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Pattern try: Hans

Hey! You might think I dropped from the surface of the earth lol! I’ve been busy sewing, sewing, sewing like crazy 🙂 Making necktie bags, and custom orders. (I’ll post them later) and making dolls…

A nice lady asked for 3 dolls, one for each of her children. And one of her kids is a boy. You know me, can’t resist a Retromama pattern.

Henri, eco-friendly boy doll

And timely she posted for sale a boy doll. His name’s Hans and he’s just awesome! So sweet looking! What a great excuse to yet buy another of her patterns lol!

Henri, eco-friendly boy doll

I named mine Henri, he’s made from jeans (reminder to self: never use this stuff for Henri ever again, way too thick!) 2 men’s shirts, and t-shirts. I like using t-shirts instead of felt, first because it’s way cheaper, second because it makes me use my scarves remnants so less waste, and third it is really soft for kids!

Henri, eco-friendly doll

I omitted the suspenders since the jeans was already thick and the pockets are functional! He was more time consuming than the girlies since he’s more detailed. But love the end product!

Henri, eco-friendly boy doll

Here’s his 2 sisters…

Laura, eco-friendly doll

Made from capri pants, and fabric remnant,t-shirts, beige fabric is from a linen coat.

Laura, eco-friendly doll

Made from a skirt, fabric remnants and t-shirts

group shot, eco-friendly dolls
some group shots 🙂

group shot, eco-friendly dolls


Une gentille dame  m’a demandé de lui coudre 3 poupées, une pour chacun de ses enfants! alors voilà, un essai d’un nouveau patron pour le garçon 🙂 Il est tellement mignon  quoique plus long à coudre que ses soeurs, il a tellement de détails! Les poches sont fonctionnelles 🙂 IL est fait de jeans, 2 chemises pour homme, lin beige et t-shirts.  Très satisfaite du résultat final!



A lady asked me on my facebook fan page if I could sew 2 hippopotamus for 2 young girlies in her life. I looked everywhere trying to find a sewing pattern and none was there to be found 😦

So I put my big girl panties and went to work drafting my own…

My own pattern :)

And so glad I did!! All in all it took me less than 45 min and I had a cute pattern that I couldn’t wait to see alive with fabrics 🙂

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

Sooooo happy with the end products!!! I may or may not have made a happy dance…

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

they are made from men’s wool pants, cotton blanket and remnant and t-shirts.

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

A bit smaller than the stuffed elephant, they  measures: 7″x10 1/2″.

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus

Still need to find them a name, any ideas?? I was thinking of Germaine  for the girlies and Hyppolite for the bad boy…

Eco-friendly stuffed Hippopotamus


Une dame m’a demandé sur ma page facebook si je pouvais lui faire 2 toutous hippopotames pour deux petites filles. J’ai cherché partout sur internet un patron de couture et niet, rien du tout qui soit intéressant… Je me suis donc assise pour m’en faire un maison et je suis absolument ravie du résultat!!! En tout, faire le patron m’a pris 45 minutes. Pas si mal 🙂 Je vous présente donc mes Germaine et Hyppolite!

Pattern try: stuffed elephant!

I know… but I couldn’t pass up the 20% etsy coupon Kim over at retromama was offering lol! And I wanted a new pattern, so there you go!

eco-friendly stuffed elephant made from reclaimed fabrics

I was all happy to make something new, but I’m not sure I’m liking the way I made it, with 2 different fabrics for the body.  I had a really hard time stuffing it to my liking (and this one is not there yet). What do you guys think?? a keeper?! maybe I should try it with only 2 fabrics instead of 3?

eco-friendly stuffed elephant made from reclaimed fabrics

This little guy is made from a men’s pants, shirt and ears from a necktie. I hand embroidered the eyes. Now it’s listed in my shop… so I’ll see from there too.

eco-friendly stuffed elephant made from reclaimed fabrics

I’ve also made 2 doggies since I had sold the last one 🙂

Eco stuffed dog, made from upcycled materials

This boy is made from 2 men’s pants, shirt and ears from a necktie (it’s a close cousin to the previous elephant!) it’s listed here.

