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Still alive!

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Hey peeps! Yep, still alive 🙂 I’ve missed you so much guys… Just can’t wait to be back on the blog-o-sphere and read what you have all have been up to, and commenting and spreading some blog love to my heart content! I’ll be surely emerging from the business craziness fog next week… with my big craft fair saturday, I’ll be back to myself again after some rest sunday ah! It’s 2 in the morning here… I thought I wasn’t that stressed out but my body is telling me otherwise 😦 I went to bed before the kiddos with a migraine, and now I can’t sleep anymore and have heart burns… crazy body.

I have so much stuff to tell you…! Looks like the business is taking off 🙂 but more on that next week. In the meanwhile, I hope everyone will have a great weekend and that you are all safe and sound! Love you all! Lots.

(sorry for the lack of pictures haha!)

(LOL what the h… with wordpress?? they suggested for tags: mental-health, aviation, transportation and gaming….! o_O )


craft fair table set up…

I had a fair for “les journées de la culture” organized by our local library. Tables were free since it was to feature the local artists and crafters 🙂

Craft fair set up

Traffic was pretty low (with a burst on sunday) but somehow I ended up making more sales than last year… Sales were the cherry on top since I was there to really engaged with people and get some feedbacks.

Craft fair set up

And I got lots! I was shoveled  with nice comments, great feedbacks and positive thoughts! Love that! I was a bit less committed with my sewing for the last couple of weeks and that gave me the push I needed to go back to it 🙂

I did things differently with my set up than last time…

Craft fair set up

First, I went wild with the spray paint last week!!! I spray paint all of my “furniture display” stuff for a more unified look. And of course it had to be red! lol

Craft fair set up

I found a vintage wooden wine bottle holder at the charity shop and I thought it would make a good holder for my rolled up scarves and it would certainly free more space on the table.

Craft fair set up

Love the look, love the organization, love the reuse, love the vintage.

I found out that the vintage strawberry pyrex I had was fitting nicely with my cocktail clutches so it got a new use 🙂

Craft fair set up

(and the strawberries are red, right?!)

Spray painted the wicker baskets I have too (told you I went wild!) and rearrange them differently.

Craft fair set up

And 2 days before the show, I went back to the charity shop to have a look around and found the metal RED magazine holder…

Craft fair set up

I mean, I just snatched it up! and I love how it keeps my clutches and pouches upright  as well as freeing more space!

I’m beginning to like my table set up now 🙂

Craft fair set up

but I was lucky since the table was 8′ long and I had walls to put the bigger bags on…

Craft fair set up

still don’t know how I will put my stuff on a 6′ table with no walls… I might ask my dad to make me a coat hanger (the tree style) for the bags but I still hope to find one at the charity shop 🙂

Donc un petit résumé pour les journées de la culture! Ce fut intéressant, mais un peu long vu le peu d’achalandage. J’ai fait plus de ventes que l’an passé par contre! Mais ça c’est la cerise sur le sunday comme on dit! J’aime beaucoup jaser avec le monde et recevoir tous ces commentaires positifs 😉 J’ai changé l’allure de ma table! J’y suis allée joyeusement avec la peinture en spray (rouge bien sûr!) pour avoir un coup d’oeil plus uniforme. J’ai trouvé aussi de nouveaux usages à certains accessoires comme le vieux porte-bouteille de vin qui tient maintenant mes foulards roulés sur la table et le moule à pain en pyrex que j’ai utilisé pour mes petits sacs cocktails! J’ai même trouvé, 2 jours avant l’expo, un porte revues en métal ROUGE! il tient maintenant d’autres sacs 🙂

All the rage craft fair.

I had a craft fait last sunday 🙂 In NDG in Montréal. It was my second year (and the fair second year too) at this place and it was ok I guess.

All the rage craft fair

It was in a different building this time and that was much better than last year! More booths too. But still pretty low on traffic. I’d say less than 100 people went to the show. But I made more sales than last year 🙂 So all in all it wasn’t bad. Just a long afternoon…

All the rage craft fair

I was still not very satisfied with my table setting. Even though I had a small wooden  case (in which I had a shelf for more storage) and my spice rack that was holding my kleenex holders.

All the rage craft fair

But something is off and I still don’t know what….

All the rage craft fair

I scotch taped my tie bags on the brick wall to gain more space on the table (which was 8′ long)

All the rage craft fair
I couldn’t put all my scarves though and didn’t brought my mittens because I thought I wouldn’t have enough space…

All the rage craft fair

I would love to have your feedbacks and ideas so it’s better looking! (hey Lynn! any ideas ??!! I’m far from the cuteness of your booth!)

I bought some burlap and went for 6′ of it… I should have gone to 8′ since it looks weird on a 8′ table…

All the rage craft fair

J’ai donc participé à la foire À la page! dans NDG à MOntréal…. La salle était mieux que celle de l’an passé, plus d’exposants aussi, mais très peu de traffic… je dirais moins de 100 personnes… Mais j’ai quand même fait quelques ventes! Je suis, par contre, encore insatisfaite de la présentation de mon kiosque… J’ai ajouté une caisse de bois (dans laquelle j’ai mis une tablette) pour mes étuis à crayons (et ça me gagne de l’espace sur la table), mon armoire à épices qui contenait mes étuis à mouchoirs, J’avais scotch tapé les sacs cravates au mur… ce n’est pas à mon goût mais je ne suis pas capable de mettre le doigt dessus… J’ai aussi acheté de la jute pour la table, mais j’ai pris seulement 6′ de jute… j’aurais dû en prendre 8’…

Auriez-vous des idées pour Moi!!! SVP!??? qu’est-ce que vous en pensez?

