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Hum….. hello??!

Yep, I’m still alive 🙂 and quite busy! Sorry I fell of the map for a couple of weeks… But lots is happening 😉

This morning we woke up to this…

winter wonderland
and no electricity.

and an emergency water sump pump not working. In fact instead of removing water, it was adding more, making a flood on the floor… For which we spent half an hour going up and down the stairs with buckets of water. Let’s call that an early not funny work out. I made a trip to my front neighbor so he could call to know if school was open 😉 which was!

winter wonderland

I really feel that I’m drowning into white cold fluffy cotton balls… Pictures was taken from my front and back porches since it was still snowing and didn’t want the camera to get wet.

winter wonderland

Here’s a shot of my temporary fridge… 😉

my temporary fridge..

My small sewing business seems to be taking off, but I’ll write more on that later ha!

Oui, oui, je suis toujours bien vivante…. et très occupée! Y’a tout plein de belles choses qui m’arrivent, mais je vous en parlerai plus tard!

Ce matin, nous nous sommes réveillés sous une belle couverture de neige! Sans électricité… et sans une pompe de puisard de secours fonctionnelle… Elle est connectée sur l’eau de la ville, au lieu de sortir l’eau du puisard, elle en rajoutait. Nous avons donc passé une bonne demie heure à écoper; monter et descendre les marches avec des sceaux et des sceaux d’eau! Un petit entraînement matinal pas vraiment amusant.  Les photos ont été prises sur les bords des portes avant et arrière. Je ne voulais surtout pas mouiller ma super caméra (assez, l’eau!). On a vraiment l’impression d’être entouré d’une belle ouate blanche 😉



Overconfidence is not good… it makes you make bold things, it makes you feel overly secured and safe, it makes you feel that you don’t need to be careful or verify if you are doing things right. Not. Good.

Can you spot what went wrong here??

Fire camp poncho

I made my son a scouts fire camp poncho and since I already made one I thought I knew what I was doing and just went and did it (maybe I wanted to be over with it more than I think 🙂 or want to admit.) Taking pictures because you know I could make a great tutorial and everything!

I was almost done, just the badge to sew when I had the good idea to try it on… It took me more than 2 minutes trying to understand why my back wasn’t covered all the way down.  Even thinking that the throw I used wasn’t the same size as the previous one… yep. I used the wrong middle. So the “sleeves” were way to long and the back and front way too short. LOL!  I had to rip the pocket off, flip the thing and sew it back. But now, the cord isn’t on the front anymore. Kind of weird looking to have it on the shoulder but hey, i won’t be making another one, so that will do 🙂  kissed goodbye to the tutorial and was done… but laugh a good bit at my overconfidence 😉

(this fire camp poncho is made from a minky throw, bias tape, cord and cord stopper, zippered pocket from an old pair of pants)

Here’s another example… (I tend to be on the low self esteem side so it’s kind of weird that I’m talking about overconfidence lol)

I was driving back from the babysitter house toward the school since Rachel and her son had to go to preschool. street was icy, snowy and muddy and I though: More than 10 years of driving and no accident… Not bad!

and what do you know? 30 seconds later (literally!), BAM! my first accident… I was trying to turn left on the main street and a towing truck was blocking part of the way. I was very cautious and checked twice before turning, but I think I thought the white car was a snow bank (having the sun in the eyes and everything) and never ever saw it. Poor old lady, she never saw it coming either… Every one is fine and safe, but not so much for the van…

my car accident...

Here’s what my house looks like with all the snow we received… (45 cm in one day! that was an amazing snow storm!)

snow at my place :)

And the woods just besides my house 🙂 so lovely!

wood just besides my house

Winter knitting

English, Français.

Is it me or weeks are literally flying by? It seems that every monday night (drawing class) is coming back way too fast! I’m almost done on my drawing and Camille is having fun putting colors on hers, it is going to be cute 😉

Je ne sais pas si c’est moi, mais il me semble que les semaines passent et se succèdent à une vitesse folle?! Les cours de dessin du lundi soir reviennent un peu trop vite à mon goût.  J’ai presque terminé mon dessin et Camille a beaucoup de plaisir à mettre de la couleur sur le sien 😉

I’ve been doing some knitting lately, as Camille winter hat was on the dying side, she asked me to knit a new one… What a mom to do? take her needles back an come up with a “new” design of course! I think this year, one of my resolutions is to try new techniques! I need to make a list of the things I want to tackle though, ha! Love this kind of to do list!

