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the going on…

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Hey guys!

Now, go get up, pour yourself a big glass of water (or wine…  your liking!), grab that throw pillow and sit comfortably in your favorite chair. Yep. This is going to be a looooong post! Are you ready for the ride?!

Still trying to figure out where to start with all this…

Ok, let’s try with my Facebook fan page….

Back 2 months or 2 1/2 months ago, my fan page was sitting there with its lucky 295 fans. everything was smooth and cool. My friend Mélissa over at Rizada asked on her fan page (over 2000 fans!!) for people with a crafty page to link up in the comments so we could discover new talents… which i did! and then, with that link, reached the 340 fans. Next thing I know? Facebook is sending me (?) an email congratulating me to reaching over 300 fans along with  50$ coupon for advertisement (?) I was like.. really???

Ok, if you have been wondering if Facebook advertisement is working.. the answer is: HELL YEAH! I made the advertisement only for Québec and went to 340 something to over 840 fans in less than a month… WOAH! can we say c.r.a.z.y here?! I was kind of overwhelmed with that. And not prepare a bit to received that overflowing of custom orders that went with it! I got about 15 custom requests in less than 2 weeks and was having anxiety over them since I was trying to figure out how to keep track of everything! My small dry erase picture frame wasn’t gonna make it… actually I think I heard it agonizing…

Enter superman: aka hubby. Did I ever say that accountants are boring? Scratch that. He just snapped his magic and easily made me an awesome  google doc with many boards to follow my sales, production and orders! (ok, they can still be boring sometimes… ha!) That helped me a lot  to stay organized and keep track of everything (with even the numbers adding to themselves… told you! Magic!) even my Facebook email links are there so I don’t have to sift through all emails to find the one that request that special order.

Now back to that facebook page… (you still there??)  Many people asked if they could drive and get their custom order themselves instead of me shipping it out… that wasn’t a problem but on my page I had listed that my small business was in Montréal since I thought it would be easier to discover if I listed the big city instead of my small south-shore town. Being tired of explaining to every and single one that I wasn’t exactly on the island I got up and changed it to my real city on my page. Next morning?? there was a journalist sending an email to ask if he could interview me for the local paper (with photograph and all!) WHAT THE….???? I jumped up and down said yes, of course!!  So, i spend more than 2 hours with that nice journalist (with him even dolling out tips!) had the photograph in and 2 weeks later I was feature in the local papers! ( the net version, in french, and please, just skip the picture…) It’s kind of weird going to the grocery store and having people say to you: Hey, I saw you in the paper! That was an experience!! It made some people call to request more custom orders… ( have you heard me whisper: panicking! here?)

All that while preparing for a big craft fair that I was helping to make it happens… (ok, maybe, I said, maybe I wasn’t whispering… i might have cry  Panicking out loud!)

and then, that nice journalist told me, since he’s from the old generation, he would have like my phone number to be on my fan page because he would have prefer to call me instead of typing out an email. Since I’m a good girl (?) i followed his tip and went and added it to the page.

Three days later? I had a well known (but for me!) Lady calling in to ask if they could feature me on the weekly well knwon magazine we have here in Québec (it’s called Le Lundi)..  I was listening to the lady while looking at my hubby wondering if it was a prank or something… here’s the proof it wasn’t….

my product, being featured in a mag!

Sooooooo, I had my big craft fair (everything went well, thank you very much!), still working my way out of my custom request list (being out of it should happen sometimes in the upcoming year!), and still trying to adjust myself to the busy schedule and feeling of craziness… (that may or may not subdued in the following months…)! I do have lots of stuff to share here since I haven’t written much in the last months 😉 And glad that I’m back to read all the wonderful stories and projects you shared. I’ve missed you. More than I can say!


Still alive!

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Hey peeps! Yep, still alive 🙂 I’ve missed you so much guys… Just can’t wait to be back on the blog-o-sphere and read what you have all have been up to, and commenting and spreading some blog love to my heart content! I’ll be surely emerging from the business craziness fog next week… with my big craft fair saturday, I’ll be back to myself again after some rest sunday ah! It’s 2 in the morning here… I thought I wasn’t that stressed out but my body is telling me otherwise 😦 I went to bed before the kiddos with a migraine, and now I can’t sleep anymore and have heart burns… crazy body.

I have so much stuff to tell you…! Looks like the business is taking off 🙂 but more on that next week. In the meanwhile, I hope everyone will have a great weekend and that you are all safe and sound! Love you all! Lots.

(sorry for the lack of pictures haha!)

(LOL what the h… with wordpress?? they suggested for tags: mental-health, aviation, transportation and gaming….! o_O )


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Thursdays are Rachel Preschool days. She goes in for about 2 hours on those afternoons.

preschool time!

