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autumn at my place

We hit that time again !

autumn at my place

Fresh and crisp air

autumn at my place

chilly nights

autumn at my place

warm days

autumn at my place

hot colors everywhere

autumn at my place

mud scents

autumn at my place

Less mosquitoes 😉

autumn at my place

It’s the time of maturation

autumn at my place

the last chance to spread the seeds….

autumn at my place

the frog stopped their singing opera  at night (it’s nice to hear them but they are sooo loud! they must be at least 100 of them around. People visiting are always very impressed to hear them lol)

autumn at my place

I’m still amazed by the number of things I can do if I wake up (and get up!!) early in the morning…

autumn at my place

Before 10 this morning, the kids were in school and at the babysitter, I’ve started laundry, went for 1 km run, took a hundred pictures of the woods beside my house and showered….

autumn at my place

But I tend to forget that fact as my bed is so comfy lol!

And it’s time for change for myself too!

autumn at my place

Still can’t believe how much I’ve grown in the last couple of years. I’m taking challenges now that I wouldn’t have never even consider 3 years back. Now, I’ve challenged myself to be put out of my comfort zone…

for the last 2 years :

  • I did the Skyventure (free fall simulation, and no I won’t be doing that again… way too harsh for my sensitive skin!)
  • I did a year in a chorus
  • I’ve decided to go back to school
  • I gave my name for an improvisation team (still need to see for that, I’ve done it when I was younger and loved it!)
  • Started working out to be in a better shape
  • and I’m  going on a trip by myself

Yep, in 2 days, I’m going to take the plane all by myself and go see my awesome friend Kim in Idaho… It’s making me nervous but I get all excited at the same time when I think of it 🙂 Feels good to be putting my big girl’s panties!

I think that trip and the school starting in about 2 weeks are making my tummy ache for the last couple of weeks….


Des photos du bois à côté de ma maison! J’aime beaucoup l’automne; les couleurs, la senteur, la fraîcheur le soir et la chaleur du midi, les bibittes en moins, et les grenouilles qui ont cessé leur opéra du soir! J’ai décidé il y a deux ans de me donner des défis 😉  et de sortir de ma zone de confort… j’ai donc réalisé plusieurs choses!

  • J’ai fait le skyventure (simulation de saut en parachute)
  • J’ai fait partie d’une chorale
  • J’ai donné mon nom pour faire partie d’une ligue d’import (j’attends des nouvelles…)
  • J’ai commencé à m’entraîner pour être en meilleur forme
  • J’ai décidé de retourner à l’école
  • Et dans 2 jours je prends l’avion comme une grande fille pour aller visiter une amie aux USA…

something for you: free patterns!

I’m so excited! And happy to be giving something back to that great crafty community!  I’ve decided to put my doodles up for grabs 🙂 If you ever wanted to try your hand at hand embroidery and/or was looking for some cute patterns, you can download the 2 pdf documents here! And for free!

the first one:

Free embroidery patterns!
Download PDF  Birdies and flowers 1

and second:

Free embroidery patterns!

Download PDF:  birdies and flowers 2

to give you an idea on how they could look with threads…

I refashioned a skirt with some doodling 🙂 (actually it’s the skirt second refashion since I cut it up a couple of months ago lol)

skirt refashion with hand embroidery

and a close up:

skirt refashion with hand embroidery

And the bag I made with some other doodles…

hand embroidered small zippered bag

I’m really happy to put them out there and I would appreciate if they stay for you personal use. If you do use them on one of your project i would love to see  what you have come up with so leave a comment with the link back to your project!!!

Hope you like them and have fun! (I’m working on new ones! and they involve food… 😉

(here’s a great great blog about hand embroidery stitches…)

Mes premiers patrons gratuits! pour faire de la broderie. juste télécharger le PDF qui vous convient! SVP, ne pas commercialiser, Pour votre usage personnel seulement. 


I’ve been making some doodles while listening to the elections night a couple of weeks ago (yeah, kind of needed to spice that radio talk  up a bit)…


It was fun to just to mindlessly pick up a pencil and just draw.


Then I was inspired by those two awesome ladies…

Ayumi from Pink Penguin

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

(That is making me want to do some quilter’s block!)

Source: via Josée on Pinterest



I LOVE her pincushion too, so pretty!

and Krystine from Pretty by hand

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

I mean, have you seen those pretties??  She even has a book coming out soon!!

How not to be inspired by that? I took one of my drawings and turned it into…

hand embroidered small zippered bag

a bag! I wanted something bright and cheery!

hand embroidered small zippered bag
I loved doing the chain stitch! and I loved the look of it as a filling stitch 🙂 more than the satin stitch… It’s quicker and more

nicer looking.

hand embroidered small zippered bag

As usual, the bag is made from reclaimed materials (linen coat, duvet cover and

bed sheet as interlining, reclaimed metal zipper and upcycled zipper pull).

I might have an idea of what to do with those drawings… stay tune for that!