Happy wishes!

Hi everyone!

Hope you all have been fine and contented 🙂 We have been busy over here…

Contractors have been busy at our house for a week finishing the basement. But now it’s done and we only have some cleaning to do 🙂 Julien is very happy to have a new room downstairs. It’s a bit bigger that what he had previously, he had chosen is own colors too and mommy is very happy the colors he choose was a perfect match to the duvet cover she bought a couple of years ago (he never used it, but now since it’s a bit chilly in his room  it made a come back from storage!) I’ll post some pictures when we are done decorating 😉

Since Julien moved downstair we could call the painter to do a make over in his previous room that now belongs to Rachel… It passed from mustard yellow to bubble gum pink! She will inherit Camille’s old furniture (that was my own made by my daddy): a ikea storage with bins, the bunk beds and the big dresser. The room is not big and that will be lots of stuff, but for a couple of years that will do. Still need to transfer stuff, make some new valence and decorate a bit.  Camille is very happy to have her own room all alone now! She’s been with her sister for 2 years and was asking repeatedly for a room for the past 6 months. She wants to sleep a bit later than her brother and sister and it was hard do to so in the previous setting. Her room will paint just after Xmas. Can’t wait to have all it done and clean! Since I decided to go back to school in september I want the house to be top shape so as not to stress with that and the kids, and the house cleaning and the studying…



Besides that, I’ve been sewing a lot in november to get ready for a Xmas craft fair for a elementary school in Montréal. (sorry for the ideous pictures!) It’s been a nice show, lots of people on friday night, not so much on saturday, but I did well and was happy to meet interesting people. I’ve been sewing for Xmas too, made a jumper for Camille (pictures after she received it lol) and some other gifts but can’t talk about them for now as I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

I made some bunnies for the kids too and sold some as well. I was very happy because I didn’t know how people would respond to them… So I’ll be now doing more since the feedback was positive… they are such darlings to make!

I made a couple of sales on easy too! A pair of kids mittens found a new home in the US and a scarf have been sent as a secret santa gift! I also tried a new pattern by Potatoboutique on easy for a custom order I had receive from a sweet lady in Abitibi 🙂 I was sooo pleased with the results! I will certainly make more of this! I changed the front pocket to fit the idea I had and I think I will continue to make those pockets instead of the original pattern. I used some left over men’s wool pants, some corduroy scraps from the thrift shop and cotton remnants. The rings are from curtain rings and the flowers are all hand made.

We also celebrated some birthdays…! It was My hubby and Camille Bday on nov 18th (yes, both the same day and my oldest is now 9) and since Rachel’s Bday is december 23th (yes, already 4 tomorrow… it goes too quickly!) we did celebrate all 3 birthdays at once! We had family over and the kids had lots of fun!

(sorry again for the crappy pictures, camera was on Programme and I didn’t change it …)

Since it’s Christmas in 3 days (!) I want to take time to wish you all a merry merry Christmas with family and friends, peace, joy and serenity! May the upcoming year brings you  happiness!



I’m back from the craft fair…. Not as many people as someone could have wish, low on sales (3 scarves, 2 kleenex holders), but I got to know some interesting people 🙂 First Natasha Henderson who was my table neighbor, she makes cat toys, felted scarves and puppets and paintings, you can see some of her crafts here and her etsy here! Second, Nathalie who is sewing some cute girl’s dresses and children hats  and awesome little softies along with some soap and bags… all of reclaimed materials. Here if you want to see her etsy and here‘s her facebook. Third, Melinda from mielcoeur, who was organizating this craft fair (she’s got beautiful head pieces!). Kirameku, was a nice young lady that I would have love to chat a bit more with! Colette makes nice and soft knits and and….!

So I can say it was a nice day 🙂

Here’s some pictures of my booth, I had no walls so I tried to put it nicely on the table… Beginning to hate taking pictures with a flash…

I had time to make these just before the craft fair…

And finally my etsy friend Lynn made a beautiful fall treasury and I’ve been lucky enough to be included 🙂

‘ready for fall’ by LynnMinneyDesigns

crisp nights & changing leaves are just a few of some of the things i’m ready for.

CAMPANULA modular necklace


Multicolor Infinity Scarf /…


Vintage Teacup and Saucer Wi…


Vintage hand woven star pil…


Recycled Fleece Leg Warmers …


Handcrafted Cloth Basket in …


Coral and Turquoise Floral S…


carte de fleur scrap single …


NookColor, Kindle, eReader u…


red circular earrings


Denise – Hand Beaded Cuff


Upcycled Jean Pencil Skirt


Rare Upcycled Wood Molding -…


Marie: upcycled bracelet clu…


Embroidery Hoop wall Art han…


Folk Art Wall Hanging


Oh! And I made a new sale on etsy!!! WOOOHOOO!!! 🙂 🙂

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.