I can’t tell you how excited she is to go to school! She asks almost every day if it’s HER day 😉

preschool time!

and she just can’t wait to go all week long as her big brother and sister do, and taking that bus too! and having her own lunchbox! *sigh* I don’t have babies anymore… 😉

preschool time!

Last week I went in with her and took pictures.

preschool time!

I loved seeing how well and at ease she is. She’s sucking every things up, participating,  and working and being her best!

preschool time!

They finished some crafts, tried to continue lines, played, ate their snacks, read a story and sang and danced.

preschool time!

She was really happy to have me there and so proud to show me what she could do and being all big girl!

preschool time!

Les jeudis après-midi Rachel va à la prématernelle! Elle aime tellement ça, elle demande à tous les jours si aujourd’hui elle va à l’école comme son grand frère et sa grande soeur.. Elle veut prendre l’autobus, avoir sa boîte à lunch. 

La semaine dernière, je suis allée avec elle passer l’après-midi. Ce qu’elle était contente! Elle pouvait finalement me montrer toutes les activités auxquels elle prend part, et montrer comment elle est une grande fille! *soupir* mais où sont passés mes bébés???

Les copains ont donc fait la causerie, un bricolage, les jeux la collation, un travail écrit, l’histoire et les chansons. Ouf, ça fait un 2 heures bien rempli!

Hum….. hello??!

Yep, I’m still alive 🙂 and quite busy! Sorry I fell of the map for a couple of weeks… But lots is happening 😉

This morning we woke up to this…

winter wonderland
and no electricity.

and an emergency water sump pump not working. In fact instead of removing water, it was adding more, making a flood on the floor… For which we spent half an hour going up and down the stairs with buckets of water. Let’s call that an early not funny work out. I made a trip to my front neighbor so he could call to know if school was open 😉 which was!

winter wonderland

I really feel that I’m drowning into white cold fluffy cotton balls… Pictures was taken from my front and back porches since it was still snowing and didn’t want the camera to get wet.

winter wonderland

Here’s a shot of my temporary fridge… 😉

my temporary fridge..

My small sewing business seems to be taking off, but I’ll write more on that later ha!

Oui, oui, je suis toujours bien vivante…. et très occupée! Y’a tout plein de belles choses qui m’arrivent, mais je vous en parlerai plus tard!

Ce matin, nous nous sommes réveillés sous une belle couverture de neige! Sans électricité… et sans une pompe de puisard de secours fonctionnelle… Elle est connectée sur l’eau de la ville, au lieu de sortir l’eau du puisard, elle en rajoutait. Nous avons donc passé une bonne demie heure à écoper; monter et descendre les marches avec des sceaux et des sceaux d’eau! Un petit entraînement matinal pas vraiment amusant.  Les photos ont été prises sur les bords des portes avant et arrière. Je ne voulais surtout pas mouiller ma super caméra (assez, l’eau!). On a vraiment l’impression d’être entouré d’une belle ouate blanche 😉


Overconfidence is not good… it makes you make bold things, it makes you feel overly secured and safe, it makes you feel that you don’t need to be careful or verify if you are doing things right. Not. Good.

Can you spot what went wrong here??

Fire camp poncho

I made my son a scouts fire camp poncho and since I already made one I thought I knew what I was doing and just went and did it (maybe I wanted to be over with it more than I think 🙂 or want to admit.) Taking pictures because you know I could make a great tutorial and everything!

I was almost done, just the badge to sew when I had the good idea to try it on… It took me more than 2 minutes trying to understand why my back wasn’t covered all the way down.  Even thinking that the throw I used wasn’t the same size as the previous one… yep. I used the wrong middle. So the “sleeves” were way to long and the back and front way too short. LOL!  I had to rip the pocket off, flip the thing and sew it back. But now, the cord isn’t on the front anymore. Kind of weird looking to have it on the shoulder but hey, i won’t be making another one, so that will do 🙂  kissed goodbye to the tutorial and was done… but laugh a good bit at my overconfidence 😉

(this fire camp poncho is made from a minky throw, bias tape, cord and cord stopper, zippered pocket from an old pair of pants)

Here’s another example… (I tend to be on the low self esteem side so it’s kind of weird that I’m talking about overconfidence lol)

I was driving back from the babysitter house toward the school since Rachel and her son had to go to preschool. street was icy, snowy and muddy and I though: More than 10 years of driving and no accident… Not bad!

and what do you know? 30 seconds later (literally!), BAM! my first accident… I was trying to turn left on the main street and a towing truck was blocking part of the way. I was very cautious and checked twice before turning, but I think I thought the white car was a snow bank (having the sun in the eyes and everything) and never ever saw it. Poor old lady, she never saw it coming either… Every one is fine and safe, but not so much for the van…

my car accident...