And a quick note about the back ground…. Just a tip really 😉 I use dollar store roll

of wrapping papers to make different back grounds 😉 cheap, easy to roll up and when you are done

(or when it gets old) use it as wrapping paper again 🙂

dollar store back drop

Pendant la soirée d’élections, je me suis occupée les mains en faisant des dessins…. Et puis, inspirée

par 2 dames j’ai décidé d’en broder un sur un sac! J’aime beaucoup l’effet 🙂 Le sac est fait d’un

manteau en lin, housse de couette, drap et zipper recyclé. 

Et une petite note concernant la toile de fond…. J’utilise parfois les rouleaux de papier

d’emballage du dollorama! pas cher, facile à rouler pour le rangement

et quand il est rendu trop vieux, il retourne en papier d’emballage!

Sweater into pillow tutorial

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New tutorial today!!! YAY!

So, do you have any old sweaters lying around that you don’t wear anymore but just can’t throw away? Why not turn them into cushy coach or bed pillows?

Let see, you will need:

1 old sweater (or 2, or 3…)

1 pair of good scissors or a rotary cuter (plus mat)

1 ruler

sewing thread and sewing machine



Ready to go?!

Just make a strait cut just below the arm holes.


Turn your square on the outside (wrong side out, right sides facing each other) and sew the upper edge close (and since it’s cotton I serged it to prevent fraying, you could also zigzag stitch it ) do the same on the waist band edge but leaving a couple of inches unclosed so you can fill the sweater. ( Since it’s the waist band and the edge is already finished up, no need to serge or zigzag it.)


Now just fill it up to the cushiness  you want, hand sew the opening close and add decorations to your liking!  I went with yo-yos for this one, as it will match Camille’s room 🙂


Easy peasy hey??!

a bit of knitting

We went on a small vacation this week so I had time to knit a bit in the car and made fingerless mitts for Camille!

She is very happy with them…

It will fit her hat I made last year that she will be wearing this winter too.

I can’t help myself and I’m showing you more 🙂

My son has been asking for some too, so I’ll get clicking a bit more since he’s not habitually interested in that kind of things!

I also made a brooch last night and have been trying other type of flowers.

The kids have been watching some toons on youtube and hubby took this:

Is it me or when you insert pictures in post they fade a bit?

I’m back!

So the little vacation to my SIL is now over… We had a fun time and the kids enjoyed it 🙂 They had plenty of time to play with their cousins, I had plenty of time to have nice conversations! We picked up potatoes, had a picnic at the park, listen to my nephew’s concert…

I had a small fabric flowers class with some lovely teenagers during that time and I really enjoyed it! I showed her how to make fabric rosettes and Kanzashi flowers. They seemed pleased with the class 😉 I took a picture of the finished flowers but I was in a hurry so forgive the bluryness and lighting… I think I may offer the class, with more fabric flowers, to the community center, we’ll see. So here’s the flowers we ended up with

by Cul de Sac

I made some stuff yesterday 😉 I had this curtain part I picked at the thrift store awhile ago so I made it into..

Some eco-friendly produce bags! I was desesperately in need of some as the one I have bought 2 years ago were dying one by one… I made a big one for the apples as I buy a large quantity of them each week and 4 smaller ones. I’m very happy with them and they made me work with my new overlock, so I got to know her better! still need to work making a straitgh seem!lol

As I was sewing those produce bags, I kept touching the fabric and kept thinking, hey! It feels like polyester! why not try those pretty flowers?! I lighted a candle and got to work…

by Cul de Sac

I just love those!! I made four of them for now and made a headband for Rachel with one of them… I think those 3 will go on a t-shirt I have!

by Cul de Sac

 Doesn’t it look more sophisticated?! (don’t mind the pose!)

 I picked up more polyester today at the thrift store, just for the fun of making more 🙂 I will make headbands, and pins and…lol!

Remember, last post I showed a pic with some fabrics to be cut? well I got myself sewing yesterday….

by Cul de Sacby Cul de Sac


by Cul de Sac

 It’s a bit big on her for now as I did it for next summer, it’s a nice play dress with zipper at the front, for less than 3 dollars I’m kind of happy with it 🙂 and so does she! I found the right zip in my stash and the right color rickrack too! so lucky 😉

Now I need to work on my last projects for my next craft fair!!

A little refashion!

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I’m doing a little game on my fan page on facebook. I post a picture of something I want to make into something else, and I let people guess what it will be turn into :). I think I’m the one having a blast to see what people think it will become lol!

The on going one is this:

I have seen lots of this kind of necklace lately

Photo by Pretty Ditty:

 I wanted to try some myself and I ended up with this:

by Cul de Sac

by Cul de Sac

by Cul de Sac

 I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. And I think it will be great for showing what kind of accessories you could do with fabric flowers, don’t you think? Tea Rose Home  has a great tutorial if you want to make flower pompom and Pretty Ditty offer another tutorial for the fabric beads…