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Girl’s tea party Bday!

We celebrated the 2 girls birthday this last weekend with their friends. I really wanted to throw a tea party, so I suggested it to Camille and the deal was closed in seconds. I knew if Camille was sold on it, so would Rachel since she wants to do everything her older sister does 😉 Yes. I’m sneaky like that sometimes… That and the fact that I really didn’t wanted to do a princess party.

Camille made the invites (forgot to take pictures of this) with a tea cup drawing on the front.

Tea party Bday!

I found this at the thrift store for a whopping 5$ 🙂 And the kids were gonna take it home as a gift too since I really didn’t need 10 tea cups and saucers lol!

Made some decorations… (my kitchen IS yellow, so it’s really difficult to take nice pictures…)

Tea party Bday!

With old necklaces,

Tea party Bday!

paper flowers, balloons,

Tea party Bday!

tissue paper pom-poms (they are now residing in Rachel’s room!) and doilies as placemats…

Tea party Bday!

We had lots of food too for afternoon tea and snacks! We had the cookies we made last week, cucumber sandwiches, fruits and veggies, cheese and cupcakes 😉 I still can’t believe they ate it ALL! I can tell you they had a light dinner lol!

Tea party Bday!

they painted Xmas decorations, they got excited all over the house (I thought that having 8 girls wouldn’t be that bad… never underestimate the power of a party… and the size of your house lol!) ate, and ate and ate some more… Most of the kids didn’t like the chocolate-thai herbal tea I made though, so they had milk in their cup 😉
I’m just happy that my kids had a blast… and that is now over!

Un tea party pour les filles! On a fait quelques décos, trouvé des tasses à thé et soucoupes au centre bénévole (les enfants les ramenaient à la maison par la suite en guise de cadeau!) et beaucoup de bouffe! Je suis encore étonnée par la quantité de nourriture qui a été ingérée durant la fête! Les enfants ont peint des décos de Noël en bois, ont couru et se sont excités partout dans la maison (je m’étais dit que 8 filles ça ne serait pas si pire… euh, non!) et ont eu du plaisir en masse! Mes 2 cocottes étaient très contentes de leur journée, et moi, très contente que cette journée soit terminée 🙂



My new shower curtain!

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Ok, it may not be as exciting as other subjects… But I’ve got one bathroom in this house which is from the end of the 70’s. You know, the brownish-greenish-yellowish kind… And since we are not gonna do a bathroom redo I was longing for a small any change.

When we bought the house 7 years ago, the previous landlords left this shower curtain…


I had looked out and about for a new one and it was too hard to find something that will fit the bill in color term. Puke color isn’t trendy nowadays… 😉

fabric for my new shower curtain to be!

Enter this fabric i found at the thrift store for less than one buck . I had it stashed  in my overcrowded sewing room for a couple of weeks and was even considering returning it where I took it when… it stroked… It. was. fitting. my. bathroom. Oh yeah!

But I didn’t have enough of it so I needed to go to the fabric store to buy something to complete it… I know. Sad.

I came home with those (hey look! the yellow fabric is even the same as the bathroom tiles!)


and started working. I even took pictures to make a tutorial. Unfortunately I was way too tired to be working on such a big project and miscalculated the whole thing… On the plus size. Lucky me! In the end it all worked out and I even hung the thing up with new curtain rings!


And looked at it. Hard. I think, while doing it, unconsciously my mind envisioned  the shower curtain making a big change… you know, like making the bathroom looks great! Not. it’s still the same old bathroom. Disappointment. But when I asked hubby about it he said he really really liked it.  I may say nothing’s lost 😉

My new shower curtain!

When it will be time for it to go in the wash, I will sew the contrasting bands down because I don’t like the flapping look. But I’ll wait. I’m way too lazy to take it down now!

Un brin de français!

