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48 hours photo challenge

I’ve been participating this weekend for the CEGEP 48 hours photo challenge! I signed up thinking it would make me take time to do something creative for a change 😉 and it did!

I was a bit stressed out though. My first time doing something like this and I’ve not been picture taking with a good camera for a long time (my friend gave me her old Nikon last spring.)  But this was fun! I won’t talk about the part I was feeling depressed with the themes they sent us and believing i won’t be able to finish it okay?!

Yesterday was a rainy day and today is very cloudy with a bit of rain still, so I had to be quick and it was a good thing I new for some of the themes what I wanted! All pictures have been taken at less than 3 km from my house. Good thing I’m living next to a wood!

so here you go and please feel free to comment on them… I think it’s nice to know how other people react to your pictures 🙂 (and you also have the right to not like them!)

First theme on the list: calm…

theme: calm

second: contrast

theme: contrast

third: flame

theme: flame

fourth: bubble

theme: bubble

fifth; powerfulness

theme: powerfulness

sixth: 48 hours

theme: 48 hours

seventh: indifference

theme: indifference
eighth: magic

theme: magic

ninth : dream

theme: dream

tenth: passion

theme: passion


Sooo, what do you guys think? i kind of hope i’ll make it into the top 15… but if not, it was fun to do so no  big deal! It provides me with an opportunity to work on my skill, so I’m still a winner 😉


My second entry….

I’ll be participating in the Purse Week event!

Hold by the talented a lemon squeeze home!

And I’ve choose my second entry (out of 2) for this contest…

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this colorful item hanging from a rack at the thrift. Out of this piece of clothing…

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

I made that….

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

Isn’t a colorful and funky bag?! I love it!

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

So I used the pant in question, some green velvet (previously a shirt), teal and pink with black polka dots fabric remnants, bed sheet and interfacing as interlining, a wooden curtain ring and yellow piping! It closes with a magnetic snap and the strap is adjustable.

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

It has 4 outside pockets (2 are from the pants!) and one patch pocket inside (inside fabric is fushia with black polka dots)

This is the back view 🙂

eco-friendly 241 colorful and funky tote

Pattern from Noodle-head.

Un nouveau sac fait d’un pantalon super coloré!!! 4 poches extérieures et une à l’intérieure! Ce sera ma seconde entrée pour le concours! 

Purse week 2012!

Weehee!! Purse week is on again this year!

(click on the image to go and see the rules!!!)

I’m all excited to participate for a second year… and to see all the gorgeous entries on the flickr pool! 🙂

I’ve already entered my 241 tote (my new purse)

my new babe!

(but new upload pictures since we can’t submit pics with text)

We get to have 2 entries, and I’m still wondering which one I should submit for my second entry … I’ll wait and see, I might do a new one or take the other 241 tote…

Thanks to a lemon squeezy home to host it again this year!