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the stash has grown…

Oh my… I’ve got 2 words that are describing that last week well… Exiting and Exhausting…  I was giddy to go back to school and have that brain working out again but it was stressful. You know, change of routine kind of stressful. But good news is I survived or should I say WE survived […]

A dear friend

I was so excited! I got to meet my friend Kim for real at last! And did we had fun 😉

I took the plane (3 in that case) and flew all the way to Idaho… and spent 4 amazing days with her and her way too cute daughter.

When I think about it, I feel like it was a dream. You see I found out she wasn’t just kind, funny, witty, and delightful to be with but also a devoted mother, a thoughtful  and open minded -free-spirited kind of gal…

Have you seen all the cool media buttons just below my picture at your right?? Yep, that’s her too! I mean that woman can code! (and I can’t, boo!) She even took time to show  how  to make the blogroll list to the wannabe me.

I was rotten spoiled while staying there (hello vietnamese food! and girl scouts cookies! and burt’s bee skin care!), she even bought some delish gluten free breads (oh I so wish they were selling them here…)

Hayden Trip

I spent quite some time playing with that cute 2 years old girlie (I mean, the mom is vietnamese and the dad is irish… can you imagine the beautiful mix?!) and I had fun!

We went to 4 fabric stores (i’ll show you my finds later 😉 and a yarn shop….

Hayden Trip

man, why can’t we have that here?!

Hayden Trip

stuff is so expensive in Québec…

Hayden Trip

We had a blast going through every row and patting every yarn balls lol! Sure, I had to take some home!

Here’s my new 2 babies…

schoppel laceball

My heart just swoon when I saw this one! Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Lace… in rich jewels. I’ve been drooling over it on Ravelry for a long time and I was more than eager to bring one home 😉

Cascade yarns lace

And some Cascade Yarns Alpaca lace… love me some lace ha!

I’ll make another post for my fabric purchases… yes, plural…
We talked a lot too. The kind of conversations I love! Deep and meaningful. Open and true.

I miss her a lot…. And taking the plane (2 this time) back home was real hard.

Thanks Kim for having me over and taking such a great care of me!

craft fair table set up…

I had a fair for “les journées de la culture” organized by our local library. Tables were free since it was to feature the local artists and crafters 🙂

Craft fair set up

Traffic was pretty low (with a burst on sunday) but somehow I ended up making more sales than last year… Sales were the cherry on top since I was there to really engaged with people and get some feedbacks.

Craft fair set up

And I got lots! I was shoveled  with nice comments, great feedbacks and positive thoughts! Love that! I was a bit less committed with my sewing for the last couple of weeks and that gave me the push I needed to go back to it 🙂

I did things differently with my set up than last time…

Craft fair set up

First, I went wild with the spray paint last week!!! I spray paint all of my “furniture display” stuff for a more unified look. And of course it had to be red! lol

Craft fair set up

I found a vintage wooden wine bottle holder at the charity shop and I thought it would make a good holder for my rolled up scarves and it would certainly free more space on the table.

Craft fair set up

Love the look, love the organization, love the reuse, love the vintage.

I found out that the vintage strawberry pyrex I had was fitting nicely with my cocktail clutches so it got a new use 🙂

Craft fair set up

(and the strawberries are red, right?!)

Spray painted the wicker baskets I have too (told you I went wild!) and rearrange them differently.

Craft fair set up

And 2 days before the show, I went back to the charity shop to have a look around and found the metal RED magazine holder…

Craft fair set up

I mean, I just snatched it up! and I love how it keeps my clutches and pouches upright  as well as freeing more space!

I’m beginning to like my table set up now 🙂

Craft fair set up

but I was lucky since the table was 8′ long and I had walls to put the bigger bags on…

Craft fair set up

still don’t know how I will put my stuff on a 6′ table with no walls… I might ask my dad to make me a coat hanger (the tree style) for the bags but I still hope to find one at the charity shop 🙂

Donc un petit résumé pour les journées de la culture! Ce fut intéressant, mais un peu long vu le peu d’achalandage. J’ai fait plus de ventes que l’an passé par contre! Mais ça c’est la cerise sur le sunday comme on dit! J’aime beaucoup jaser avec le monde et recevoir tous ces commentaires positifs 😉 J’ai changé l’allure de ma table! J’y suis allée joyeusement avec la peinture en spray (rouge bien sûr!) pour avoir un coup d’oeil plus uniforme. J’ai trouvé aussi de nouveaux usages à certains accessoires comme le vieux porte-bouteille de vin qui tient maintenant mes foulards roulés sur la table et le moule à pain en pyrex que j’ai utilisé pour mes petits sacs cocktails! J’ai même trouvé, 2 jours avant l’expo, un porte revues en métal ROUGE! il tient maintenant d’autres sacs 🙂

