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Pinteresting: Paleo chocolate-chip cookies

Rachel was asking for a couple of days for us (read her and I, no brother or sister includes here…) to make a cake… So I gave in 🙂 but no cake was made!

Pinteresting: paleo chocolate-chip cookies
A cake means flour and days sitting on the counter teasing me out…! so we made the next best thing (or should I say the BEST thing?!) and went for cookies.

Pinteresting: paleo chocolate-chip cookies

I had this recipe for grain-free chocolate-chip cookies sleeping on my board on Pinterest for awhile so we gave it a go.

Pinteresting: paleo chocolate-chip cookies
I made double batch and it only yielded 2 dozens. I changed the recipe a bit and put 1 cup almond butter and 1 cup peanut butter and replaced almost all of the honey by agave syrup.  The recipe was quick to make and Rachel was a happy girly!

They ended  up being tasty and the kids were kind of disappointed to only have 2 cookies each lol!

Pinteresting: paleo chocolate-chip cookies

Find the recipe here!

Pinteresting: paleo chocolate-chip cookies

Ça faisait plusieurs jours que Rachel me picossait pour faire un gĂąteau! Puisque je ne voulais pas me commettre sur un tel projet (gĂąteau= farine + des jours sur le comptoir Ă  me faire de l’oeil pour que je le mange) nous avons donc dĂ©cidĂ© de faire des biscuits, sans farine bien sĂ»r!  La recette est facile Ă  faire, trĂšs goĂ»teuse mais ne donne pas beaucoup de biscuits (une douzaine par batch) J’ai fait double recette et j’ai changĂ© une des tasses de beurre d’amandes par du beurre d’arachides et presque tout remplacĂ© le miel par du sirop d’agave. Je vous retranscris la recette en français (prise ici si vous voulez voir l’originale!)

Biscuits sans farine aux pépites de chocolat (donne 1 douzaine)

  • 1 tasse de beurre d’amande
  • 1/4 tasse de miel
  • 1 oeuf
  • 1/2 cuiller Ă  thĂ© de bicarbonate de soude (p’tite vache)
  • 1/2 cuiller Ă  thĂ© de sel
  • 1/4 tasse de pĂ©pites de chocolat (ou plus!!)

Préchauffer le four à 350F. Tout mélanger les ingrédients et déposer par cuiller à thé sur une plaque garnie de papier parchemin. Cuire 8-10 min.


Pinteresting: Lettuce wrap.

Here’s the pin that got me drooling…

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

I made that for our 10th anniversary dinner… and it wasn’t a hit.

Pinteresting: lettuce wrap

I mean I loved it! A lot! that was the problem… I was the only one 😩

The recipe was not difficult to make, the dip was easy and tasted great. And I really like the different textures.

Pinteresting: lettuce wrap

And the spicy side of the dip. But I was happy I tried it once as I was literally drooling over this one.

Pinteresting: lettuce wrap

Get the recipe here!

Essai d’une recette prise sur Pinterest. Je la trouvais trĂšs intĂ©ressante, beaucoup de couleurs, de textures, avec du tofu… Je salivais juste Ă  regarder les photos 🙂 J’ai beaucoup aimĂ©, mais c’est lĂ  le problĂšme, j’Ă©tais la seule Ă  aimer le souper… La recette est facile Ă  faire, la trempette au beurre d’arachides Ă©tait vraiment bonne, piquante juste ce qu’il faut. Je suis contente de l’avoir faite, mais on passera Ă  un autre appel finalement…

Instantly slim tut!

It all started by me following a pin on Pinterest

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

This is the same woman. See how the cut and the fit are related to make her look biggish or slimmer??

If you click to go on her blog, you’ll see how back pockets, top stitching, the cut of the pants, how all that affect the way you look. It’s kind of interesting to look at so many jeans on the same woman and see the effects 🙂

I know, it’s a no brainer, but I never took time to think about it. So I took a closer look at my jeans and pants… tried them on… and went all excited to see I could make them fit better! You see, I’m kind of tall and I can’t find lots of jeans the length I need (at a price I’m willing to pay!). I buy my pants at Reitmans. They’ve got jeans for tall women, nice price, comfortable… but it’s mom jeans… and are not that flattering for my wide hips self.

