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sewing classes…

I knew Camille wanted to learn how to sew: she’s 10, loves to craft and really likes not to be like others her age 😉

and then, I stumbled upon that at the thrift store…

Best thrift store find!

Vintage Kenmore (from Sears, made beginning of the 70′) 10$….. you read right… 10$ and running just fine! Best. Score. Ever.

I found the manual online and spent maybe 45 minutes setting her up.
And then (!) my babysitter asked if I would give lessons to her 14 yo daughter. Talk about being timely!

sewing classes...

First class was last sunday. I showed them both how to thread their respective sewing machine, how to make make a bobbin, sew a straight line, and back stitch.

sewing classes...

I had prepared and cut ahead of time fabrics for them to turn into a patchwork pin cushions. When you sew, you NEED a pin cushion. And patchwork made for some straight seams practice 🙂

sewing classes...

They were very happy with their final product! Camille brought it to school to show it off, and both grandmothers had to hold it to see it better… Mom was very proud too…

first sewing class project: patchwork pincushion

Today, we sewed basic elastic waist skirts. Camille has finished it even though she was very tired and threw the towel in… but the perspective to be wearing a self made new skirt and show it off at school tomorrow won her back!

Camille's first skirt!

I had very limited fabrics to choose from so she ended up choosing that one.  I was kind of disappointed that my other student couldn’t finish hers since we  ran into a tension problem with her machine that took about half an hour to fix.

Camille's first skirt!

Now, I really need to find a working table for Camille’s room 🙂

Je savais que ma grande voulait apprendre à coudre. Elle m’en parlait depuis déjà un moment! Puis, je suis tombée sur un amour de machine à coudre au centre bénévole… pour 10$ et qui fonctionne parfaitement! 🙂 Puis, ma gardienne m’a demandé si je donnerais un cours à sa grande de 14 ans…. parfait! Donc dimanche dernier elles ont eu leur premier cours. Apprendre comment enfiler leur machine, faire une bobine, faire une couture droite et faire le point d’arrêt. Puis elles ont cousu chacune un petit coussin à épingle en patchwork. Elles étaient bien contentes du résultat! Camille a amené le sien un peu partout pour le montrer 🙂 disons que maman était bien fière…

Aujourd’hui, elles ont cousu une jupe à taille élastique. Camille a pu terminé la sienne (elle était fatiguée et avait démissionné du projet mais la perspective de pouvoir porter une jupe faite par elle-même pour aller à l’école et pouvoir la montrer à tout le monde a fait son oeuvre!) Malheureusement pour mon autre “étudiante” nous avons eu un problème de tension avec sa machine qui a pris 1/2 heure à résoudre…


craft fair table set up…

I had a fair for “les journées de la culture” organized by our local library. Tables were free since it was to feature the local artists and crafters 🙂

Craft fair set up

Traffic was pretty low (with a burst on sunday) but somehow I ended up making more sales than last year… Sales were the cherry on top since I was there to really engaged with people and get some feedbacks.

Craft fair set up

And I got lots! I was shoveled  with nice comments, great feedbacks and positive thoughts! Love that! I was a bit less committed with my sewing for the last couple of weeks and that gave me the push I needed to go back to it 🙂

I did things differently with my set up than last time…

Craft fair set up

First, I went wild with the spray paint last week!!! I spray paint all of my “furniture display” stuff for a more unified look. And of course it had to be red! lol

Craft fair set up

I found a vintage wooden wine bottle holder at the charity shop and I thought it would make a good holder for my rolled up scarves and it would certainly free more space on the table.

Craft fair set up

Love the look, love the organization, love the reuse, love the vintage.

I found out that the vintage strawberry pyrex I had was fitting nicely with my cocktail clutches so it got a new use 🙂

Craft fair set up

(and the strawberries are red, right?!)

Spray painted the wicker baskets I have too (told you I went wild!) and rearrange them differently.

Craft fair set up

And 2 days before the show, I went back to the charity shop to have a look around and found the metal RED magazine holder…

Craft fair set up

I mean, I just snatched it up! and I love how it keeps my clutches and pouches upright  as well as freeing more space!

I’m beginning to like my table set up now 🙂

Craft fair set up

but I was lucky since the table was 8′ long and I had walls to put the bigger bags on…

Craft fair set up

still don’t know how I will put my stuff on a 6′ table with no walls… I might ask my dad to make me a coat hanger (the tree style) for the bags but I still hope to find one at the charity shop 🙂

Donc un petit résumé pour les journées de la culture! Ce fut intéressant, mais un peu long vu le peu d’achalandage. J’ai fait plus de ventes que l’an passé par contre! Mais ça c’est la cerise sur le sunday comme on dit! J’aime beaucoup jaser avec le monde et recevoir tous ces commentaires positifs 😉 J’ai changé l’allure de ma table! J’y suis allée joyeusement avec la peinture en spray (rouge bien sûr!) pour avoir un coup d’oeil plus uniforme. J’ai trouvé aussi de nouveaux usages à certains accessoires comme le vieux porte-bouteille de vin qui tient maintenant mes foulards roulés sur la table et le moule à pain en pyrex que j’ai utilisé pour mes petits sacs cocktails! J’ai même trouvé, 2 jours avant l’expo, un porte revues en métal ROUGE! il tient maintenant d’autres sacs 🙂

Thrifty finds!

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It has been awhile since I posted some thrifty finds 😉

Here you go, fresh from my last trip…

thrifty finds...