DOnc, j’étais pas mal tannée de voir le rideau de douche que l’ancien proprio (voilà 7 ans!) nous avait laissé. J’ai bien cherché partout pour en trouver un nouveau, mais faut croire que la couleur vomi n’est pas très à la mode 😉 J’avais ramené un tissu du centre bénévole et ne savais pas trop quoi faire avec, quand l’idée de génie est venue… Le tissu allait avec les couleurs de notre seule et unique salle de bain! Je me suis donc attelée à la tâche et j’en ai donc fait un rideau de douche (à l’aide de 2 autres tissus achetés au Club tissus!).  Mais déception de ma part… J’avais imaginé que le rideau “changerait” la salle de bain… vous savez, au fond de moi-même j’avais un peu l’espoir d’avoir une plus belle salle de bain. Mais non, c’est toujours la même avec un nouveau rideau. Quand j’ai demandé à mon mari ce qu’il en pensait, j’ai eu droit à un “J’aime vraiment beaucoup!”. Donc tout n’est pas perdu! 😉

Old spice…

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It has been awhile… I really wanted to try my hand at refinishing a furniture (didn’t have anything particular in mind.). But 2 things always got in the way:

First I don’t have lots of space for this big of a project.

Second, time… Just can’t have enough for all the projects I wanna do!

Butttt, I found something that wasn’t taking too much space and would not take too much time! An old spice cabinet!

Spice cabinet redo

I found this one at the thrift shop for a whooping one buck. It was screaming seventies and was just plain ugly. Why not try to rejuvenate  it? or should I say,  age it?!

Let’s go for a…

Spice cabinet redo
I almost used the same technique as in my plywood background tut .

Firstly, I sanded the thing slightly.

Then, put a coat of primer (I used some leftover from the girls room painting).

Painted 2 coat of matted white  paint (again from leftovers). Here it is after its 2 coats of paint.

Spice cabinet redo

Already better looking isn’t it?!

Sanded it with a 120 grit sand paper and used a steel wool to add more aging.

Spice cabinet redo
I really like it, and I think it’s looking so much better now! It will find a home in my sewing room and will be useful holding my bead jars…

Spice cabinet redo

unless Camille claims it…

Spice cabinet redo

(Has anyone noticed my “new” second plywood?? hehe)

If you wanna see a before/after picture…

Spice cabinet redo

I used some frames I sprayed paint white for Camille’s room as a prop in the photo booth we did for Julien’s birthday. They ended up all chipped after the day so I decided to distressed them too! (I think I’m addicted…)

distressed frames

I love the way the old gold paint is showing under 🙂

distressed frames


Pour ma belle amie! 

Un petit changement pour une vieille armoire à épices achetée 1$ au centre bénévole! À peu près la même technique que mon plywood… Sablage, primer, 2 couches de peinture, sablage léger avec du 120 et laine d’acier pour vieillir un peu plus! Les cadres sont ceux de Camille que nous avions utilisé pour les photos durant la fête de Julien. Vu qu’ils étaient un peu maganés, j’ai vieilli un peu ceux-là aussi! On voit donc la peinture originale qui était dorée 😉

Julien Bday Party!

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It’s over! Already 😉 We had fun, we had sunshine, we had good food and my boy was happy… So be prepared for lots of pictures and a big post!

Julien bday party!

Julien was so sweet the week before. I was doing some crafts to add to my décor and he helped me a bit. All he was saying is: mommy you are working too hard, you are making too much stuff… And I heard one of Camille’s friend that was over for the day whispering to my daughter : you mom IS doing lots of crafts. I keep forgetting that is not the same in all houses lol!

Julien bday party!

I was crazy enough to put all my décor on work one day while the kids were at school and at the babysitter. Taking pictures for about 45 minutes, and putting all of it away when done clicking the camera. 🙂

Julien Bday party!

I worked hard and I wasn’t to let the opportunity to take pictures get away! not mentioning you never know what will happen the day of the party…. And what if I’m too busy for taking pictures? and what if an accident happened?? which did… Yep.

Julien bday party!

One of my friend brought her cute little sausage dog and my cat felt threatened by it. My hubby just had time to held the cat down but got bitten quite a lot ;( now he’s on a roll of antibiotics (my hubby, not the cat!)

All in all, I did the décor under 20$… still amazed by the cost! I had almost everything on hand so I might say I was a lucky girl.

Julien Bday party!

We had “ice cream cone” cake for dessert along with a sundae bar.

Julien Bday party!

Julien Bday party!

Julien Bday party!

The sundae bar was a hit with the temperature being so hot!

Julien Bday party!

Most of the ideas are from Pinterest of course. you can see my inspirational board here (there’s good tuts if you want to make some!)

Julien Bday party!