Are you in the same boat?! I thought of you and made a

Instantly slim tut

Really, I just took in the legs at the bottom to have a slimmer cut, but if you don’t know how to do it here’s some pictures for you to follow!

First, put your first pair of pants inside out. Put them on. Pin one leg  on the outside  until you have a fit you like ( keeping the hem even, so you are substracting the same amount of fabric from the back and front) (sorry I was so excited I forgot to take pictures for this step!) The inside  side of the leg has  top stitchings so It is difficult to do a nice and good looking job if you pin there.

Go, to your sewing machine and sew a straight line following your pins.

Instantly slim tut

Next, put the just sewed leg onto the one to be done, keeping the hem and crotch seam even.

Instantly slim tut

With a bit of soap, or pencil just draw your line following your new seam.

Instantly slim tut

Instantly slim tut

Sew this one and you are almost done! just cut the extra fabric, zigzag stitch and Wear your new nice looking, nice fitting jeans!!


Instantly slim tut


Instantly slim tut

Donc un p’tit tuto pour vous faire une cure d’amaigrissement instantanĂ©e! SĂ©rieusement, avez-vous vu sur la premiĂšre photo? C’est la mĂȘme fille, 2 paires de jeans diffĂ©rents! Et toute une diffĂ©rence! Comme quoi la position des poches, la coupe et les surpiqĂ»res peuvent faire un gros effet! J’ai donc voulu avoir des pantalons plus “avantageux” sans avoir Ă  changer ma garde-robe. J’ai pris un de mes pantalon, l’ai tournĂ© envers dehors et Ă©pinglĂ© le surplus de tissu du cĂŽtĂ© extĂ©rieur de la jambe (en prenant soin d’en enlever autant de tissu Ă  l’avant et Ă  l’arriĂšre). J’ai ensuite cousu en suivant mes Ă©pingles. Pour faire l’autre jambe (ou un autre pantalon!) on met la jambe Ă©gale Ă  l’autres (en alignant l’entre-jambe et le bord) et on fait une ligne Ă©gale Ă  la premiĂšre couture. On enlĂšve les surplus de tissu, une petite finition au point zigzag et TÀ-DÀ! de “nouveaux” pantalons!


Pinteresting: No sugar oat drops

A new recipe! Gluten-dairy-egg-sugar free…. cookies!

Pinteresting: no sugar oat drops

I tried those yesterday night, as I was craving something sweet without the guilt.


If you like coconut 🙂 the 2 youngest loved it too. Not that much for hubby as he thought it was tasting too healthy for cookies 😉

Pinteresting: no sugar oat drops
I froze a bunch to keep for later. And they are holding quite well so they’ll be good for transportation snacks too.

I used the cool cookie maker my friend Kim sent me with the Bento stuff… they were a breeze to make with that!

Find the recipe here!

Pinteresting: no sugar oat drops

De supers bons biscuits! sans farine-oeufs-lait-sucre… Les enfants ont beaucoup aimĂ© ainsi que maman! Mais l’homme de la maison a trouvĂ© qu’ils goĂ»taient trop santĂ© pour des biscuits 😉 Je me suis trouvĂ© une collation trĂšs bonne au goĂ»t et santĂ©! (J’en ai mis au congĂ©lo pour plus tard!) vous pouvez trouver la recette ici! 

Je vous la transcris en français pour ceux que ça intĂ©resse…

  • 1 1/2 tasse de gruau Ă  l’ancienne.
  • 1 tasse de coconut rĂąpĂ© non-sucrĂ©
  • 1/2 c. Ă  thĂ© de sel
  • 1 c. Ă  thĂ© de cannelle moulue (j’en ai mis moins)
  • 1/2 c. Ă  thĂ© de tout Ă©pice (all spice)
  • 1/4 tasse d’amandes moulues
  • 1/2 tasse de noix hachĂ©es
  • 1 tasse de fruits sĂ©chĂ©s coupĂ©s (J’ai mis des abricots, dattes, raisins et pomme sĂ©chĂ©e)
  • 3 bananes mĂ»res en purĂ©e
  • 1/4 tasse d’huile
  • 1 c. Ă  thĂ© de vanille

