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Finally finished!

I haven’t been knitting a lot lately since sewing is taking lots of my time! But I managed to finish 2 projects yesterday 🙂

Wine and beads shawl

First, my scrumptious, gorgeous and beautiful Wine and beads shawl! Like the first one I did, I beaded it and I love the way and feel of it!

Wine and beads shawl

This one is mine, and all mine lol!

Wine and beads shawl

Yarn is Knitpicks Shimmer in the sherry colorway (and it’s a bit more dark than what the pictures show) Pattern is Gail aka nightsongs by  Mawelucky/Jane Araujo Designs, 4,5mm circular needles.

Wine and beads shawl

I did 7 repeats before doing the border chart (so 7 big holes in the middle) and was left with about 100 yards of lace yarn.

Still amazed on how blocking shawls make them turn from ducks into swans 🙂

Second, some fingerless mitts I had started about 2 years ago that had only one thumb left to knit… I know, talk about loosing interest into something!

Fetching fingerless mitts from reclaimed yarn!

Yarn is reclaimed from a sweater (wool with just a bit of cotton), and pattern is the popular Fetching by Cheryl Niamath.

Fetching fingerless mitts from reclaimed yarn!

Just say I’m glad they are done!

Today is the cast on day for a cool Knit Along (KAL) with Luvinthemommyhood group on Ravelry!! you just need to start a project that reminds you of Downton Abbey! How cool is that??! And Shannon over at luvingthemommyhood (love her blog!)  will be giving nice prizes along with that! She even put up a pinterest board to get you inspire! You need to register for this KAL.

I was suppose to do another Gail shawl for my dear friend Kim but I asked her if I could change pattern since I wasn’t going to do another one just yet 😉 she gave me a bunch to choose from and I settled for the Ethereal shawl! isn’t it beautiful?! I’ll use some knitpicks shadow (with…. beads! of course!) for it.

Love casting on!!

J’ai terminé 2 projets de tricot hier! youpi! Premièrement le châle que j’avais commencé  cet été! Il est superbe! J’aime beaucoup l’effet avec les perles 🙂 et deuxièmement, des mitaines sans doigts qui étaient en attente d’un pouce depuis 2 ans…


Cardi to cardi refashion!

Believe it or not, but I found the perfect gem at the thrift store the other day!

just look it:

cardi to cardi refashion

Isn’t it just great looking!!?

My heart may have skipped a beat when i first saw it lol! Fushia! Black 80’s design! good quality and soft fabric…

In true 80′ style you have:

cardi to cardi refashion

Here’s the fit just out of the hanger, don’t mind the t-shirt I was wearing underneath.

cardi to cardi refashion

And here is what I did to it…


cardi to cardi refashion

I removed all the linings and shoulder pads (I don’t know why, but I get a kick out of removing shoulder pads from garments…)

cardi to cardi refashion

Put a nicely fitting cardi on top, all aligned with the cardi to be refashion

cardi to cardi refashion

Cut all around, leaving about 1/4″ for seam allowance.

cardi to cardi refashion

Pinned everything into place so nothing would move on my way to the sewing machine. Sewed the side seams.

cardi to cardi refashion

And then sewed some more because it was kind of bunchy at the waist.

My now good fitting cardi:

cardi to cardi refashion

Isn’t it cool???! Just love it!

J’ai joué un petit tour à une veste des années 80 que j’ai trouvée au centre bénévole… Le tissu est de bonne qualité, la couleur juste mon goût et qui n’aime pas les designs de ces super années-là?!

Give me some glitter

I was in a glitter crave…. I mean, everything I am doing each week is house stuff, kids stuff and studying my a$$ off… There is such a amount of chemistry labs and reports one can handle before doing the crazy dance… and I even dream almost every night that I’m doing chemistry reports and prelabs, wish I was kidding! I haven’t touch my sewing machine for the last 5 weeks (weaning is hard here people!) and the only thing I did with a needle and thread was hand sewing scouts badges and knee patches.

glitter needs

So enter this nice looking shirt that I love to wear. But if you could peek at my winter shirts drawer, you’d be amazed by the monochromatic grey, black and white stripes shirts  that are in there.

And I really wanted glitter somewhere. You know as a healer… Like the chicken noodle thing soup.

glitter needs

I spent an hour hand sewing sequins on this shirt. And that was about all my brains could handle anyway 😉

Sequins are kind of glitter  don’t you think??

Made me feel better….

Fire camp poncho

Hey! how are you guys doing??! I’m back from my trip 🙂 I had a blast! I’m so lucky to have a dear friend like  her (hi Kim!)! but more on that later as I need to edit my pictures…

Camille changed group with the scouts and is now with the older kids (called the Louveteaux in french, age 10-12) and she needed a fire camp poncho for her fall day camp. Usually I’m not a procrastinator on things like that but I just couldn’t bring myself to just do it lol!

So I found some minky throws in the sale bin at Walmart for 10$. Bought one for Camille and one for my son as he will need one too. Waited ’til the last minute and finally got around it!

fire camp poncho

As you could imagine I started by cutting the head hole too big *sigh*. The minky stuff was shedding everywhere and I ended up being covered in purple fluffy bunnies. It took me forever to sew the bias tape (and it’s not that well looking so just skip it!). I thought as I was binding the neck hole to put a cording so now it’s adjustable and I think finally it was a good thing since it’ll be very useful.

fire camp poncho

I was all happy to show Camille I had sew a pocket with a side strap for her flashlight! And her saying she wanted me to remove it because, you know, it’s not girly enough… I can tell you, it’s STAYING there… (pocket as you guessed, from cargo pants)

fire camp poncho

I’m happy I got to use that cute hand embroidery I made, I just added her initials.