Julien wanted a Star wars party, but since I got started on the popsicle-ice cream-mustache smash theme he was gracious enough to let me be the boss! but watch out next year, I don’t think I’ll be that lucky ha!

I made the mustaches and booth props  from styro sheet from the dollar store. The banner, pinwheels, and little bunting are from cardboard from the $ store. Apothecary jars are my buttons jar in their ordinary life and the vintage carry on is uses as storage for my finished scarves. White tablecloth habitually used when I have a craft fair and the orange fabrics are from my stash and are reclaimed of course! Mason jars from the time I was doing pickling like crazy and background is my old plywood plank I distressed. Popcorn garland is a Xmas classic and ice cream cones made from craft paper, tissue paper and styro balls I had lying around. Branches are gift from the backyard (as are the pine cones!).  I was happy to be crafting like a storm but glad it’s now over 🙂

Still can’t believe Julien will be 8 at the end of the month…


The kids got to play in water and had lots of fun.




Julien Bday party!

They ate watermelon and popsicles…

Julien Bday party!

Julien Bday party!

And took some pictures in the photo booth!!

Julien Bday party!

Julien Bday party!

Sweater into pillow tutorial

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New tutorial today!!! YAY!

So, do you have any old sweaters lying around that you don’t wear anymore but just can’t throw away? Why not turn them into cushy coach or bed pillows?

Let see, you will need:

1 old sweater (or 2, or 3…)

1 pair of good scissors or a rotary cuter (plus mat)

1 ruler

sewing thread and sewing machine



Ready to go?!

Just make a strait cut just below the arm holes.


Turn your square on the outside (wrong side out, right sides facing each other) and sew the upper edge close (and since it’s cotton I serged it to prevent fraying, you could also zigzag stitch it ) do the same on the waist band edge but leaving a couple of inches unclosed so you can fill the sweater. ( Since it’s the waist band and the edge is already finished up, no need to serge or zigzag it.)


Now just fill it up to the cushiness  you want, hand sew the opening close and add decorations to your liking!  I went with yo-yos for this one, as it will match Camille’s room 🙂


Easy peasy hey??!

Reality show

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Remember that post where I show pictures of my sewing room??! Lemme refresh your memory ‘kay?

here you go:

by Cul de Sac

by Cul de Sac

Cute hey? Look at this room, all tidy up and crisp looking.

This, my friend, is ABSOLUTELY. PURE. FANTASY. nothing more…. An unattainable  dream.

I’m sorry to tell you that you have been FOOLED! Like in reality shows… People show only what they want you to see.

Want the real deal? Really??

AH, you asked for it so here it is.
How my sewing room really looks like....

How my sewing room really looks like....

How my sewing room really looks like....

How my sewing room really looks like....

How my sewing room really looks like....

Like me some little self derision…. So, no, you are not the only one with a messy craft room! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one with a room like mine  when I see other people craft studio. Wish it was all clean and nice looking, but that means I need to spend time tidying up which also means less time to sew. I think you know which I choose. It’s a no brainer. 😉 So how is YOUR’s looking??

Cute little houses

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I saw those little houses on the retromama blog before Xmas and fell in love with them! They were way too cute and I had to make them but was wondering how I could put them in showcase in my house all year long…

And then, I made a bunting to go in Rachel’s room. And I had my Ah Ha moment. How about a curtain? A simple but cute curtain?!

I first did those beautiful houses and had fun hand embroidering and coming up with way to decorate them 🙂 They are made of reclaimed and upcycled materials as usual and stuffed with new fiberfill. I used the same fabrics (or should I say clothes??!) as the bunting (forgot to take pics of this one, so coming later).

And because of Michelle at Keyka Lou who had the awesome idea of setting sewing week goals (along with a giveaway at the end of each week! woooot!) I completed the curtain last week!

I’m really happy with it and so is Rachel! But If I was going to make another one I’ll double the length of the window that time (just did 1 1/2 and it’s not ruffly enough to my taste;) I bought the polka dot fabric and the white one too. I could resist Fushia and Polka dot together!

I’ve been putting things off lately…   Like sewing for myself, that is still on the to do list. But The goal setting is really helping me get on track and really DO stuff!  I was kind of jealous of Michelle for having such a bright idea 😉 Thanks Michelle!!