I know… more laces… But they are so cute and vintage looking! And I made some clean out in my lace bin (and sending some to a refashion blogger!) so now they fit all nicely in 😉  I will list the glasses and bowls in my vintage shop (just need to write out the listings…)

Got some nice bit of coupon size fabrics too!

thrifty finds...

I couldn’t pass up the RED fabric with neckties AND shirts… Man, isn’t it awesome?! I need to find something for it, maybe it will do as a lining for my future bag… which I choose the pattern for… But I won’t tell you which one! And no, it’s not one from the voting. ha!

I think the blue and red stripes ones are going to be cut into bias tapes. And I can see a dress for Camille out of the yellow stripes! (I’ve got loads of this one)

thrifty finds...

Since Camille wanted a spice cabinet of her own, I’ll make something out of this baby. I want to try a new technique 😉

The total for all of that??? a whooping 11$. Not bad 😉

I also found on a previous trip this fabric…

fabric for my new shower curtain to be!

I’ll show you tomorrow what I did with it!

En Français SVP!

Un petit tour au centre bénévole… J’en suis revenue avec plusieurs items 🙂 Des verres et bols qui iront dans ma boutique rétro très bientôt. Beaucoup de dentelles, j’aime la dentelle! Quelques coupons de tissus (avez-vous vu le tissu rouge avec cravates et chemises!!? trop cool!) Je verrais bien une robe pour Camille avec le tissu blanc et jaune! Et une armoire à épices pour la chambre de Camillou. J’ai bien hâte de la refaire, je vais essayer une nouvelle technique! Tout cela pour un gros 11$! 🙂 La dernière photo, celle du tissu avec fleurs, je vous montre demain ce que j’en ai fait!


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I went to the “thrift store” today, and I might say I scored some cool stuff 🙂

First, enough t-shirts to make 8 new scarves…!

soon to be scarves
And some vintage fabric (loads of it), vintage purple trim, a baggie of vintage button, some sequin embellishments (envisioning some headbands here…) and a yellow ice tray with banana forms… Why do you need to make ice in banana form will you ask me?! well I’ll show you soon 🙂
Thrift finds

Does anyone wonder what is the silver metal thingy at the back? I was intrigued too when I saw it and Opened it up to find out…
Vintage tray

YES! a tiered tray! Isn’t it beautiful!??? Love it to bits 🙂 I’m keeping it all for myself and can’t wait to throw a party so I could use it lol!

All of this stuff (with a dress for rachel, a hat for camille, 3 blouses for sewing ) for    8.50$ !    today is good!

I’ve been busy….

Isn’t amazing how time flies? I’ve been quite busy this week 🙂

Look at the pictures I’ve done! I’m extremely pleased with them and I’m beginning to be a bit good with the photo editing thing ha! If I just could understand that much what “branding” really means… 😉

Now for the “big” news….! I’ve open my vintage shop! really! Now you can find it here. Here’s my banner:

My mother asked why that name… Well, first, it wasn’t taken (belive me, it was hard finding something not taken already!). I love retro things, my favorite color IS red, and I’m french canadian, so a frog! And a wanted a funny name 🙂 😉

So the pictures above are all items you can find in there and there’s already a bit more. I’ll be adding more during the coming days as I didn’t even list half of it. I’ve been accumulating stuff for many months now and I really needed to open the shop so I could get rid of some lol! It’s hard not to keep much of it haha! If you will be kind enough to leave a feedback if you visit the shop I would really appreciate it (pictures, descriptions, typos, grammar…)!

A big bag of goodies….

Yesterday, Katrina from (sorry links are broken on wordpress this morning, it erases all what I already wrote :() came for a little visit and brought me a bag of fabric goodies!!! Still can belive my luck 😉 As I go by the motto “don’t buy any new fabrics” I just drool over the beautiful designer fabrics on the web.. but now I got some scraps for myself to work with, can you belive that?!

That’s some of it…

I planning to do some dumpling bags, you can see it here in her tutorials, as some pieces are big enough 🙂

Some of the narrow scraps will be turned in kleenex holders, some in cosmetic pouches… I’m going to have soo much fun! lol

Thanks Katrina!

thrift finds… and a good deed!

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Today I went to the trhift shop with my 3 yo, and I scored some stuff 🙂 Well, first Rachel really behaved herself and it was a enjoyable sifting!

I got a new vintage suitcase (the 7th of my growing collection)

by Cul de Sac

 some kitchenware (maybe for a tutorial I have in mind… and a give away!) ,

by Cul de Sac

 some curtain rings I plan to use with my bags,

by Cul de Sac

A pair of vintage woman’s small filet crochet gloves I plan to sell on etsy soon,

by Cul de Sac

lots of men’s pants and shirts, some clothes for Rachel and some left over fabrics :).

Lynn at Lynn Minney Design made a tutorial using a vintage suitcase as a small craft show case and she got me thinking 🙂 (you can see her gorgeous eco-friendly bags here!) So I came up with this idea for show casing some of my little pouches and pencil\cosmetic cases

by Cul de Sac

I’ll maybe doing a craft show in august and the booth doesn’t have pegboard walls so I need to come up with new ideas to show case my stuff… If you think of something let me know!

In another direction, I was sooo proud of my two oldests yesterday!! They took the initiative, with another friend, to pick up trash around the playground at day camp!! Isn’t wonderful to know that somehow what you are repeatedly saying is getting stuck somwhere lol!
Now my friend had her baby and she’s coming to have lunch with me, so I’m thrilled to meet that little guy! and do some cuddling 😉