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Hum….. hello??!

Yep, I’m still alive 🙂 and quite busy! Sorry I fell of the map for a couple of weeks… But lots is happening 😉

This morning we woke up to this…

winter wonderland
and no electricity.

and an emergency water sump pump not working. In fact instead of removing water, it was adding more, making a flood on the floor… For which we spent half an hour going up and down the stairs with buckets of water. Let’s call that an early not funny work out. I made a trip to my front neighbor so he could call to know if school was open 😉 which was!

winter wonderland

I really feel that I’m drowning into white cold fluffy cotton balls… Pictures was taken from my front and back porches since it was still snowing and didn’t want the camera to get wet.

winter wonderland

Here’s a shot of my temporary fridge… 😉

my temporary fridge..

My small sewing business seems to be taking off, but I’ll write more on that later ha!

Oui, oui, je suis toujours bien vivante…. et très occupée! Y’a tout plein de belles choses qui m’arrivent, mais je vous en parlerai plus tard!

Ce matin, nous nous sommes réveillés sous une belle couverture de neige! Sans électricité… et sans une pompe de puisard de secours fonctionnelle… Elle est connectée sur l’eau de la ville, au lieu de sortir l’eau du puisard, elle en rajoutait. Nous avons donc passé une bonne demie heure à écoper; monter et descendre les marches avec des sceaux et des sceaux d’eau! Un petit entraînement matinal pas vraiment amusant.  Les photos ont été prises sur les bords des portes avant et arrière. Je ne voulais surtout pas mouiller ma super caméra (assez, l’eau!). On a vraiment l’impression d’être entouré d’une belle ouate blanche 😉


she’s 5

I forgot and never posted pictures of my baby being a big 5 yo girl!

she's 5!

I think it’s partly because we all had influenza… partly because her Bday is dec 23rd and we are starting to be busy with Xmas stuff.

she's 5!

Pictures are ok I think, neither mommy or Rachel was in the mood and it shows a bit 😉

she's 5!

I had to take them in the living room and light is difficult there, so I ended up having less than 15 pictures for about 175 one taken.

she's 5!

She just couldn’t wait to be 5 and go to school every day (that would be next september!) and take the school bus, and having her own lunch box… She’s my little ray of sunshine! she gives the best cuddles and wants to take care of everyone…

she's 5!


Mon bébé a maintenant 5 ans! déjà 🙂 J’avais oublié de faire un post pour sa fête… avec la grippe qu’on a eu et le fait que son anniversaire est le 23 décembre… Ni elle, ni moi étions dans le “mood” et ça paraît un peu lol! j’ai du faire les photos dans le salon et la lumière n’est pas super là, donc j’ai environ une quinzaine de bonnes photos pour 175 qui ont été prises. Rachel avait très hâte d’avoir enfin 5 ans et aller à l’école à tous les jours, et prendre l’autobus, et avoir sa propre boîte à lunch 😉 (se sera pour septembre!) Elle est mon petit rayon de soleil!

SNOW and collectively creative!

yep, it’s finally snowing over here! Big kleenex like snow flakes 🙂


Un fortunately we can’t enjoy it yet since we are all sick… Influenza virus is bad. It’s the first time it has hit our house and hope it’s the last one. 😦 Camille brought it home from school (many kids are sick at school so no surprise) and she has been real sick for 5 straight days, today she started eating a wee bit, so I think we can say she going up hill. On the other hand, I’m second right behind her. The Son Rachel and Hubby are just a bit sick so that’s good news. We do hope to be all alright for Xmas eve as we are suppose to have all my in laws for dinner.

Tomorrow, i’ll have a special post for you since it will be time for another great collectively creative event! There will be 13 bloggers  doing something with the theme JOYFUL in  mind! And I can tell you how fun is it to come up with ideas for those!!! Again, this great idea is from Kelly over at Cobwebs, cupcakes and crayons! And i may even have a surprise for you all 😉

The Joyful Edition Logo 2012

so stay tune for tomorrow post!

48 hours photo challenge

I’ve been participating this weekend for the CEGEP 48 hours photo challenge! I signed up thinking it would make me take time to do something creative for a change 😉 and it did!

I was a bit stressed out though. My first time doing something like this and I’ve not been picture taking with a good camera for a long time (my friend gave me her old Nikon last spring.)  But this was fun! I won’t talk about the part I was feeling depressed with the themes they sent us and believing i won’t be able to finish it okay?!

Yesterday was a rainy day and today is very cloudy with a bit of rain still, so I had to be quick and it was a good thing I new for some of the themes what I wanted! All pictures have been taken at less than 3 km from my house. Good thing I’m living next to a wood!

so here you go and please feel free to comment on them… I think it’s nice to know how other people react to your pictures 🙂 (and you also have the right to not like them!)