Here’s what my house looks like with all the snow we received… (45 cm in one day! that was an amazing snow storm!)

snow at my place :)

And the woods just besides my house 🙂 so lovely!

wood just besides my house

Joy advent calendar (and giveaway!)

I had been invited again to participate in the Collectively Creative round up that Kelly over at Cobwebs, cupcakes and crayons is hosting! Lucky me 🙂 Now, for this one the theme was JOYFUL. Love that!

I’ve been thinking for awhile, pondering what I might do and the only idea that was coming back to my brains was a Xmas cushion with JOIE written with hand sewn sequins… But I wanted to make something that would include the kids.

And then I thought that every one love having joyful stuff happen to their selves, what about bringing it to others?? Isn’t what Christmas is all about after all? I wanted the monsters to experience giving joy to others. So here goes the Joy advent calendar!

joy advent calendar

I found that cute red truck at the local grocery store last year, and I was a good girl and waited ’til boxing day to buy it at half price!

Joy advent calendar

and since we are getting this way too cool and even awesome handmade advent calendar from Germany each year (Hubby spent a year there in high school with a foster family and that beautiful and kind lady is making us this each year! I know, lucky! and it’s all Lindt chocolate… Yes, bragging is naughty!)

Joy advent calendar

Why not use this cute truck for something else… like mission quests for the whole family!

Joy advent calendar

So, on small piece of paper I handwritten some quests for the family to do the next day. I thought it would be great to talk about each other experiences at dinner time and see how other people felt about it too.

Here are some examples of quests:

  • write something nice to your teacher
  • help someone do a chores
  • call grandma and grandpa and say that you love them
  • bring cookies to the neighbors
  • do something to help mommy (I know…!)
  • make a nice supper for mommy (that will go on my Bday, and daddy will help!)
  • make something nice for Rachel (her Bday is dec 23th, so..!)
  • tell each family member something you like about them
  • bring a surprise for your teacher
  • write a letter to someone important for you
  • sing a Xmas song to daddy

you get the idea. Not too difficult and not to much time needed for my kids to complete them.

So far the kids are having a great time and they can’t wait each night to know what they are gonna do for the next day… They wrote letters to some family members, nice notes to their teachers, gave food to the food collector, sang daddy a Xmas song (they thought of a set up to get ready as soon as daddy was walking in they start singing his favorite!). I feel it’s a great way to teach them something without doing a lecture lol! And bonus, they are having fun!

And since I wanted to give you joy too, I thought that you may like a giveaway!!!

Here’s what I’m giving away for you to enjoy:

soon to be giveaway! dec 19th!

A bit of the nice washi tapes I bought for myself 😉

soon to be giveaway! dec 19th!

A found a nice little piggy at the thrift store and turned him in a cute little pincushion.

soon to be giveaway! dec 19th!

I’m sure you all love chocolate!

soon to be giveaway! dec 19th!

Since it’s Xmas, I think a decoration is needed (from Pier 1)

To participate just leave a comment with your email 🙂 (one per person please!) open ’till dec 24th! and I’ll draw the winner on Xmas day!

Just click the links to go to see what awesome projects the other members of the collectivity have come up with!

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Une petite idée de calendrier de l’avent différent… une mission pour chaque journée! Faire des choses agréables pour les autres, c’est aussi ça l’esprit de Noël! Donc, chaque jour apporte une nouvelle mission comme rendre service, écrire un mot à quelqu’un qu’on aime, préparer une surprise pour un professeur, préparer un bon souper pour la fête de maman…. vous voyez le genre…! Et puisque je veux que vous soyez heureux, je fais un tirage! juste laisser un commentaire avec votre adresse  de courriel avant le 25 décembre! Passez un beau temps des fêtes!

SNOW and collectively creative!

yep, it’s finally snowing over here! Big kleenex like snow flakes 🙂


Un fortunately we can’t enjoy it yet since we are all sick… Influenza virus is bad. It’s the first time it has hit our house and hope it’s the last one. 😦 Camille brought it home from school (many kids are sick at school so no surprise) and she has been real sick for 5 straight days, today she started eating a wee bit, so I think we can say she going up hill. On the other hand, I’m second right behind her. The Son Rachel and Hubby are just a bit sick so that’s good news. We do hope to be all alright for Xmas eve as we are suppose to have all my in laws for dinner.

Tomorrow, i’ll have a special post for you since it will be time for another great collectively creative event! There will be 13 bloggers  doing something with the theme JOYFUL in  mind! And I can tell you how fun is it to come up with ideas for those!!! Again, this great idea is from Kelly over at Cobwebs, cupcakes and crayons! And i may even have a surprise for you all 😉

The Joyful Edition Logo 2012

so stay tune for tomorrow post!