour homme) à qui il manquait seulement un poignet (5 minutes de travail) puis un sac qui dormait depuis 6 mois… et finalement un manchon à café  à qui il restait juste à rentrer les bouts de laine de la fin et du départ (2 minutes) et j’ai décidé d’y faire un petit carton style thé brodé 😉 il me reste encore quelques autres projets, mais ils devront attendre encore un peu 🙂

My second entry….

I’ll be participating in the Purse Week event!

Hold by the talented a lemon squeeze home!

And I’ve choose my second entry (out of 2) for this contest…

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this colorful item hanging from a rack at the thrift. Out of this piece of clothing…

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

I made that….

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

Isn’t a colorful and funky bag?! I love it!

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

So I used the pant in question, some green velvet (previously a shirt), teal and pink with black polka dots fabric remnants, bed sheet and interfacing as interlining, a wooden curtain ring and yellow piping! It closes with a magnetic snap and the strap is adjustable.

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

It has 4 outside pockets (2 are from the pants!) and one patch pocket inside (inside fabric is fushia with black polka dots)

This is the back view 🙂

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

Pattern from Noodle-head.

Un nouveau sac fait d’un pantalon super coloré!!! 4 poches extérieures et une à l’intérieure! Ce sera ma seconde entrée pour le concours! 


I’ve been making some doodles while listening to the elections night a couple of weeks ago (yeah, kind of needed to spice that radio talk  up a bit)…


It was fun to just to mindlessly pick up a pencil and just draw.


Then I was inspired by those two awesome ladies…

Ayumi from Pink Penguin

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

(That is making me want to do some quilter’s block!)

Source: via Josée on Pinterest



I LOVE her pincushion too, so pretty!

and Krystine from Pretty by hand

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

I mean, have you seen those pretties??  She even has a book coming out soon!!

How not to be inspired by that? I took one of my drawings and turned it into…

hand embroidered small zippered bag

a bag! I wanted something bright and cheery!

hand embroidered small zippered bag
I loved doing the chain stitch! and I loved the look of it as a filling stitch 🙂 more than the satin stitch… It’s quicker and more

nicer looking.

hand embroidered small zippered bag

As usual, the bag is made from reclaimed materials (linen coat, duvet cover and

bed sheet as interlining, reclaimed metal zipper and upcycled zipper pull).

I might have an idea of what to do with those drawings… stay tune for that!

And a quick note about the back ground…. Just a tip really 😉 I use dollar store roll

of wrapping papers to make different back grounds 😉 cheap, easy to roll up and when you are done

(or when it gets old) use it as wrapping paper again 🙂

dollar store back drop

Pendant la soirée d’élections, je me suis occupée les mains en faisant des dessins…. Et puis, inspirée

par 2 dames j’ai décidé d’en broder un sur un sac! J’aime beaucoup l’effet 🙂 Le sac est fait d’un

manteau en lin, housse de couette, drap et zipper recyclé. 

Et une petite note concernant la toile de fond…. J’utilise parfois les rouleaux de papier

d’emballage du dollorama! pas cher, facile à rouler pour le rangement

et quand il est rendu trop vieux, il retourne en papier d’emballage!

Purse week 2012!

Weehee!! Purse week is on again this year!

(click on the image to go and see the rules!!!)

I’m all excited to participate for a second year… and to see all the gorgeous entries on the flickr pool! 🙂

I’ve already entered my 241 tote (my new purse)

my new babe!

(but new upload pictures since we can’t submit pics with text)

We get to have 2 entries, and I’m still wondering which one I should submit for my second entry … I’ll wait and see, I might do a new one or take the other 241 tote…

Thanks to a lemon squeezy home to host it again this year!