Compliment makers

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Last year, hubby gave me money for my Bday so I could get new earrings. So I went with one of my bests to the big craft fair at the Bonaventure plaza. I looked around and sideways. But nothing got my fancies… until I saw that one of a cool pendant. Exactly my style. In silver and cooper. BEAUTIFUL! but I don’t wear pendants… 😦 The nice lady at the stand heard me say that to my friend and went: But I’ve got earrings in this style too! WHAT! give me those!

compliment makers!

And I came back home with them, all happy and giddy 🙂

Each time I wear them, I get TON of compliments! Even when I do FaceTime, my friend doesn’t listen to me, she’s watching the earrings wondering if there is really people dangling from my ears LOL!

compliment makers!

Rachel loves them. She always says that the one on my right (yeah, I always wear them each on their same ear) is mommy with her curly hair and the other one is her with straight hair… Even Camille asked when her ears will be healed if she could borrow them… No, of course, these are mine! selfish I know 😉

compliment makers!

So, for people asking and the ones wondering you can buy them online! there, I said it… now too late for me to have the premises! They are made by Stick Man Creations, they need cleaning in the silver cleaner stuff very often though. Have you looked at all those cute animal earrings ??? Now I crave the sausage dog ones! I think I need to start a Pinterest board for my wish list 🙂 just to give hubby a big hint! lol

compliment makers!

Bento crazies…

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Have you seen all the Bento box pictures that are exploding all over the internet?? Lemme show you some….

The artful kind…. just not for me. But oh my so cute!

picture by


The ones for your everyday kind of person: (just me!)


by diners journal

I liked the way bento boxes were looking and the fun they add to a simple lunch box. this is what I came up with… Nothing fancy, but hey it’s still fun!
Bento my way!

Bought some divided boxes at the dollar store (2$ each)

Bento my way!

and found some silicon molds at Maxi et Cie

Bento my way!

(3 for 2$… which is cheap since I was looking for silicon molds for weeks and thought they were too expensive)

Bento my way!

I have 4 different mold forms and 3 of each form! (I’ll be making my own lunches with them too when it’s back to school time for me 😉 The kids haven’t complained about their new lunches! What I like is I can put small bits of everything and I can buy wholesale cookies and crackers and such (not the individual portions) without using billions of containers. And I sneakily  cut on the sweets at the same time without them noticing! Amazing! The containers fit in their lunch box (from costco) but I have just enough space to put the ice pack and the yogurt.

I’m sure my kids would love these too!


Some sewing and a new listing

I’ve been able to sew a bit yesterday so I  made a new necktie bag that I’ve just list in my shop!

I’ve also made 2 new brooches. Even use a necktie for the blue one!

I’ve also been featured in a fun treasury by ELK!

‘Colors of autum’ by elkjoaillerie

Let’s go towards the ever changing colors of the world.

Peacock tail neckla…


Snappy Rabbit – nev…


sofs offers mid-siz…


Hats – Knitted Hats…


Multi color fossil …


Golden pearl neckla…




Purple and brass h…


Blue BFF Rainbow Pe…


Mini Cupcake Cupcak…


Blue and aqua brace…


Dumpling: an upcycl…


8×10 Print – Flight…


PINK – Keshis pearl…


Joyous Path – Chain…


Eco Friendly Sweet …



Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I’ve also found this idea very interesting and it would sure add character to a garden!


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Yesterday, Rachel went back to the babysitter and since Camille weren’t back from her trip I had a day with my one and only son 🙂 I let him choose between going to mini putt or bowling, so bowling we went!

We had a nice time, and he enjoyed the game… We played 3 times and he won one, here’s the proof:

As you can see I’m not a bowling star LOL! The 2 other games, Iwon only by a couple of points 🙂

by Cul de Sac

I’m going for 5 days with the kids to my sister-in-law’s, Hubby is staying home as he’s working, but the kids will have a blast being with their cousins! and I might say I’ll be happy to have time to chat with my 2 SILs and my BIL…

Just before living I’ll be cutting into this to make something I’ve been dying to make for quite a while now:)

by Cul de Sac

You will know in what I turned this when I come back and actually sewed it up lol! Ahhhh, the suspens….

I’ve been making more mittens too, I’ll take pictures later.
 Remember I told I love vintage suitcases? I found that on Pinterest last week and thought it was way too cool an upcycling!