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sewing classes…

I knew Camille wanted to learn how to sew: she’s 10, loves to craft and really likes not to be like others her age 😉

and then, I stumbled upon that at the thrift store…

Best thrift store find!

Vintage Kenmore (from Sears, made beginning of the 70′) 10$….. you read right… 10$ and running just fine! Best. Score. Ever.

I found the manual online and spent maybe 45 minutes setting her up.
And then (!) my babysitter asked if I would give lessons to her 14 yo daughter. Talk about being timely!

sewing classes...

First class was last sunday. I showed them both how to thread their respective sewing machine, how to make make a bobbin, sew a straight line, and back stitch.

sewing classes...

I had prepared and cut ahead of time fabrics for them to turn into a patchwork pin cushions. When you sew, you NEED a pin cushion. And patchwork made for some straight seams practice 🙂

sewing classes...

They were very happy with their final product! Camille brought it to school to show it off, and both grandmothers had to hold it to see it better… Mom was very proud too…

first sewing class project: patchwork pincushion

Today, we sewed basic elastic waist skirts. Camille has finished it even though she was very tired and threw the towel in… but the perspective to be wearing a self made new skirt and show it off at school tomorrow won her back!

Camille's first skirt!

I had very limited fabrics to choose from so she ended up choosing that one.  I was kind of disappointed that my other student couldn’t finish hers since we  ran into a tension problem with her machine that took about half an hour to fix.

Camille's first skirt!

Now, I really need to find a working table for Camille’s room 🙂

Je savais que ma grande voulait apprendre à coudre. Elle m’en parlait depuis déjà un moment! Puis, je suis tombée sur un amour de machine à coudre au centre bénévole… pour 10$ et qui fonctionne parfaitement! 🙂 Puis, ma gardienne m’a demandé si je donnerais un cours à sa grande de 14 ans…. parfait! Donc dimanche dernier elles ont eu leur premier cours. Apprendre comment enfiler leur machine, faire une bobine, faire une couture droite et faire le point d’arrêt. Puis elles ont cousu chacune un petit coussin à épingle en patchwork. Elles étaient bien contentes du résultat! Camille a amené le sien un peu partout pour le montrer 🙂 disons que maman était bien fière…

Aujourd’hui, elles ont cousu une jupe à taille élastique. Camille a pu terminé la sienne (elle était fatiguée et avait démissionné du projet mais la perspective de pouvoir porter une jupe faite par elle-même pour aller à l’école et pouvoir la montrer à tout le monde a fait son oeuvre!) Malheureusement pour mon autre “étudiante” nous avons eu un problème de tension avec sa machine qui a pris 1/2 heure à résoudre…


Girl’s tea party Bday!

We celebrated the 2 girls birthday this last weekend with their friends. I really wanted to throw a tea party, so I suggested it to Camille and the deal was closed in seconds. I knew if Camille was sold on it, so would Rachel since she wants to do everything her older sister does 😉 Yes. I’m sneaky like that sometimes… That and the fact that I really didn’t wanted to do a princess party.

Camille made the invites (forgot to take pictures of this) with a tea cup drawing on the front.

Tea party Bday!

I found this at the thrift store for a whopping 5$ 🙂 And the kids were gonna take it home as a gift too since I really didn’t need 10 tea cups and saucers lol!

Made some decorations… (my kitchen IS yellow, so it’s really difficult to take nice pictures…)

Tea party Bday!

With old necklaces,

Tea party Bday!

paper flowers, balloons,

Tea party Bday!

tissue paper pom-poms (they are now residing in Rachel’s room!) and doilies as placemats…

Tea party Bday!

We had lots of food too for afternoon tea and snacks! We had the cookies we made last week, cucumber sandwiches, fruits and veggies, cheese and cupcakes 😉 I still can’t believe they ate it ALL! I can tell you they had a light dinner lol!

Tea party Bday!

they painted Xmas decorations, they got excited all over the house (I thought that having 8 girls wouldn’t be that bad… never underestimate the power of a party… and the size of your house lol!) ate, and ate and ate some more… Most of the kids didn’t like the chocolate-thai herbal tea I made though, so they had milk in their cup 😉
I’m just happy that my kids had a blast… and that is now over!

Un tea party pour les filles! On a fait quelques décos, trouvé des tasses à thé et soucoupes au centre bénévole (les enfants les ramenaient à la maison par la suite en guise de cadeau!) et beaucoup de bouffe! Je suis encore étonnée par la quantité de nourriture qui a été ingérée durant la fête! Les enfants ont peint des décos de Noël en bois, ont couru et se sont excités partout dans la maison (je m’étais dit que 8 filles ça ne serait pas si pire… euh, non!) et ont eu du plaisir en masse! Mes 2 cocottes étaient très contentes de leur journée, et moi, très contente que cette journée soit terminée 🙂



I had to stop school… but more on that later.

sewing room disaster...

Meanwhile, this is what my sewing looked like for the past weeks… I know. yes, I’m ashamed lol!

so today it’s cleaning for the most part and going to the library to look up some book about puberty… She just turned 10 last week, and I can see the hormones coming in… Like coming home crying because she missed me during the day. Like saying her breasts are sore. I just heard more grey hair sprouting…  I am sooo not ready to that, she’s still my little girl!

2 digits

How could THIS be happening??

10 years old...

Feels like yesterday she was still my first little baby girl…. She was a serious baby, a shy one with questions at the back of her eyes…

10 years old...

My,  has she grown! both physically and mentally. I feel blessed to see her blossoming the way she does… She’s now a confident, little joke making, responsible, happy  and kind young lady. What could a mother ask for more?

10 years old...

