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Bowling and a small surprise…

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Yesterday we went bowling!

bowling time

With the kids and 2 of their friends…

bowling time

We had so much fun! Even Rachel made a couple of points with her ball!

bowling time

I was kind of competing with hubby…

bowling time

It was way too hot out there to be doing anything without a swimming pool involved…

bowling time

But it was enough to make the kids happy 🙂

bowling time

And I had a surprise that day too! It came in the mail… I have sent some laces to an awesome lady that has an equally awesome blog (this woman is way too imaginative…) and she was kind enough to send me some of the handmade sewn goods she makes! look at those goodies…

mail's surprise!

She sent a cute little necktie wristlet (that I’M sure Camille will snatch up when she will see it…) 3 ponytails made from buttons, a cool brooch from fabric and beads, a kindergarden book she wrote (Rachel ran away with this one, I had to find it for the picture!) and a luggage tag made from lace…. I loved everything! I’ll be using the tag soon too since I’ll be able to FINALLY met one of my friend!!! YAY! I’ll be going to Boston in september to meet my friend Kim while she’ll be staying with her in-laws. So cool, just can’t wait, we’ll so have a blast 😉 🙂 so that luggage tag will come handy since I’ll be traveling by bus. Isn’t she a sweet lady?!

I also wanted to post a picture of my kids pencil case just so you see what they look like after 2 years of abuse, a wash in the washing machine and a bit of ironing…

my kids pencil cases

they are holding up quite beautifully if i may say so! and since they were the first I made, they aren’t as sturdy as the one I’m making now…

so they can go in the wash!


On a eu beaucoup de plaisir hier avec les cocos! On est allé jouer au bowling avec les enfants et 2 de leurs amis! Même Rachel a réussi à faire tomber ses quilles comme une grande! 

J’ai été bien chanceuse aussi, j’avais envoyé de la dentelle à une dame qui a aussi un super blog en me disant qu’elle allait sûrement aimer le tout. J’ai donc été très surprise de recevoir une enveloppe hier! Imaginez-vous qu’elle m’a envoyé quelques items qu’elle coud elle-même (aussi à partir de recyclé!). Je suis sûre que Camille voudra le petit sac et Rachel s’était déjà sauvé avec le livre! Le carré avec de la dentelle, est un tag pour valise… que je vais utilisé très bientôt! J’ai tellement hâte, je vais finalement rencontrer une amie! elle sera à Boston chez ses beaux-parents en septembre et j’irai la rejoindre en autobus. Et nous aurons tellement de fun ensemble!

La dernière photo est celle des étuis à crayons de mes 2 cocos. Je voulais vous montrer les étuis après 2 ans d’usure, lavés à la machine et repassés rapidement. Je pense qu’il vieillisse en beauté et ils sont fins prêts pour leur 3ième année de service! Donc, les étuis que je fais vont à la machine à laver! 



what I’ve sewn lately

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A little overview of what I’ve sewn for the last couple of weeks!

First I made a new old school bag using vintage fabric and wool pants, listing here.

old school tote: eco-friendly shoulder bag

I also made a new pencil or cosmetic pouch (listing here) Using the same fabric and pants. I played a little with backgrounds for the pictures for the shop and I’m not completely satisfied with them so I might redo these.

Eco-friendly pencil or cosmetic case

And I finally made a new cocktail bag that I’m very pleased with 😉 using pants, necktie and blouse. (again, listing here)

Eco-friendly cocktail clutch

Eco-friendly cocktail clutch

Next to come will be a new technique (for me anyway ;)) try! It was so much fun! can’t wait to show you ha!

I will send my application for a craft fair in june… Please wish me luck!  😉

And just so you know, the feeders are working 😉 (tutorial here)

feeders are working!

The kids were all excited to see the birdies going to the feeders! I don’t know why but the eat almost exclusively from the green bottle.

Pouch, pouch, pouch que je t’aimeeeuh!


I had this idea for quite some times now! Glad it’s out and I love it!

Still working on the pics thing….


