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Sending hugs

Hi Folks!

Are you ready for another  edition of the collectively creative series Kelly over at Cobwebs, Cupcakes and Crayons is hosting? Today’s edition is the Lovey-Dovey  for Valentine’s Day 🙂

Again, I wanted to do something that the kids could do with me. They love doing crafts and projects with mom, but they don’t get to do it as often as they wish 😉

I love the comic strip series For Better or For Worse, written by  fellow canadian Lynn Johnston. I have all her books and read them all many a couple of time, they are that good! You might have seen those in the papers too. In one of the strips Michael is making paper hugs with Lizzie to send to their grandma. I loved that idea at the time (but camille was a baby back then) and saw it again a couple of weeks ago on the ever popular Pinterest. I thought that would be a great valentine  to send to family members for Valentine’s day!

we (literally) got down to work….

sending hugs!

My mom gave me a big roll of craft paper, so that it’s what we used.

sending hugs!

The kiddos traced around each other and they had quite some fun doing this.

sending hugs!

Then, we wrote “we love you that big” on each of the paper hugs and they got to decorate them as they wish.

sending hugs!

We folded them all nicely and put them into envelops, all ready to go to their respective recipient! I bet grandparents, aunts, uncle  and cousins will be very surprised to receive them !!

Here’s a group picture of all our hugs!

sending hugs!

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Pour la St-Valentin, nous avons fait un bricolage plutôt rigolo! Des Câlins de papier 🙂 Les enfants ont eu beaucoup de plaisir à le faire et je suis sûre que les membres de notre famille seront très surpris de les recevoir par la poste!