And daddy got a nice little bundle that day too! I like to joke that he got a gift but I unwrapped it 😉 Yep, it’s daddy’s birthday too!  And they are both spending it at Canadian Tire for a fund raising thing with the scouts lol! (but I’m making a nice dinner, don’t you worry!)


He’s now past the mid 30s héhé… quite not there yet for my part 😉

Wish you both a lovely birthday my loves!!

Ma belle grande fille a maintenant 10 ans! comme le temps passe vite… je ne suis pas sûre que je suis psychologiquement prête à  ce qu’elle ait 10 ans… ça fait beaucoup de cheveux gris! Et c’est aussi la fête de papa! Bon anniversaire à mes 2 amours!

Fire camp poncho

Hey! how are you guys doing??! I’m back from my trip 🙂 I had a blast! I’m so lucky to have a dear friend like  her (hi Kim!)! but more on that later as I need to edit my pictures…

Camille changed group with the scouts and is now with the older kids (called the Louveteaux in french, age 10-12) and she needed a fire camp poncho for her fall day camp. Usually I’m not a procrastinator on things like that but I just couldn’t bring myself to just do it lol!

So I found some minky throws in the sale bin at Walmart for 10$. Bought one for Camille and one for my son as he will need one too. Waited ’til the last minute and finally got around it!

fire camp poncho

As you could imagine I started by cutting the head hole too big *sigh*. The minky stuff was shedding everywhere and I ended up being covered in purple fluffy bunnies. It took me forever to sew the bias tape (and it’s not that well looking so just skip it!). I thought as I was binding the neck hole to put a cording so now it’s adjustable and I think finally it was a good thing since it’ll be very useful.

fire camp poncho

I was all happy to show Camille I had sew a pocket with a side strap for her flashlight! And her saying she wanted me to remove it because, you know, it’s not girly enough… I can tell you, it’s STAYING there… (pocket as you guessed, from cargo pants)

fire camp poncho

I’m happy I got to use that cute hand embroidery I made, I just added her initials.

All in all, I think it’s not looking that bad 🙂 Maybe I’ll throw a tutorial when I’ll be making one for my son, now that I know where I’m going…


Camille avait besoin d’un poncho pour le feu de camp pour les scouts… après quelques aventures (couper le trou trop gros, avoir des bilous mauves partout, et coudre un appliqué croche) J’en suis finalement venu à bout! 

Pattern try: Mary’s Fancy sash dress

Camille was really in need of new dresses (Have I ever said that I have 2 really girly girls?) And she’s hitting that age where it’s becoming very difficult to find older girl dresses that is lengthy to our taste (yep, hers too)… And everywhere I was looking there were only cotton dress patterns, the one made for hot summer days, not cool winter ones.

Girl's world!

As I was drooling  going through that book (again!) and cooing over those lovely and colorful dresses the bulb went on!  I could make one for winter using heavier weight fabric and she could wear it putting a long sleeve t-shirt underneath… I mean duh, that was so obvious 🙂

So,  I took some 2$ corduroy from the thrift store I new she would love and a contrasting cotton skirt and went to work…

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

Easy to make! I had a bit of trouble with the bias binding at the neck and armholes but it went fairly quickly! I was going to make some of them for summer and I think i’ll make bodice linings for these ones.

She LOVED it! in fact she was wearing it the next morning when I woke up and I had to make a point for her to get it off lol…

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

I really like the contrasting orange sash, it pops up a lot! I just need to find a long sleeve t-shirt now 😉

And since I had about  a yard left, I made a matching skirt for her little sister

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

Rachel was estatic!

Rachel's new skirt!

I thought there were too much fabric as the skirt is bunching at the waist but she loved the fullness…

Rachel's new skirt!

(she wanted to take pictures with her dolly!)
Mommy’s happy, both girls are too!

Rachel's new skirt!

Still can’t belive she’s starting preK tomorrow afternoon…

Camille a besoin de nouvelles robes pour l’hiver (qui devrait arriver un jour!) et on commence à avoir de la difficulté à trouver cet item, particulièrement apprécié dans cette maison, à une longueur convenable… J’ai donc essayé un patron pour une robe d’été… avec du tissu d’hiver, en l’occurence  du corduroy (2$ du centre bénévole) et une jupe de coton de chez Reitmans! Patron facile, fille aux anges! Vu qu’il me restait un peu de tissu, j’ai fait une jupe pour Rachel! Et elle était absolument ravie!

I rock!

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Camille and I went to climb a mountain today, along with my neighbor and her daughter…


When my nice neighbor asked us to come I was like Hey! why not! this will be fun! Not knowing she was mischievously  laughing behind her hands…


just kidding, she was not! ha! But this is how I like to recall things… 😉


So we set up and started the trail. Everything was fine until  I found myself sweating like a pig and breathing like a seal…!


Man, I am NOT in the shape I thought I was. Here goes the illusion…


But! I reached the top! like a big girl with  a tomato red face.

So Yeah! I did it baby!



Ma super voisine m’a demandé aujourd’hui de l’accompagner elle ainsi que sa fille à monter le mont St-Hilaire… Je lui ai répondu Ben oui! pourquoi pas! ça va être le fun!  Ce que je ne savais pas c’est qu’elle riait avec malice derrière ses mains…

Bon ok, pas vraiment, mais j’aime bien m’imaginer les choses de cette façon 😉 On a donc commencé le sentier et tout allait bien… jusqu’à ce que je me retrouve à suer comme un cochon tout en respirant comme un phoque. Moi qui me croyais pas si pire… Là je ne peux plus entretenir l’illusion! Mais on je est suis parvenue jusqu’en haut!