Eco stuffed dog, made from upcycled materials

This girlie, Oh I really like this one!  is made from denim pants (jeans), 2 women’s shirt and a fabric remnant. She features on one side a pocket from the shirt 🙂 she’s right here.

All of those stuffed toys are made using retromama patterns, you can get your own right here!

Un p’tit nouveau dans la famille! Mais je ne suis pas sûre si je vais en refaire d’autres… Je pense que je devrais l’essayer avec juste 2 tissus différents au lieu de 3. Il est fait d’un pantalon pour homme, chemise et oreilles faites à partir d’une cravate. Même chose pour le chien suivant. La chienne est faite de jeans, 2 chemises pour dame et un reste de tissu. Elle a aussi, sur un côté, une poche qui vient de la chemise 🙂 Vous pouvez les trouver juste ici!

Pattern try: cellphone case (and a new dog!)

I made yet another purchase.. I think I’m kind of addicted to buy new patterns 😉

Michelle at Michelle Patterns made a cell phone case pattern available for purchase with basic instructions. Since I thought her pattern was looking better than mine I went ahead and committed to it lol!

I’ve sewn 6 so far 🙂 (I’ll be exposing this week end, and only had one cell pouch…)

eco-friendly cell cases

easy and fast! but not for beginners since they are no really instructions on how to sew it, you need to have make a couple of hand bags before.

And I had only 3 dachshunds left… I had fun coming up with a new one! (here’s the pattern again!)

eco-friendly dachshund softie

this one is made from a women’s shirt, girl’s vest, fabric remnants, nightgown and fiberfill. Now I have 2 boys and 2 girls…

I made a new set up for my craft fair, and I think I’m beginning to see something here. I spray painted like crazy 🙂 I’ll post pictures with all my stuff this week end.

J’ai encore acheté un nouveau patron…! J’aimais le look de l’étui à cellulaire… plus que celui que je m’étais fait! J’en ai cousu 6 jusqu’à maintenant et le patron est facile à coudre et rapide d’exécution! Il ne me restait que 3 chiens en inventaire, j’ai donc eu du plaisir a en faire un nouveau 🙂 il est fait de: restes de tissu, chemise de nuit, veste de fille, chemise pour dame, et bourre de polyester! 

cutting into the stash…

I’ve been hoarding that baby corduroy  fabric for about 4 years (maybe 5…) and just forgot about it. It was supposed to become a maxi skirt so I’ve bought 3.2 meters of it… but I found out meanwhile, that maxi skirts aren’t nice looking on that wide hips woman.

sew serendipity skirt #2

Took my now go to pattern from the sew serendipity book and had a go at it! (you can find my first skirt from that pattern here).

sew serendipity skirt #2

I wanted something that was screaming  saying handmade… as I told my hubby, if I wanted something that looked store bought I would not go into that much trouble and go buy one at the store 🙂

sew serendipity skirt #2

Hence the birdie 🙂 and I love piping, so piping it got.

I made the same size as the last one, and this one came out perfect! i think the first one was a bit large because the denim was stretchy.

sew serendipity skirt #2

My second invisible zipper, and it’s perfect!

sew serendipity skirt #2

And you are in luck today as I’m posting a picture of myself lol! (I’m sure I’m not the only one that hate seeing herself in pictures…) And just resisted the urge of cutting my face off… just don’t pay attention to it lol!

sew serendipity skirt #2

Hubby wanted to take pictures of mom and Camille…

mom and camille


Une autre jupe fait de corduroy qui était rangé depuis au moins 4 ans! La grandeur est parfaite ainsi que mon 2ième zipper invisible 😉  

Pattern try: Mary’s Fancy sash dress

Camille was really in need of new dresses (Have I ever said that I have 2 really girly girls?) And she’s hitting that age where it’s becoming very difficult to find older girl dresses that is lengthy to our taste (yep, hers too)… And everywhere I was looking there were only cotton dress patterns, the one made for hot summer days, not cool winter ones.