I’m back from the craft fair…. Not as many people as someone could have wish, low on sales (3 scarves, 2 kleenex holders), but I got to know some interesting people 🙂 First Natasha Henderson who was my table neighbor, she makes cat toys, felted scarves and puppets and paintings, you can see some of her crafts here and her etsy here! Second, Nathalie who is sewing some cute girl’s dresses and children hats  and awesome little softies along with some soap and bags… all of reclaimed materials. Here if you want to see her etsy and here‘s her facebook. Third, Melinda from mielcoeur, who was organizating this craft fair (she’s got beautiful head pieces!). Kirameku, was a nice young lady that I would have love to chat a bit more with! Colette makes nice and soft knits and and….!

So I can say it was a nice day 🙂

Here’s some pictures of my booth, I had no walls so I tried to put it nicely on the table… Beginning to hate taking pictures with a flash…

I had time to make these just before the craft fair…

And finally my etsy friend Lynn made a beautiful fall treasury and I’ve been lucky enough to be included 🙂

‘ready for fall’ by LynnMinneyDesigns

crisp nights & changing leaves are just a few of some of the things i’m ready for.

CAMPANULA modular necklace


Multicolor Infinity Scarf /…


Vintage Teacup and Saucer Wi…


Vintage hand woven star pil…


Recycled Fleece Leg Warmers …


Handcrafted Cloth Basket in …


Coral and Turquoise Floral S…


carte de fleur scrap single …


NookColor, Kindle, eReader u…


red circular earrings


Denise – Hand Beaded Cuff


Upcycled Jean Pencil Skirt


Rare Upcycled Wood Molding -…


Marie: upcycled bracelet clu…


Embroidery Hoop wall Art han…


Folk Art Wall Hanging


Oh! And I made a new sale on etsy!!! WOOOHOOO!!! 🙂 🙂

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I won!!! yeah!

My etsy friend Lynn from Lynn Minney Design hosted a giveaway and know what? I won! It’s the first time I won something on the net and I’m very happy 🙂 The Wooden Bee was generous enough to offer this upcycled tag I will surely use in my booth for craft fairs! Thanks to both of you! 🙂

By The Wooden Bee

I just can restrain my self and I’ll show off one of the pencil/cosmetic case I made yesterday! I just love it lol!

by Cul de Sac

I made 2 others but still need to finish them and one bucket bag to go and I will be done for the craft fair next sunday !

I’ve also been featured in this fall smelling treasury

‘Upcycled Fall Accessories Loves’ by PurpleCloverEcoHome

a collection of teamupcyclers autumn accessories and jewelry And, check out the related post on my blog:

Multicolor Infinity Sca…


Joan – Hand Beaded Cuff


Upcycled Tie Cuff – la…


amber hair clip bobby p…


Laura: Upcycled bracele…




Falling Leaves – Jewels…


Yellow and White Flower…


Covered Button Earrings…


Upcycled Chocolate Brow…


Fabric flowers —10 up…


Upcycled Denim Handbag …


Dark Wood Bracelet


Yellow Nuetrals – Butto…


Hand Sewn Zipper Brooch…


Felt Mandala Earrings i…


And in this fun one too!  Have a nice day!!

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

‘The Daily Dog- Pretty In Pink’ by blennox

These lovely pooches look so proud and proper in their pinks! Have you hugged your dog today? Enjoy! -Brianna Lennox & Billie Bumbler the Dachshund

Pink Toile Feather Harn…


Elevated Dog Feeder – D…


Kissing Boston Terrier …


Hound Dog Dog Collar MD


light pink sparkle dog …


Hot Pink Dog Scarf for …


Cosmetic/pencil/notion …


Party Girl. lab pharoah…


I’m a Chihuahua, no…


Personalized Dog and Ca…


Pink Floral Feather Har…


Leather Dog Collar Pink…


Reversible Polka Dot Pr…


dog collage poodle girl…


Dog Harness Vest Black,…


Red Flowers on Hot Pink…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.