PrĂ©chauffez le four Ă  350F. MĂ©langez les ingrĂ©dients secs ensemble. MĂ©langez, dans un autre bol, les bananes,l’huile et la vanille. Versez les ingrĂ©dients humides sur les secs et bien mĂ©langer.  Formez de petites galettes et dĂ©posez sur une plaque Ă  biscuits. Cuire 20 minutes. On peut congeler les biscuits pour plus tard aussi!


Pinteresting: Vitamin Water

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I don’t know if this really infuses your water with vitamins but…. Since I don’t drink juice, coffee, wine, beer or whatever I thought that this might add some pizazz to my plain everyday glass of water 🙂

Here’s the pin that made me want to try it:

Source: via Sandra on Pinterest

Vitamin water... try

You can find the recipe here on the mygreendiet blog.

I did the recipe accordingly but add some zucchinis for the fun of it (and omitted the basil)!
vitamin water try...

My feedback? (I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning to have a sip so I tasted it after a couple of hours in the fridge… )

WOnderful! the cucumber tastes great with the lemon and mint! I don’t think the zucchinis added something more. I can see myself having pitchers of that all summer long! I think it will make me want to drink more of the H2O… And I think it’s healthier than the flavored water you find on the market. And quick to make!

Le p’tit rĂ©sumĂ© habituel…

Un autre essai d’une recette trouvĂ©e sur Pinterest! C’est supposĂ© ĂȘtre une eau vitaminĂ©e (pas sĂ»re pour les vitamines) et j’avais le goĂ»t de boire autre chose que juste de l’eau pure… C’est trĂšs bon et on goĂ»te vraiment le concombre (les zuchinis n’ont pas donnĂ© plus de goĂ»t qu’il le faut, c’Ă©tait mon ajout et je vais omettre la prochaine fois) Je pense que je vais m’en faire plusieurs pichets cet Ă©tĂ©!


Pinteresting: Grain-free brownies

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I think I may start a “new” topic on the blog that I’ll call Pinteresting, where I’ll blab about us trying some of the pins on the ever popular Pinterest… What do you think? We see some really cool crafts and recipes without knowing if they really works or are as tasteful as stated.

I already tried some of the stuff so I’ll link to them at the end of the post if you are interested 😉

Let’s start with some yummy grain-free brownies that look really promising! Fresh from Pinterest, the pin that got me started…

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

I promised Julien that I would do this recipe with him….

*Just a note about pictures of my son… He was shocked to see I was putting pictures of him on the blog and said really quickly that he was not at ease with that. So, from now on, you will only see parts of him as  I will respect his wishes. (my 2 daughters said they didn’t mind…)*

So we got started!

grain-free brownies try...

Smashing zucchinis…

grain-free brownies try...

Blending stuff…

grain-free brownies try...

and eating it!

grain-free brownies try...

You can find the recipe here on the delighted momma blog. I did the recipe as written but changed the honey for Agave sirup.

Our feedback?! It was GOOD! really good. The kids loved it and so did mom and dad. BUT…. it was not tasting like brownies. More like a chocolate chips cake. Maybe next time I’ll try adding cocoa powder to the mix.

Here’s some other Pinteresting tries…

Recycled Crayons

Bird Feeder

Résumé pour la belle fille de ma connaissance!

Je pense que je vais faire une sĂ©rie sur le blog sur les choses que je trouve intĂ©ressante sur Pinterest. En voyant toutes ces bonnes recettes et artisanats super cool, j’ai envie d’en essayer plusieurs et je me suis dit, pourquoi pas donner un feedback en mĂȘme temps?! Donc, ici, nous avons essayĂ©, Julien et moi, de faire des brownies sans farine. Le rĂ©sultat fut dĂ©lectable mĂȘme si ça ne goĂ»tait pas vraiment les brownies. Toute la famille a beaucoup aimĂ©!