All in all, I think it’s not looking that bad 🙂 Maybe I’ll throw a tutorial when I’ll be making one for my son, now that I know where I’m going…


Camille avait besoin d’un poncho pour le feu de camp pour les scouts… après quelques aventures (couper le trou trop gros, avoir des bilous mauves partout, et coudre un appliqué croche) J’en suis finalement venu à bout! 

something for you: free patterns!

I’m so excited! And happy to be giving something back to that great crafty community!  I’ve decided to put my doodles up for grabs 🙂 If you ever wanted to try your hand at hand embroidery and/or was looking for some cute patterns, you can download the 2 pdf documents here! And for free!

the first one:

Free embroidery patterns!
Download PDF  Birdies and flowers 1

and second:

Free embroidery patterns!

Download PDF:  birdies and flowers 2

to give you an idea on how they could look with threads…

I refashioned a skirt with some doodling 🙂 (actually it’s the skirt second refashion since I cut it up a couple of months ago lol)

skirt refashion with hand embroidery

and a close up:

skirt refashion with hand embroidery

And the bag I made with some other doodles…

hand embroidered small zippered bag

I’m really happy to put them out there and I would appreciate if they stay for you personal use. If you do use them on one of your project i would love to see  what you have come up with so leave a comment with the link back to your project!!!

Hope you like them and have fun! (I’m working on new ones! and they involve food… 😉

(here’s a great great blog about hand embroidery stitches…)

Mes premiers patrons gratuits! pour faire de la broderie. juste télécharger le PDF qui vous convient! SVP, ne pas commercialiser, Pour votre usage personnel seulement. 

cutting into the stash…

I’ve been hoarding that baby corduroy  fabric for about 4 years (maybe 5…) and just forgot about it. It was supposed to become a maxi skirt so I’ve bought 3.2 meters of it… but I found out meanwhile, that maxi skirts aren’t nice looking on that wide hips woman.

sew serendipity skirt #2

Took my now go to pattern from the sew serendipity book and had a go at it! (you can find my first skirt from that pattern here).

sew serendipity skirt #2

I wanted something that was screaming  saying handmade… as I told my hubby, if I wanted something that looked store bought I would not go into that much trouble and go buy one at the store 🙂

sew serendipity skirt #2

Hence the birdie 🙂 and I love piping, so piping it got.

I made the same size as the last one, and this one came out perfect! i think the first one was a bit large because the denim was stretchy.

sew serendipity skirt #2

My second invisible zipper, and it’s perfect!

sew serendipity skirt #2

And you are in luck today as I’m posting a picture of myself lol! (I’m sure I’m not the only one that hate seeing herself in pictures…) And just resisted the urge of cutting my face off… just don’t pay attention to it lol!

sew serendipity skirt #2

Hubby wanted to take pictures of mom and Camille…

mom and camille


Une autre jupe fait de corduroy qui était rangé depuis au moins 4 ans! La grandeur est parfaite ainsi que mon 2ième zipper invisible 😉  

Pattern try: Mary’s Fancy sash dress

Camille was really in need of new dresses (Have I ever said that I have 2 really girly girls?) And she’s hitting that age where it’s becoming very difficult to find older girl dresses that is lengthy to our taste (yep, hers too)… And everywhere I was looking there were only cotton dress patterns, the one made for hot summer days, not cool winter ones.

Girl's world!

As I was drooling  going through that book (again!) and cooing over those lovely and colorful dresses the bulb went on!  I could make one for winter using heavier weight fabric and she could wear it putting a long sleeve t-shirt underneath… I mean duh, that was so obvious 🙂

So,  I took some 2$ corduroy from the thrift store I new she would love and a contrasting cotton skirt and went to work…

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

Easy to make! I had a bit of trouble with the bias binding at the neck and armholes but it went fairly quickly! I was going to make some of them for summer and I think i’ll make bodice linings for these ones.

She LOVED it! in fact she was wearing it the next morning when I woke up and I had to make a point for her to get it off lol…

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

I really like the contrasting orange sash, it pops up a lot! I just need to find a long sleeve t-shirt now 😉

And since I had about  a yard left, I made a matching skirt for her little sister

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

Rachel was estatic!

Rachel's new skirt!

I thought there were too much fabric as the skirt is bunching at the waist but she loved the fullness…

Rachel's new skirt!

(she wanted to take pictures with her dolly!)
Mommy’s happy, both girls are too!

Rachel's new skirt!

Still can’t belive she’s starting preK tomorrow afternoon…

Camille a besoin de nouvelles robes pour l’hiver (qui devrait arriver un jour!) et on commence à avoir de la difficulté à trouver cet item, particulièrement apprécié dans cette maison, à une longueur convenable… J’ai donc essayé un patron pour une robe d’été… avec du tissu d’hiver, en l’occurence  du corduroy (2$ du centre bénévole) et une jupe de coton de chez Reitmans! Patron facile, fille aux anges! Vu qu’il me restait un peu de tissu, j’ai fait une jupe pour Rachel! Et elle était absolument ravie!