Girl's world!

As I was drooling  going through that book (again!) and cooing over those lovely and colorful dresses the bulb went on!  I could make one for winter using heavier weight fabric and she could wear it putting a long sleeve t-shirt underneath… I mean duh, that was so obvious 🙂

So,  I took some 2$ corduroy from the thrift store I new she would love and a contrasting cotton skirt and went to work…

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

Easy to make! I had a bit of trouble with the bias binding at the neck and armholes but it went fairly quickly! I was going to make some of them for summer and I think i’ll make bodice linings for these ones.

She LOVED it! in fact she was wearing it the next morning when I woke up and I had to make a point for her to get it off lol…

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

I really like the contrasting orange sash, it pops up a lot! I just need to find a long sleeve t-shirt now 😉

And since I had about  a yard left, I made a matching skirt for her little sister

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

Rachel was estatic!

Rachel's new skirt!

I thought there were too much fabric as the skirt is bunching at the waist but she loved the fullness…

Rachel's new skirt!

(she wanted to take pictures with her dolly!)
Mommy’s happy, both girls are too!

Rachel's new skirt!

Still can’t belive she’s starting preK tomorrow afternoon…

Camille a besoin de nouvelles robes pour l’hiver (qui devrait arriver un jour!) et on commence à avoir de la difficulté à trouver cet item, particulièrement apprécié dans cette maison, à une longueur convenable… J’ai donc essayé un patron pour une robe d’été… avec du tissu d’hiver, en l’occurence  du corduroy (2$ du centre bénévole) et une jupe de coton de chez Reitmans! Patron facile, fille aux anges! Vu qu’il me restait un peu de tissu, j’ai fait une jupe pour Rachel! Et elle était absolument ravie!

Pattern try: sew serendipity skirt

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Yep! Must be on a roll… lol I made something else for me! Isn’t it wonderful?

sew serendipity

From this book, I made the skirt 🙂

sew serendipity

And better than that, I also did a muslin. My, I’m beginning to be too good 😉 (not taking myself seriously here)

my sew serendipity skirt!

The muslin was fitting alright, but somehow the skirt ended up a bit large. Like very, very comfortable large. Like don’t pull the skirt down because it will large… ha! I think I’ll add darts at the back so it will be a better fit.

my sew serendipity skirt!

For this little number I used all reclaimed material (of course) so I threw in the mix 2 pairs of black denim pants, corduroy pants (from hubby) and some stretch cotton white stripes on black pants. I also used a necktie to make the pocket and some thrift store fabric for the facing. Even the zip is reclaimed…

my sew serendipity skirt!

Lemme talk about that zip… see? it’s an invisible zipper!

my sew serendipity skirt!

MY FIRST ONE! Oh my holy gosh! Did I said that I won’t be coming back? So easy peasy. And with no invisible zipper foot!  It’s not perfect but for a first one it’ll do. I was impressed with myself here since I was dead afraid of them 😉

my sew serendipity skirt!

About that pattern, I did as written but made the skirt longer. Quickish and easy. I can see more of this skirt in my future… (but I may try the Large size instead of XL)

Une p’tite jupe pour mon moi-même!

Faite à partir du livre Sew Serendipity. J’aime beaucoup! J’ai même fait une toile avant de faire la “vraie” jupe!  

Donc la jupe est faite de matières recyclés (naturellement!) j’ai donc utilisé 2 paires de jeans noirs, un pantalon en corduroy gris (merci mon mari!) et un pantalon noir rayé blanc. Et aussi une cravate pour faire la poche. Même la fermeture éclair est recyclée…. Ma première fermeture invisible!! Je suis tellement fière de moi! Elle n’est pas parfaite, mais pour une première elle va faire l’affaire. La jupe est très confortable quoiqu’un peu grande. Je vais être belle pour mon retour à l’école 😉