First theme on the list: calm…

theme: calm

second: contrast

theme: contrast

third: flame

theme: flame

fourth: bubble

theme: bubble

fifth; powerfulness

theme: powerfulness

sixth: 48 hours

theme: 48 hours

seventh: indifference

theme: indifference
eighth: magic

theme: magic

ninth : dream

theme: dream

tenth: passion

theme: passion


Sooo, what do you guys think? i kind of hope i’ll make it into the top 15… but if not, it was fun to do so no  big deal! It provides me with an opportunity to work on my skill, so I’m still a winner 😉


autumn at my place

We hit that time again !

autumn at my place

Fresh and crisp air

autumn at my place

chilly nights

autumn at my place

warm days

autumn at my place

hot colors everywhere

autumn at my place

mud scents

autumn at my place

Less mosquitoes 😉

autumn at my place

It’s the time of maturation

autumn at my place

the last chance to spread the seeds….

autumn at my place

the frog stopped their singing opera  at night (it’s nice to hear them but they are sooo loud! they must be at least 100 of them around. People visiting are always very impressed to hear them lol)

autumn at my place

I’m still amazed by the number of things I can do if I wake up (and get up!!) early in the morning…

autumn at my place

Before 10 this morning, the kids were in school and at the babysitter, I’ve started laundry, went for 1 km run, took a hundred pictures of the woods beside my house and showered….

autumn at my place

But I tend to forget that fact as my bed is so comfy lol!

And it’s time for change for myself too!

autumn at my place

Still can’t believe how much I’ve grown in the last couple of years. I’m taking challenges now that I wouldn’t have never even consider 3 years back. Now, I’ve challenged myself to be put out of my comfort zone…

for the last 2 years :

  • I did the Skyventure (free fall simulation, and no I won’t be doing that again… way too harsh for my sensitive skin!)
  • I did a year in a chorus
  • I’ve decided to go back to school
  • I gave my name for an improvisation team (still need to see for that, I’ve done it when I was younger and loved it!)
  • Started working out to be in a better shape
  • and I’m  going on a trip by myself

Yep, in 2 days, I’m going to take the plane all by myself and go see my awesome friend Kim in Idaho… It’s making me nervous but I get all excited at the same time when I think of it 🙂 Feels good to be putting my big girl’s panties!

I think that trip and the school starting in about 2 weeks are making my tummy ache for the last couple of weeks….


Des photos du bois à côté de ma maison! J’aime beaucoup l’automne; les couleurs, la senteur, la fraîcheur le soir et la chaleur du midi, les bibittes en moins, et les grenouilles qui ont cessé leur opéra du soir! J’ai décidé il y a deux ans de me donner des défis 😉  et de sortir de ma zone de confort… j’ai donc réalisé plusieurs choses!

  • J’ai fait le skyventure (simulation de saut en parachute)
  • J’ai fait partie d’une chorale
  • J’ai donné mon nom pour faire partie d’une ligue d’import (j’attends des nouvelles…)
  • J’ai commencé à m’entraîner pour être en meilleur forme
  • J’ai décidé de retourner à l’école
  • Et dans 2 jours je prends l’avion comme une grande fille pour aller visiter une amie aux USA…

No baby anymore

Yep, that’s right! My last baby has entered the milestone and started PreK this afternoon…

My last baby at school...

She was way too excited by this event!

My last baby at school...

She spent hours making drawings for her new teacher all week…

My last baby at school...

She kept asking how many sleeps before she goes to the same school as her big sister (and brother)…

My last baby at school...

We ended up being at the school doors 20 minutes in advance 😉 She thought it was taking too much time and we needed to go like NOW lol!

My last baby at school...

That gave mommy time to take pictures 🙂 and maybe to let a tear go down…

Mon dernier bébé a commencé sa prématernelle cet après-midi! Elle était tellement excitée! Elle a fait des dessins des heures durant toute la semaine pour son nouveau “prof”… Elle était tellement impatiente d’y aller que nous sommes arrivées devant les portes 20 minutes en avance 😉 Ça a donné le temps à maman de faire des photos… et peut-être versé une larme…

All the rage craft fair.

I had a craft fait last sunday 🙂 In NDG in Montréal. It was my second year (and the fair second year too) at this place and it was ok I guess.

All the rage craft fair

It was in a different building this time and that was much better than last year! More booths too. But still pretty low on traffic. I’d say less than 100 people went to the show. But I made more sales than last year 🙂 So all in all it wasn’t bad. Just a long afternoon…

All the rage craft fair

I was still not very satisfied with my table setting. Even though I had a small wooden  case (in which I had a shelf for more storage) and my spice rack that was holding my kleenex holders.

All the rage craft fair

But something is off and I still don’t know what….

All the rage craft fair

I scotch taped my tie bags on the brick wall to gain more space on the table (which was 8′ long)

All the rage craft fair
I couldn’t put all my scarves though and didn’t brought my mittens because I thought I wouldn’t have enough space…

All the rage craft fair

I would love to have your feedbacks and ideas so it’s better looking! (hey Lynn! any ideas ??!! I’m far from the cuteness of your booth!)

I bought some burlap and went for 6′ of it… I should have gone to 8′ since it looks weird on a 8′ table…

All the rage craft fair

J’ai donc participé à la foire À la page! dans NDG à MOntréal…. La salle était mieux que celle de l’an passé, plus d’exposants aussi, mais très peu de traffic… je dirais moins de 100 personnes… Mais j’ai quand même fait quelques ventes! Je suis, par contre, encore insatisfaite de la présentation de mon kiosque… J’ai ajouté une caisse de bois (dans laquelle j’ai mis une tablette) pour mes étuis à crayons (et ça me gagne de l’espace sur la table), mon armoire à épices qui contenait mes étuis à mouchoirs, J’avais scotch tapé les sacs cravates au mur… ce n’est pas à mon goût mais je ne suis pas capable de mettre le doigt dessus… J’ai aussi acheté de la jute pour la table, mais j’ai pris seulement 6′ de jute… j’aurais dû en prendre 8’…

Auriez-vous des idées pour Moi!!! SVP!??? qu’est-ce que vous en pensez?