J’ai repris mes aiguilles à tricoter dernièrement. La tuque que Camille porte présentement est au stade de l’agonie et elle m’a demandé de lui en faire une nouvelle… Une belle occasion de mettre ma nouvelle résolution à l’oeuvre! J’ai décidé, cette année, que je voulais essayer plein de nouvelles techniques différentes 🙂 J’ai besoin de me faire une liste par contre, c’est difficile sinon de se mettre des balises et il est plus que facile d’aller dans toutes les directions! ah! J’aime ce genre de liste…!

So, I had that reclaimed cotton lying around and she asked for her new hat to be pink. Since the all the girlies around our house are skin sensitive to wool I had to use cotton. And she asked to have a chin strap so the ear flap stay put while playing outside. Basically, I just made a braid band (from the book 150 knitted trims) 22 inches long, picked up stitches (88 in total) knitted them in the round and used the double bind off technique, put some tassels, picked up 18 stitches for each ear flap and continued one ear flap in moss stitch to make the chin strap.

Camille voulait son nouveau chapeau rose avec une ganse de menton afin que ses “oreilles” restent bien en place lorsqu’elle joue dehors. J’avais ce coton rose qui trainait  se trouvait dans mon panier de tricot et puisque toutes les filles de la maison ont la “gratte” lorsqu’en contact avec de la laine, le coton est très utilisé sur la rue Nicolas 🙂 En résumé voilà ce que j’ai fait: Tricoté une bande câblée de 22 pouces (patron dans le livre 150 knitted trims) que j’ai ensuite jointe en un cercle. Monté des mailles tout le tour (88 au total) tricoté en rond, fermé le tricot, monté 18 mailles pour chacun des “oreilles” et continué une oreille en point mousse pour faire la ganse.

I wanted to add a big yo-yo flower with a cabochon center to the hat, but when I opened my jewelry box my eyes laid on that weird necklace I had been saving for quite some time and that was it! I had to use it :)) Love me some bling for a girlie! (we’ll just see how long that bling will stay on though). I also hand sewn a flannel lining as the little miss doesn’t like the feel of knitted fabric on her skin.

J’avais l’intention de faire une fleur style yo-yo avec une boucle d’oreille rétro comme centre. Mais quand j’ai ouvert mon coffret à bijoux, mes yeux sont tombés sur ce collier vraiment bizarre que je conservais depuis quelque temps déjà. Voilà, ce ne pouvait être autre chose! Je savais que Camille ne s’objecterait pas à un peu de bling-bling 🙂 (reste juste à voir combien de temps les brillants resteront en place!) J’ai aussi cousu une doublure de flanelle à la main, vu que la miss n’aime pas avoir le tricot directement sur la peau.

And since we were already outside in the snow taking pictures, I asked her to take some picture of MY winter hat… that I knitted last year… yeah, sometimes I’m lazy like that! I’m glad now that I uploaded my pics on ravelry, it’s better looking this way! The pattern is Felicity.  I really like the pictures with their monochrome feel and pop of red!

Et vu que nous étions déjà dehors dans la neige, en train de prendre des photos, je lui ai demandé de prendre des photos de MON chapeau… que j’ai tricoté l’an passé… oui, je sais, paresseuse  des fois! Je suis bien contente maintenant d’avoir des photos sur ravelry 🙂 Le patron est: Felicity.  J’aime les photos, toutes dans les tons de gris avec un pop de rouge!

Not bad for a 9 yo… But lots of the pics were out focus. Pas trop mal pour une fillette de 9 ans! quoique plusieurs photos étaient floues:)

Nature fairies


We had ice rain yesterday, so this is what my yard looked like… Like crystal  had suddently fallen during the night.

and today we woke up to this.

she’s four today!!! Still can’t believe how quick time went! I asked her yesterday how come she will be four today… She reflected a couple of seconds and told me it was because the sun is making her taller…!

this is what my yard looks like…